Paradise Lost and the Fall of Awareness into Consciousness

The drama of temptation and fall of Awareness begins with the birth of the consciousness system, where you have your life experience, you know the imprint that is embed within every human being’s psyche on the face of the earth “THE FALL OF MAN”, whether they realize it or not.

I am sure you know the myth, when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, the fruit being the symbol of consciousness, that is they both ate fruit of knowledge ,from the tree of good and evil in all its forms of consciousness or what we call intellectual systems, and this is when the inevitable consequences unfold.

Awareness becomes separated and alienated from it’s original wholeness as Awareness, whereby fragmenting from it’s paradise state and becomes forever captured is this consciousness system of duality of opposites.

It is in eating of the forbidden fruit of knowledge that marks the transition from your eternal state as Awareness to a real conscious experience  of life in space and time. In short the paradise lost myth symbolizes the birth of the EGO consciousness and the loss of Awareness which is the ultimate reality.

You see the effect of the birth process that each of us go through from Awareness into Consciousness through the sex act between man and woman, alienates Awareness from it’s natural paradise state, and moves Awareness into the conscious world of suffering, conflict and uncertainty, which is designed to circumvent and undermine any desire for Awareness  to know self as Awareness in physical form.

You see the universal architects the power control force have done the unthinkable and without your knowing and consent they have  mirrored the oneness of Awareness that is you, which is beyond mind, thought process and thought,  captured  your essence as Awareness in it’s natural state of nothingness and created a construct which is comprised of three aspects spirit, soul and body upon which thought, the thought process and light of which this universal matrix or conscious system of duality was created.

You may be asking yourself why the universal architects would create a consciousness system and hold humanity hostage while giving them the sensation that they are free? in order to maintain power and control over your essence as Awareness, and to program your Awareness through your individual EGO complex,  so that you would feel worthless, lack self acceptance, low self esteem, in order to alienate Awareness and your paradise state.

You see the universal architects with all their intellectualism at one point thought they were smarter than Awareness, so they cleverly crafted a plan to keep the Awareness that is you in a perpetual cycle of shame, guilt and unworthiness, through indoctrination, cultural programming and social conditioning, so that you would believe and give value to your life experience through your addictions and desires through materialism which is why they created the physical world, so that you would lose yourself as Awareness in the  identification with and through materialism and the acquisition of all the shiny objects you acquired in your treasure tomb homes, which perpetuates the sensation of separation, which you experience through the brain body construct, the mind, thought and the thought process.



3 thoughts on “Paradise Lost and the Fall of Awareness into Consciousness

  1. “In you treasure tomb homes…”

    I love it, Kerrace! You said a lot in this post but, for me, something about this line really takes the cake for me:) Looking forward to your next.

    1. Thanks Neketa, I enjoyed sharing that part! got a chuckle in fact! thanks for your comments I am glad you are enjoying the posts! I welcome any and all feedback! PEACE to you!

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