What is Awareness? Return to Paradise

Awareness is thing free and thought free of sensations and emotions, conceptions and perceptions, images and symbols. Awareness is freedom itself the freedom to affirm all that you are aware of without becoming bound to it.

Awareness cannot be explained by and is not caused by any ‘thing’ or thought, sensation or emotion, conception or perception, image or symbol, for it is the very condition for our experience of any ‘thing’ or though, sensation or emotion, conception or perception, image or symbol.

Awareness cannot be the by product or anything we are aware of or the private property of any self or being.

Awareness transcends the universe, consciousness and all intellectual systems in that it is not the existence of a universe of things and beings in space and time but awareness of a universe, consciousness and all intellectual systems and that the most important misconception throughout history of western thought is the belief that awareness is a by product of matter or private property of individual beings. Yet it is the other way around things and all beings are but individualized portions and expressions of an ultimate and absolute awareness, which is not the product or private property of anything or being we are aware of.

Awareness is that which is aware of your physical world experience that which see’s through your eyes and is experiencing the physical world called your life experience.

Awareness is subjective experience , Awareness is not objective in that you can identify awareness with something for example the ego identifies everything as I and thus it treats awareness as its private property and possession, as the ego identifies everything in it’s life experience with objects in the external world as my house, my car, my children, my job, my clothes, my parents, etc.

Awareness is that which is known instinctively; however Awareness can be felt initially as a feel good feeling, that smile on a babies face, a memory that brings you a sense of joy and well being, your favorite vacation, peace, gratitude. And as you come to know and experience Awareness it morphs and changes as you grow in your experience as Awareness you embody more awareness it grows and expands your awareness and knowing in truth that Awareness is the ultimate reality allowing you to the ultimate experience of Awareness of  simply resting in a constant state of paradise which is awareness state as awareness.

There is no negativity associated what so ever with Awareness, negativity is only experienced in this physical universe and the physical world in which we have our life experience.

Awareness is beyond any concept of what we call love in our physical world as love  in this physical world is a result of a chemical reaction in the brain, that results in a high where people feed off each other  and which is the basis for psychic vampire attack and so many relationships are based on this feeding mechanism. Nothing to do with love but a parasitic need for co-dependence on the physical world plane.

Awareness has it’s own innately sensual qualities and its own bodily shapes, tones and textures, our body is no mere object or thing but an immediately experienced tone and texture of awareness.

If I were to use words word’s describe awareness, it is vulnerable, childlike, graceful, trusting, dignified, empathic, dignified, sacred, powerful, sovereign, free, content, peaceful not needing or wanting of any ‘thing’.

Awareness is not energy but energy manifests out of awareness just as matter and all materialism arise from energy or electromagnetism.

Energy in all its forms is what this consciousness system is made of that being said all energy is used within this physical world by the power control force is conjured up for daemonic, satanic, and ritual in order to keep this artificial physical world reality afloat just like the Titanic which sank, and is created for and used for the purpose of creation of a fake artificial reality which you experience in all it’s forms such as fake religions, fake texts, fake scientific belief systems, fantasy movies, and all the fake narratives and stories that proliferate the physical world stage so that it does not sink into oblivion, again all designed for the purposes of  deceiving your Awareness, therefore there  is nothing sacred about energy, chi, or prana or energy in all it’s forms including electromagnetism  to seduce your Awareness into believing everything in this consciousness system in all it’s intellectual forms is real.




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