The Veil of Consciousness Disguises Birth Trauma and the Dynamic of Chaos in the Universe

This system of consciousness is very much run like a church with no physical walls per say but the illusion of walls are kept from view in the form of a major paradigm for the purpose of deceiving you, but the walls are still there regardless they are just embedded within the paradigm with the power control force at the helm. Now this paradigm that holds this system of consciousness together which is created by the power control centre our church leaders allow some views but not others. This doesn’t mean the other views are wrong it just means that the current paradigm won’t accept them. It only wants you to view one side of the coin, for example if we take a look at the universe, what is happening in the universe is a dynamic where the male energy is capturing female energy, now capture is extremely important word as far as understanding the universe at large. The male force takes control of the female force and utilizes it for it’s own end therefore there is a female force and a male force in this universe.

The male force is a non creative force and it begins with the proton, and in order for the proton to continue in this universe where disorder is predominant, the male force proton must capture energy, and pull it into itself or else it will lose its “Strength” . The female force on the other hand begins with the electron and takes a different approach to existing in this universe, as it is creative and productive and reaches out for bonding and connection. Life is currently built around the carbon atom and it is a product of the female force. You see the male force cannot really assert itself until the female force has laid the foundation and structure and this is a key point to remember. The power control force know this and why they as the male force are in control and define reality for us in our artificial physical world  through this system of consciousness.

The female force is largely being used as the fuel for the male machine or unnatural system which is embedded within the female natural structure we call “EARTH”. This is why the female energy has been suppressed in our physical world for millennia and why humanity is  always in an endless struggle for balance of male and female energy whether they realize it or not, but this struggle is really internal not external in that change happens first internally which the power control force know however; through massive manipulation they distort this truth from you while destroying the external artificial physical world in order to keep you traumatized, disillusioned and paranoid, focused on the earth’s destruction disguised as climate change et al, which is why we struggle to create balance externally and why we never seems to be able to change this imposed paradigm.

We need to keep in mind that the forces acting on human beings are the same forces operating throughout this universe consciousness system and the power control force don’t want you to know or see this dynamic playing out on the physical world stage as the power control force depend on your ignorance of real truth of this underlying dynamic allows them to maintain their current power structures and paradigms while endlessly perpetuating the dynamic of “ORDER OUT OF CHAOS”.

The power control force know that if these patterns of human behaviour would be made clearer and understood by the masses, that would unravel the whole structure upon which human beings have  been used to construct this artificial physical world system for the power control force over the past few thousand years. This is why the power control force spend endless time and effort to distract humanity, because if you don’t see the pattern playing out, then they can continue along with the “GAME” that they are playing on everyone, so  that everyone willingly participates in the Their “GAME” whether they realize it or not.

With the knowledge of the dynamic that plays out in the universe that is the male force capturing the female force the power control force also understand the importance of love as the force within and among human beings and that the mother child relationship is the ultimate holding together of human relationship. It is the Mother who embodies an attitude towards safety, well-being, and the future of her child and children. This is also the basic attitude within our physical world.

The power control force also know that the mother child relationship is the foundation of life therefore the power control force work endlessly to destroy this relationship and we can look at the trauma of birth for the basic underlying pattern operating throughout our physical world whereby allowing us to identify this underlying theme being played out through the narrative and scripts the power control force feed humanity endlessly through the media.

The power control force mode of operandi  is designed to keep humanity continuously traumatized through an endless cycle of suffering, death rebirth rituals thus making birth an initiation ritual into this physical world system, again all designed  to keep humanity in perpetual state of trauma, with infantile attachment needs never ever being able to be met, due to the broken mother child bond, this cycle of abuse keeps humanity dependent on the physical world system, which is why the power control force must create narratives and stories in order to reinforce what is called the fetal drama which is the matrix into which all later childhood experiences create imprints which shape all adult life experiences as their inner child works over the basic questions posed by its experiences of being in the womb.

And that through the act of humanity re-experience the trauma of birth endlessly in a specific repetition compulsions very similar to imprinting in lower animals as no psychic apparatus is as open to trauma as that of the helpless fetus, no repetition is as strong as that which results from the imprinting of the fetal drama and the repeated feelings of asphyxiation, blood pollution, and cleansing, climaxed by a cataclysmic battle and a liberation through a painful birth process.

Yet as in the womb, the original trauma of birth is repeated in the traumatic rituals of suffering and rebirth repeated over and over again, whether in yearly New Years suffering and rebirth or Easter rituals of suffering, death and resurrection in Christian groups, every major life event therefore precipitates a suffering and rebirth ritual: birth, puberty, marriage,  and death.

We can see that paradigms are set up to benefit those in control and with the universe operating, under the basic premise of “Chaos”. We may now have a better understanding as to why the unnatural artificial physical world system is built on it’s slogan of “Order Out of Chaos”, because in truth it means our disorder is order in the universe, and our order is disorder in the universe so we can see how this system of consciousness stays in balance and why the power control force want to keep this dynamic from your view so they can endlessly play games on humanity all for the purpose of power and control or “ORDER OUT OF CHAOS”.


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