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The Veil of Consciousness Disguises Birth Trauma and the Dynamic of Chaos in the Universe

This system of consciousness is very much run like a church with no physical walls per say but the illusion of walls are kept from view in the form of a major paradigm for the purpose of deceiving you, but the walls are still there regardless they are just embedded within the paradigm with the power control force at the helm. Now this paradigm that holds this system of consciousness together which is created by the power control centre our church leaders allow some views but not others. This doesn’t mean the other views are wrong it just means that the current paradigm won’t accept them. It only wants you to view one side of the coin, for example if we take a look at the universe, what is happening in the universe is a dynamic where the male energy is capturing female energy, now capture is extremely important word as far as understanding the universe at large. The male force takes control of the female force and utilizes it for it’s own end therefore there is a female force and a male force in this universe.

The male force is a non creative force and it begins with the proton, and in order for the proton to continue in this universe where disorder is predominant, the male force proton must capture energy, and pull it into itself or else it will lose its “Strength” . The female force on the other hand begins with the electron and takes a different approach to existing in this universe, as it is creative and productive and reaches out for bonding and connection. Life is currently built around the carbon atom and it is a product of the female force. You see the male force cannot really assert itself until the female force has laid the foundation and structure and this is a key point to remember. The power control force know this and why they as the male force are in control and define reality for us in our artificial physical world  through this system of consciousness.

The female force is largely being used as the fuel for the male machine or unnatural system which is embedded within the female natural structure we call “EARTH”. This is why the female energy has been suppressed in our physical world for millennia and why humanity is  always in an endless struggle for balance of male and female energy whether they realize it or not, but this struggle is really internal not external in that change happens first internally which the power control force know however; through massive manipulation they distort this truth from you while destroying the external artificial physical world in order to keep you traumatized, disillusioned and paranoid, focused on the earth’s destruction disguised as climate change et al, which is why we struggle to create balance externally and why we never seems to be able to change this imposed paradigm.

We need to keep in mind that the forces acting on human beings are the same forces operating throughout this universe consciousness system and the power control force don’t want you to know or see this dynamic playing out on the physical world stage as the power control force depend on your ignorance of real truth of this underlying dynamic allows them to maintain their current power structures and paradigms while endlessly perpetuating the dynamic of “ORDER OUT OF CHAOS”.

The power control force know that if these patterns of human behaviour would be made clearer and understood by the masses, that would unravel the whole structure upon which human beings have  been used to construct this artificial physical world system for the power control force over the past few thousand years. This is why the power control force spend endless time and effort to distract humanity, because if you don’t see the pattern playing out, then they can continue along with the “GAME” that they are playing on everyone, so  that everyone willingly participates in the Their “GAME” whether they realize it or not.

With the knowledge of the dynamic that plays out in the universe that is the male force capturing the female force the power control force also understand the importance of love as the force within and among human beings and that the mother child relationship is the ultimate holding together of human relationship. It is the Mother who embodies an attitude towards safety, well-being, and the future of her child and children. This is also the basic attitude within our physical world.

The power control force also know that the mother child relationship is the foundation of life therefore the power control force work endlessly to destroy this relationship and we can look at the trauma of birth for the basic underlying pattern operating throughout our physical world whereby allowing us to identify this underlying theme being played out through the narrative and scripts the power control force feed humanity endlessly through the media.

The power control force mode of operandi  is designed to keep humanity continuously traumatized through an endless cycle of suffering, death rebirth rituals thus making birth an initiation ritual into this physical world system, again all designed  to keep humanity in perpetual state of trauma, with infantile attachment needs never ever being able to be met, due to the broken mother child bond, this cycle of abuse keeps humanity dependent on the physical world system, which is why the power control force must create narratives and stories in order to reinforce what is called the fetal drama which is the matrix into which all later childhood experiences create imprints which shape all adult life experiences as their inner child works over the basic questions posed by its experiences of being in the womb.

And that through the act of humanity re-experience the trauma of birth endlessly in a specific repetition compulsions very similar to imprinting in lower animals as no psychic apparatus is as open to trauma as that of the helpless fetus, no repetition is as strong as that which results from the imprinting of the fetal drama and the repeated feelings of asphyxiation, blood pollution, and cleansing, climaxed by a cataclysmic battle and a liberation through a painful birth process.

Yet as in the womb, the original trauma of birth is repeated in the traumatic rituals of suffering and rebirth repeated over and over again, whether in yearly New Years suffering and rebirth or Easter rituals of suffering, death and resurrection in Christian groups, every major life event therefore precipitates a suffering and rebirth ritual: birth, puberty, marriage,  and death.

We can see that paradigms are set up to benefit those in control and with the universe operating, under the basic premise of “Chaos”. We may now have a better understanding as to why the unnatural artificial physical world system is built on it’s slogan of “Order Out of Chaos”, because in truth it means our disorder is order in the universe, and our order is disorder in the universe so we can see how this system of consciousness stays in balance and why the power control force want to keep this dynamic from your view so they can endlessly play games on humanity all for the purpose of power and control or “ORDER OUT OF CHAOS”.

The Consciousness Perception Deception and the Hijacking of Awareness

Humanity exists in an individual mind space while sharing an overall collective space of mind. It is the collective space of mind called consciousness that holds our artificial physical world reality in its present form; however ultimately we exist in our individual mind. The mind can be defined as the space in which the thinking process occurs, and it is in this space thoughts are born within the private mind space of the individual.

We have no thoughts of our own. All thoughts are implanted by the perpetual motion set into play from the beginning of creation by the universal architects. We are taught to believe that a thought can originate with us. It can’t. The power control force, through the 3rd dimensional artificial physical reality that was created by the universal architects through the creation of language, sound and the number system created their fake religions, fake texts, and all their fake intellectual systems such as science, astrology, mythology, psychology, new age mumble jumble etc.  in order to implant all our thoughts, so that we then experience the artificial physical world reality through HISTORY OR HIS – STORY that is the power control forces STORY or NARRATIVES they want us to experience.

We must remember it is their dream we are dreaming into our collective manifestation of this artificial physical world reality. The power control force have manufactured into their reality and ours a crime syndicate where they play the role of  PIMPS and the body of humanity are their  HOES, and the only socially acceptable word to describe this form of intellectualism used to describe the actual way in which the power control force hijack Awareness is called perception management.

You see the thought process, or intellectualism in all its forms creates division and mental distortions in the mind, thereby creating the veil which separates and submerges all of you into illusion and deception, which forces you to relinquish control of your Awareness state to those you perceive to be of greater and more self worth then you, thereby diminishing your potential and worth submerging you deeper and deeper into amnesia thus forgetting; this is the PARADISE LOST or the FALL OF MAN (or Awareness) that is so ingrained within the collective consciousness of humanity. It is thought, the thought process and the all encompassing and alluring light that seduces and subverts your attention to who and what you are Awareness and where you come from your paradise state.

When you choose to elevate individuals like the power control force you know those who may appear to have transcended the human veil, and yes appearances are deceitful, you are in fact giving your power away to these esteemed and powerful human beings that you hold up with such integrity and grace some of which are still here, but most of which are long gone, now how ludicrous is that? And for those who have left behind knowledge and wisdom the real meaning has been for the most part lost  in all the fakery, spells and witchcraft or simply misunderstood through all the intellectual systems designed to obscure any real truth and wisdom for the purpose of deceiving your essence as Awareness.

Was Awareness Really Hijacked? You betcha!

The power control force took it upon themselves to be the go between Awareness and the artificial physical world reality model where we experience our artificial fantasy reality called materialism which was of course designed by the universal architects through the construction of the consciousness system, you know the womb called our mother earth where you have your physical world experience which is unbeknownst to you in fact designed to manage your perception without your knowing and consent of course.

In other words the power control force have done the unthinkable a  coup d’état on your Awareness and captured you in their mind into their consciousness system, which a type of strategy that is aimed at guiding the motives, emotions, and conclusions of your essence as Awareness by means of using different approaches while your essence as Awareness is captured in their consciousness system, through the use of their technology and media, culture and mind programming. All for the purposes of guiding your perception of past events and the projections of future events. This particular type of strategy is used in attempt to gain advantages over your essence as Awareness. The goal is to alter your perception of Awareness  in a way that provides the power control force with the opportunity to manipulate your essence as Awareness so that your essence as Awareness can be used successfully to score a victory or otherwise defeat that opposing party that is You.

Now once your have digested how your Awareness has been hijacked get this, in order for you to achieve transcendence? your mind must be sovereign with no go between or third party allowing you to experience your true essence as Awareness, which will allow you to discern truth independent of any outside third party or interference. The end game if there ever is an ending to this madness,  is to take back your mind, thought process and your ability to think for yourself and experience this artificial physical world reality as Awareness.

What is Awareness? Return to Paradise

Awareness is thing free and thought free of sensations and emotions, conceptions and perceptions, images and symbols. Awareness is freedom itself the freedom to affirm all that you are aware of without becoming bound to it.

Awareness cannot be explained by and is not caused by any ‘thing’ or thought, sensation or emotion, conception or perception, image or symbol, for it is the very condition for our experience of any ‘thing’ or though, sensation or emotion, conception or perception, image or symbol.

Awareness cannot be the by product or anything we are aware of or the private property of any self or being.

Awareness transcends the universe, consciousness and all intellectual systems in that it is not the existence of a universe of things and beings in space and time but awareness of a universe, consciousness and all intellectual systems and that the most important misconception throughout history of western thought is the belief that awareness is a by product of matter or private property of individual beings. Yet it is the other way around things and all beings are but individualized portions and expressions of an ultimate and absolute awareness, which is not the product or private property of anything or being we are aware of.

Awareness is that which is aware of your physical world experience that which see’s through your eyes and is experiencing the physical world called your life experience.

Awareness is subjective experience , Awareness is not objective in that you can identify awareness with something for example the ego identifies everything as I and thus it treats awareness as its private property and possession, as the ego identifies everything in it’s life experience with objects in the external world as my house, my car, my children, my job, my clothes, my parents, etc.

Awareness is that which is known instinctively; however Awareness can be felt initially as a feel good feeling, that smile on a babies face, a memory that brings you a sense of joy and well being, your favorite vacation, peace, gratitude. And as you come to know and experience Awareness it morphs and changes as you grow in your experience as Awareness you embody more awareness it grows and expands your awareness and knowing in truth that Awareness is the ultimate reality allowing you to the ultimate experience of Awareness of  simply resting in a constant state of paradise which is awareness state as awareness.

There is no negativity associated what so ever with Awareness, negativity is only experienced in this physical universe and the physical world in which we have our life experience.

Awareness is beyond any concept of what we call love in our physical world as love  in this physical world is a result of a chemical reaction in the brain, that results in a high where people feed off each other  and which is the basis for psychic vampire attack and so many relationships are based on this feeding mechanism. Nothing to do with love but a parasitic need for co-dependence on the physical world plane.

Awareness has it’s own innately sensual qualities and its own bodily shapes, tones and textures, our body is no mere object or thing but an immediately experienced tone and texture of awareness.

If I were to use words word’s describe awareness, it is vulnerable, childlike, graceful, trusting, dignified, empathic, dignified, sacred, powerful, sovereign, free, content, peaceful not needing or wanting of any ‘thing’.

Awareness is not energy but energy manifests out of awareness just as matter and all materialism arise from energy or electromagnetism.

Energy in all its forms is what this consciousness system is made of that being said all energy is used within this physical world by the power control force is conjured up for daemonic, satanic, and ritual in order to keep this artificial physical world reality afloat just like the Titanic which sank, and is created for and used for the purpose of creation of a fake artificial reality which you experience in all it’s forms such as fake religions, fake texts, fake scientific belief systems, fantasy movies, and all the fake narratives and stories that proliferate the physical world stage so that it does not sink into oblivion, again all designed for the purposes of  deceiving your Awareness, therefore there  is nothing sacred about energy, chi, or prana or energy in all it’s forms including electromagnetism  to seduce your Awareness into believing everything in this consciousness system in all it’s intellectual forms is real.



Paradise Lost and the Fall of Awareness into Consciousness

The drama of temptation and fall of Awareness begins with the birth of the consciousness system, where you have your life experience, you know the imprint that is embed within every human being’s psyche on the face of the earth “THE FALL OF MAN”, whether they realize it or not.

I am sure you know the myth, when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, the fruit being the symbol of consciousness, that is they both ate fruit of knowledge ,from the tree of good and evil in all its forms of consciousness or what we call intellectual systems, and this is when the inevitable consequences unfold.

Awareness becomes separated and alienated from it’s original wholeness as Awareness, whereby fragmenting from it’s paradise state and becomes forever captured is this consciousness system of duality of opposites.

It is in eating of the forbidden fruit of knowledge that marks the transition from your eternal state as Awareness to a real conscious experience  of life in space and time. In short the paradise lost myth symbolizes the birth of the EGO consciousness and the loss of Awareness which is the ultimate reality.

You see the effect of the birth process that each of us go through from Awareness into Consciousness through the sex act between man and woman, alienates Awareness from it’s natural paradise state, and moves Awareness into the conscious world of suffering, conflict and uncertainty, which is designed to circumvent and undermine any desire for Awareness  to know self as Awareness in physical form.

You see the universal architects the power control force have done the unthinkable and without your knowing and consent they have  mirrored the oneness of Awareness that is you, which is beyond mind, thought process and thought,  captured  your essence as Awareness in it’s natural state of nothingness and created a construct which is comprised of three aspects spirit, soul and body upon which thought, the thought process and light of which this universal matrix or conscious system of duality was created.

You may be asking yourself why the universal architects would create a consciousness system and hold humanity hostage while giving them the sensation that they are free? in order to maintain power and control over your essence as Awareness, and to program your Awareness through your individual EGO complex,  so that you would feel worthless, lack self acceptance, low self esteem, in order to alienate Awareness and your paradise state.

You see the universal architects with all their intellectualism at one point thought they were smarter than Awareness, so they cleverly crafted a plan to keep the Awareness that is you in a perpetual cycle of shame, guilt and unworthiness, through indoctrination, cultural programming and social conditioning, so that you would believe and give value to your life experience through your addictions and desires through materialism which is why they created the physical world, so that you would lose yourself as Awareness in the  identification with and through materialism and the acquisition of all the shiny objects you acquired in your treasure tomb homes, which perpetuates the sensation of separation, which you experience through the brain body construct, the mind, thought and the thought process.


Awareness is not Consciousness?

Awareness is not Consciousness and Consciousness is not Awareness it is important to make the distinction in order to break the spell you are under called mind control.

Consciousness is  an information stream of data, some call it the akashic record,  unified field of consciousness; however  consciousness is an artificial mirror representation of Awareness which is the ultimate reality, in that consciousness masks itself as Awareness in all it’s forms of information such as sound, light, shape, colour, language and all intellectual systems such as science, religion, psychology, astrology, numerology etc. all for the purpose of coning your essence as awareness,through the creation of matter which makes you believe in your 3rd dimension artificial reality.

If we define Awareness as the Ultimate reality and being the foundation of all existence,  then Awareness can have nothing outside of itself other than itself, or unlike itself, by which to divide itself, therefore consequently Awareness is indivisible, and this is the oneness so often spoke about but truly misunderstood.

The Awareness that you are is eternal and can be further defined as oneness or wisdom which can only exist outside this universe. Awareness does not exist within this universe  consciousness system as oneness, because it can’t, due to the fact that it has been captured by a group of universal architects who call themselves God, and along with their Awareness and your Awareness they created a consciousness system and did the unthinkable they attempted to divide and conquer Awareness causing Awareness to fragment into tiny pieces in order to create  an artificial simulation of Awareness called consciousness whereby creating an artificial reality upon which you have your physical world life experience.

The universal architects actually created everything in the universe, they in fact are the creators of creation. They created the brain, body, mind, thought  and the thought process all through the manipulation of light which has nothing to do with  awareness, or oneness, but is designed to keep the universal consciousness,  or Light= LIE, alive and well.

Thought and light are the main drivers of  this universe, and it is through mind, thought, the thought process and light, that the architects of the universe (the power control force) set up this existence called LIFE based on the foundation of Awareness that you are and called it consciousness; however you exist beyond  mind, thought, thought process, and light which translates into energy  which creates the illusion that everything in you experience in your physical world is real. The concepts of mind, thought, thought process and light which equals energy is what has seduced you as Awareness from your natural state into the universal architects consciousness system.

In truth Awareness is the ultimate reality ,and when you rest in your natural state as Awareness, you simply rest in a constant state of paradise, and this is the true reality of who and what you are,  and always have been.

Your essence as Awareness is all knowing and wise, you have not and never will separate from your original state of being, as you exist as your essence as Awareness in your totality right here right now.

Truth and The Awareness Model: All Knowing Awareness, Truth about Awareness

Truth though absolute and uniformly significant to everyone, must be discovered by each individual within the context of that individual’s experience. No one approach to that discovery is right for everyone. Truth does not exist within culture language(symbols, metaphors, and concepts) of that individual  as our culture is manufactured therefore truth is distorted. It is the intent of Awareness Model to expose the LIE of our existence so that Truth can reveal itself as Awareness which is the ultimate reality.

Truth is truth, but communicating truth to another is a difficult undertaking fraught with misunderstandings of meaning and interpretation. Truth like wisdom is not something you can teach or learn from a book.  It must be comprehended by individuals within the context of their experience. In our illusory physical world life experience each of us comes to an understanding of reality through our interpretation of our physical and mental experience as an objective observer of how we currently experience our physical world.

The experience of others can at best provide a useful model a framework for understanding a perspective that enables us to comprehend and interpret our experience in a way that makes good practical sense. The best teachers can do no more than offer a consistent and coherent understanding of reality that helps individuals find the larger perspective required to discover truth for themselves. The Awareness model is rich in innovative knowledge that can provide a productive understanding of artificial consciousness system you have been born into as you grown in your experience as Awareness which is the Ultimate reality.

If the Awareness model communicates something of significance to you and resonates with your own unique knowing, then this particular expression of reality may suite you.  If it leaves you untouched, perhaps some other form of reality will speak to you more effectively. The form your understanding takes is not as significant, as it is the result of your experience that really counts. If you are prodded to a more productive understanding of reality you are on the right track. Any expression of reality that nudges your understanding in the direction of learning, growing and evolving into experiencing self as Awareness then it is the right one for you.

The Awareness Model is not the only useful expression that truth can take, it is a unique model of reality that speaks through language while integrating and shifting your subjective personal and holistic perception as Awareness,while maintaining a grounded objective world view of your artificial physical world life experience allowing you to create an alternate reality of your own choosing and creation despite the intensification of chaos going on around you.

What is the Awareness Model?

The Awareness model provides an original perspective and makes a significant contribution to an understanding that Awareness is the Ultimate reality.

The Awareness model will support you to transcend the illusion of reality called your life experience to reclaim your right in truth and wisdom, to experience your essence as Awareness, by revelation through knowledge that your essence as Awareness has been captured by the universal architects the designer’s of this universe consciousness system, and the artificial physical world which you have your illusory reality life experience, is simply designed to forever cleverly keep you from wisdom, knowing and truth of who you are, Awareness which is the ultimate reality.

A model is a tool we can use to achieve a concrete understanding of an abstract concept such as Awareness. Models are often developed to describe an unknown function, interaction, or process (something that lies beyond our current individual experience) in terms of something more comprehensible. The model itself may closely resemble the reality it describes, however it is important not to confuse the model of reality with reality itself.

By deconstructing  consciousness , we become aware of the artificial reality that has been imposed upon us. This model of a world view, this model of hell on earth that is manufactured and created by the power control force. If you have enough direct experience and a deep understanding of what is being modeled by the power control force through their model of artificial reality and come to know that this model is a part of your direct experience, and that with no direct experience , without this knowledge and understanding it’s impossible  for you to come to know self as Awareness, therefore the model enables an understanding that is otherwise impossible to attain. With limited direct experience, the model allows you to place your limited experience within the context of the consistent structure of the model. To those with enough experience to incite curiosity and formulate practical questions the model brings a meaningful explanation of consciousness data (experience, information, fragments of truth, language, intellectual system such as science, religion, astrology, astronomy) that otherwise seem random and unconnected.

The power control force does not have, nor has it ever had a monopoly on a process oriented, materialistic, and objective approach to the existence and reality of Awareness.

The model of reality developed within the Awareness model enables you to understand the characteristics of your artificial reality, how you interact with the artificial reality and Awareness which is the ultimate reality, the point of artificial reality, and the boundaries, processes, and mechanics of the artificial physical world reality that you currently operate within.

Through the Awareness Model you will discover the distinction between your objective outside artificial physical world reality  and your subjective non-physical world of mind and consciousness, and how both have been created by the universal architects to capture and deceive and manipulate your essence as Awareness which is the Ultimate Reality.

Awareness Model Video:

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