Symbols of The Fetal Drama, Eurovision 2014 “Rise Like a Phoenix” Winner Conchita=Conception, Columbus’ Santa Maria found after 500 years=Knight’s Templer =Placental Origins of Christianity

The womb is the foundation upon which this artificial physical world is built , that is the womb of the mother or the womb of consciousness is where you are provided a glimpse upon which the bases of your life experience is manufactured, yet obscured from view through massive propaganda, symbols and narratives disguised as truth. It is only when we come to know consciously the historical group fantasies we unconsciously share, communicate and act upon together that we decrease their delusional hold on us, therefore allowing each of us to dismantle this system of consciousness.

Now to understand the fetal drama clearly is to see the fetus as it begins its mental life in active relationship with one vital object its own placenta. The mother and fetus co create  the placenta together in the womb and the fetus dependence on the placenta for nutrition and constant cleansing of the blood is crucial to its existence, the fetus responds to every decrease in placental functioning whereby pumping polluted blood through the placenta when it is experiencing visible anger, as shown by trashing movements and elevated heart rate. Therefore it is crucial for you to innerstand how this fetal drama works so pay close attention as this fetal drama is repeat endlessly and it’s rhythmic pattern is what keeps you under massive hypnosis whether you realize it  and so if you want to break the spell you must get to the root of the matter…. no pun intended.

What is the fetal drama in a nutshell?

The fetus can be seen to experience cycles over 9 months of peaceful activity, painful hypoxia, periods of thrashing about and then restored quiet periods as the placenta begins to pump newly-oxygenated bright red blood again.


It is important to remember this rhythmic pattern is the foundation upon which the power control force have built this system of consciousness. It is important to note that the fetal drama starts at conception which is when you receive your first imprints from your fathers sperm and your mothers egg and what they where feeling in the very act of conception that is imprinted into your blueprint which is as you can see long before birth,  and as the fetus grows in the womb it is being continuously imprinted by its mother as the fetus learns that good feelings are often interrupted by painful feelings which it is helpless to avert, and then it’s once peaceful womb slowly grows more crowded, less nurturant and more polluted until it is finally liberated only by the cataclysmic battle which is the upheaval of birth itself.

It is important to point out that the fetus is not only distressed when the mother smokes, drinks, or takes drugs. It is also affected both biologically and psychologically by the mothers fear, anger and depression, in fact the pregnant mothers emotions affect the physical and emotional development of the fetus, and numerous research studies have shown that massive quantities of stimulation, particularly intensely painful experiences, result in severe trauma, particularly after birth when the ego is to immature to prevent itself from being overwhelmed by the effects. Therefore the fact that fetal distress is traumatic can hardly be doubted as the fetus does not have the psychological defense mechanisms to handle massive anxiety and rage.

Now the power control force understand  how conception, prenatal imprinting and the trauma of birth impact the life of a new born child and why it is important for them to build their power control system around  conception. Here is an example of how the origin of the fetal drama plays out on the physical world stage and how the power control force copy as faithfully as possible, and at the same time must remind us as little as possible of the primal trauma connected with it.

On May 10, 2014, via the song “Rise Like a Phoenix” sung by “Conchita Wurst” wins the Eurovision Song Contest and “Conchita” means “conception.


Here is the link to the article:

It is interesting to note that the 8.8-magnitude mega-quake that hit Chile in 2010 near a place called Concepcion (“conception”) just months before the mine disaster/rescue there.

There is also a strong interaction between Euroviosion/Conchita and the 2014 Turkey mine disaster. The latter took place in the Manisa providence of Turkey, known among other things for its Hittite carving of the goddess Cybele who, in Greek religion, notably had a transgender priesthood, thus powerfully resonating with the transgender (drag) nature of Conchita’s Eurovision show stopper.

You see this is just an example of how the power control force use the symbol of the phoenix which is a long-lived bird that is cyclically regenerated or reborn but in addition they continue their narrative withthe phoenix is typically thought to live for 500 years. It dies and then comes back to life… like the apparent discovery of Christopher Columbus’ sunken ship Santa Maria making headlines on May 13, 2014 the same day as the Turkey mine disaster and guess what unbeknownst to most of humanity the Holy Cross symbolizes? the placenta imagery of antiquity. Once this placental origin of the Holy Cross is recognized much of the imagery of christian ritual becomes clarified that is the cleaning rebirth ceremony which is really just the fetal drama in a nutshell.

The wreck of Columbus’ Santa Maria found after 500 years

chritopher columbus wreck

On the sails of Santa Maria were red crosses, the type often associated with the Knights Templar (Columbus married into a Templar family)…


The Knights Templar, as with practically all groups associated with the Holy Grail, are thought to have been worshipers of the goddess, or as The Da Vinci Code states the sacred feminine. In Christian terms, that would be Mary – Mary Magdalene and the Virgin Mary.


It is important to note that when you understand the underlying program that this system of consciousness is operating you know what clues to look for and that the phoenix and conception are just examples that I found through media that is obscuring the fetal drama, that is  the underlying rhythmic pattern that is manipulating humanity . Which allows us understand why the power control force systematically take it upon themselves to break the mother child bond, and humanities capacity for love, through the promotion of sexual love for both sexes which reaches its climax in the mating of two beings, which for most of humanity is an unconscious enactment of the return to the mother, and yet for women proves to be the most sublime attempt partially to re-establish the primal situation between mother and child which only finds its complete realization in an embryo, this is how the blessed primal state is reached by passive reproduction that is by means of pregnancy and the birth of woman’s own child.  And yes It is true that the fetal drama often gets linked up to fertility as motivations to elements of the fetal drama. However It is important to understand that every symbolic vagina or womb or mother figure is not a wish to have more babies; it is a very deep a wish to be a fetus.

The man on the other hand through the idea of conception from the beginning remains attached to the original fetal experience in the womb that is depicted by the mother’s  genitals,  through mother, lover,  and wife. It is important to know that both sexes can become neurotic, when they wish to only  to gratify the primal libido for the mother, as compensation for the birth trauma, not by means of sexual gratification designed for them, but by means of the original form of infantile gratification whereby they inevitably stumble upon the anxiety borders of the birth trauma.  Therefore it is the infantile gratification that keeps us forever hooked into this system of consciousness and it is the infantile gratification that  each of us must heal in order to transcend this system of consciousness, this is how we break they spell of this system of consciousness.

Now one might ask themselves why would the power control force impose narratives and scripts around sex, conception, and the trauma of birth disguised through symbols and all their intellectual systems, such as religion science, psychology, etc? In order to hijack humanities perception towards a shared group fantasy of the original experience of being in the original womb, very similar to that of a fetus in the womb of it’s mother attached to an umbilical cord and it’s placenta, which is why we have constant wars, and revolutions as they represent the original battle in the womb which symbolizes and  subliminally activates every human trauma of their own cataclysmic birth.

That’s why we are going through this re-birthing process….. we are evolving and being reborn…. rise like a phoenix….just the fetal drama and the trauma of the memory of your birth being repeated over and over again!


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