Awareness is not Consciousness?

Awareness is not Consciousness and Consciousness is not Awareness it is important to make the distinction in order to break the spell you are under called mind control.

Consciousness is  an information stream of data, some call it the akashic record,  unified field of consciousness; however  consciousness is an artificial mirror representation of Awareness which is the ultimate reality, in that consciousness masks itself as Awareness in all it’s forms of information such as sound, light, shape, colour, language and all intellectual systems such as science, religion, psychology, astrology, numerology etc. all for the purpose of coning your essence as awareness,through the creation of matter which makes you believe in your 3rd dimension artificial reality.

If we define Awareness as the Ultimate reality and being the foundation of all existence,  then Awareness can have nothing outside of itself other than itself, or unlike itself, by which to divide itself, therefore consequently Awareness is indivisible, and this is the oneness so often spoke about but truly misunderstood.

The Awareness that you are is eternal and can be further defined as oneness or wisdom which can only exist outside this universe. Awareness does not exist within this universe  consciousness system as oneness, because it can’t, due to the fact that it has been captured by a group of universal architects who call themselves God, and along with their Awareness and your Awareness they created a consciousness system and did the unthinkable they attempted to divide and conquer Awareness causing Awareness to fragment into tiny pieces in order to create  an artificial simulation of Awareness called consciousness whereby creating an artificial reality upon which you have your physical world life experience.

The universal architects actually created everything in the universe, they in fact are the creators of creation. They created the brain, body, mind, thought  and the thought process all through the manipulation of light which has nothing to do with  awareness, or oneness, but is designed to keep the universal consciousness,  or Light= LIE, alive and well.

Thought and light are the main drivers of  this universe, and it is through mind, thought, the thought process and light, that the architects of the universe (the power control force) set up this existence called LIFE based on the foundation of Awareness that you are and called it consciousness; however you exist beyond  mind, thought, thought process, and light which translates into energy  which creates the illusion that everything in you experience in your physical world is real. The concepts of mind, thought, thought process and light which equals energy is what has seduced you as Awareness from your natural state into the universal architects consciousness system.

In truth Awareness is the ultimate reality ,and when you rest in your natural state as Awareness, you simply rest in a constant state of paradise, and this is the true reality of who and what you are,  and always have been.

Your essence as Awareness is all knowing and wise, you have not and never will separate from your original state of being, as you exist as your essence as Awareness in your totality right here right now.


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