Awareness and the Primal Repression of the Return to Paradise, Circumventing the Libido and Our Sexual Impulse to Return to the Mother’s Womb

The ultimate aim of the power control force is to gain sole possession of your Awareness through your original mother (female force) and through the identification with your original father (male force). For example, every  war or revolution that strives to overthrow the masculine dominance is designed to replicate the urge for each soldier to sacrifice himself for the motherland, with the ultimate victory gained through the war fantasy disguised as the symbolic return to the”mother’s womb”which for each soldier signifies a  yearning for a return to the lost state of the primal one being cut into two, whereby creating an unconscious striving towards reunion of the child (soldier) with the mother.

You see the artificial physical world system created by the power control force has proved to be a chain of symbol formations in the creative shaping of approved objects, designed as substitutes for the primal situation,  that is the primal experience of being in the mother’s womb. Now a very important point to innerstand is that these symbols are continuously formed throughout culture, and uninterruptedly renewed which must represent not merely for the lost primal reality of “the mothers womb” but the origin of the fetal drama which the power control force copy as faithfully as possible, and at the same time must remind us as little as possible of the primal trauma connected with it.

We do not have to look far to see how this primal situation manifests in our artificial physical world reality  through the development of societies which fosters a parental domination in creating a power control system administered by men is thus a continuance  of the primal repression which has its purpose in the ever wider exclusion of women on account of the trauma of birth or the primal urge to return to the mother’s womb, because  you see everything pathological rests on an all to strong mother fixation or the defense reaction against it.

This is why I believe the whole creation of civilization has resulted from man’s libidinal overestimation of the maternal primal object that being the womb of the mother, and from it’s elimination through the primal repression, explains the lesser part played by women in cultural development from which then, woman’ social undervaluation follows as a secondary effect  of life and existence, and as I mentioned in my last post the male force is a non creative force and it begins with the proton, and in order for the proton to continue in this universe where disorder is predominant, the male force proton must capture energy, and pull it into itself or else it will lose its “Strength” therefore it must use the female force (electron) as fuel to create their male dominated world. Now there is no offense to any male reading this article as I am just stating the obvious the point I want to make is that regardless of gender the primal repression is within men and women as most women have taken their role as honorary men due to being raised and cultured in a male dominated society.

The simple case of symbolic adaptation of the “womb of the mother” to reality opens up new vistas in the understanding and development of culture. from birth to the nursery, to the house, or town, fort and linking to earlier mythical construction of nature, cosmology, which is nothing more than an infantile recollection of one’s own birth projected onto nature. However if we look at the earth and social development as substitute formation of concepts as motherland, nation, and state, which intimately symbolize unbeknownst to most of humanity, the womb as relating female genitalia known to the unconscious mind as the place in which before the trauma of birth one was protected and warm but yet again all of this information/data in this system of consciousness is kept from you.

You see the pleasurable primal state that you come from is interrupted through the act of birth, which creates a chain reaction for the rest of your life  which consists of replacing your lost paradise state in the way of the libido, thus making the primal state being no longer attainable as the physical world system operates on the basis of sexual energy, and it is sexual energy which keeps you trapped within this system of consciousness intricately connected and addicted to all your traumas and dramas.

Now  here is something for you to ponder that is your unconscious mind consists only in the libidinal relation of the embryo to the womb,  and this is why there is always this striving of your libido to re-establish a lost primal condition of which it has no real clue, but the universal architects do and it is through sexual energy they keep you hooked into their system of consciousness never being able to attain your paradise state because whenever you have the urge to move in that direction it creates a tremendous amounts of anxiety which stirs up your primal anxiety of your birth trauma,  when ever you have that urge to merge with lost paradise state.

Now  the perceived and psychically fixed impression of the primal anxiety of birth and yes we were all traumatized at birth there is no way around it we were to vulnerable now some of us were traumatized more than others, I am not trying to lay a guilt trip on the mothers here in any way but we were all traumatized due to the nature of the physical world system, just by entering this physical world you are traumatized, because it blots out the memory of your former paradise state and with this prevents regression as this would make you unfit for life that is to pass the primal anxiety of birth which is why the primal sensation is repressed. Due to the extremely high levels of trauma that most humans are experiencing in the womb, at birth, and within the first two years of life, it has become increasingly difficult for us, to maintain our connection to our essence  as Awareness and to produce authentic experiences of love. We are, in effect, a brain damaged species, and this is making it more difficult for our systems to activate the neurobiology of love in our bodies.

It’s important for you see that behind the origin of man lays the primal repression a conflict between origin and disappearance into nothingness arising directly from the repression of the primal trauma. That of becoming and passing under polarity, as the divergence of one force into two qualitatively different actions which is the rhythmic foundation upon which this physical world system operates and is always at play the constant striving after reunion which is the dance of your life experience in a nutshell. I want to leave you with one out of many creation myths

The male principle forced his way out of the egg. He hurtled through space clutching a torn fragment of the placenta that became the earth with a predominantly male soul, creating imbalance and impurity. The male principle realized he couldn’t rule without his twin and tried to find her, but could not. According to legend he still searches for her.



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