Nigerian Singer Kefee Kokoroko Crooner Dies of Pre-eclampsia – Pregnancy=Placenta Link to West African Dogon Creation Myth

This is just another connecting narrative to the “womb of the mother” and the Placenta which has manifested in connection to the missing Nigerian Girls narrative as we deconstruct  this system of Consciousness as Awareness in real time.

It turns the Nigerian singer Kefee Don Momoh, whose music career started at age eight in her church choir, was famous for her gospel songs ‘Branama’ and ‘Kokoroko’, was reportedly pregnant, fell into a coma 15 days ago, while on a flight to Chicago, where she was working. The plane was forced to make an emergency landing and she was rushed to the ICU of a hospital in Los Angeles. Sources close to the family confirmed to Nigerian media that the Kokoroko crooner has died on the morning of June 13, 2014.


Here is the article:

She went into a coma, after collapsing on a 14-hour flight on her way to Chicago for an event about a two weeks ago. A close family source revealed she was diagnosed of having pre-eclampsia – pregnancy induced high blood pressure. Pre-eclampsia is associated with multiple maternal and fetal adverse effects. link:

When I looked up the word pre-eclampsia this is what I found and I am not surprised. The cause and pathogenesis of pre-eclampsia has yet to be definitively uncovered, though the syndrome is almost certainly the result of multiple factors. It is now thought that abnormal placentation (development and arrangement of the placenta) and placental function is a strong predisposing factor for pre-eclampsia, though there are a host of contributing and related factors that complicate finding a precise mechanism for preeclampsia.

It turns out that the telling of creation myths and stories of origin has always been part of daily life and culture in West Africa, the creation myth I would like to share with you is from the Dogon Valley Mali West Africa.

When I visited Mali in winter of 2005 as I walked through the towns and villages the signs of the creation myth where inscribed on rocks on the ground and in caves and on gourds. As it turns out for the Dogon, the first signs of creation were those of the placenta on which were marked signs denoting seeds or beings. The Dogon defined two pairs of twins, the antecedents of men and woman, inscripted on the landscape as reminders of the power and meaning of the land to the ancient people on the land.

A symbol of significant to the Dogon understanding creation is the placenta they believe every human placenta to be the replica of the placenta of the womb of Amma, the supreme being, or consciousness who conceived the universe. According to various stories the egg within which primordial events occurred was divided into a double placenta each part of the placenta containing a pair of twins. Each twin was made up of both male and female principles with one principle more dominant than the other. This is very similar to what I discussed in a previous article about the dynamic playing out in our universe of consciousness with the male (Proton) and the female (Electron) energetic force.

According to the Dogon creation myth the male principle forced his way out of the egg. He hurtled through space clutching a torn fragment of the placenta that became the earth with a predominantly male soul, creating imbalance and impurity. The male principle copulated with the earth that is with his own maternal placenta, but failed to make humans so amma, the universe of consciousness sent the other twin down to procreate humans are the result of this incestuous coupling.

There is no coincidence with Keefe’s death and the connection to the placenta  and this narratives manifestation occurs in real time as we deconstruct this system of consciousness that is when you know what to look for. It is interesting that when you understand the underlying rhythmic pattern the origin of the fetal drama which the power control force copy as faithfully as possible, and at the same time must remind us as little as possible of the primal trauma connected with it that is the pumping of the polluted blood to the placenta, its processing by the placenta, and the return of fresh new blood are such vital processes for fetal life that they become the physical prototypes for the later infantile mental mechanism of projection and introjection, whereby the baby fantasies the mother as a toilet for it’s uncomfortable feelings a placental “cleanser” who can process the baby’s emotions and return them in less dangerous form. The nurturant placenta therefore slowly becomes the earliest object of fetal mental life, and the regular interruptions in this vital relationship produces the earliest feelings of anxiety in the fetus which is as a result of a poisonous container.

It is one of the most basic principles of psychoanalysis that massive quantities of stimulation, particularly intensely painful experiences, result in a severe trauma for the individual particularly when the ego is too immature to prevent itself from being overwhelmed  by the affects. The fact that fetal distress is traumatic can hardly be doubted, as the fetus has yet none of the psychological  defense mechanisms to handle massive anxiety and rage. which is why we can see that the imprinted fetal drama is the matrix into which is poured all later childhood experiences, as the child works over the basic questions posed by the experiences in the womb:

Is the world hopelessly divided between nurturant and poisonous objects? Am I eternally helpless and dependent on the life giving blood of others? Must all good feelings be interrupted by painful ones? Am I to be eternally helpless and dependent on the life giving blood of others? Do I always have to battle for every pleasure? Will I have the support and room I need to grow?

This pattern of the fetus experiencing a nurturant and poisonous placenta has manifested itself as today many children are used as toilet for adult projections.  It was for 1800 years that adults were in general agreement that new born children were full of the stains of pollution of sin, where the child is loved and hated, rewarded and punished, bad and loving all at once which puts the child in a double bind of conflicting signals which came from the adult who is striving to demonstrate that the child is both very bad (projection reaction) and very loving (reversal reaction) it is the child’s function to reduce the pressing anxieties therefore the child acts an adults defense and today many children are poison containers for their parents.  Now if adults project all their own unacceptable feelings into a child it is obvious that severe measures must be taken to keep this dangerous toilet child under control once swaddling bands are outgrown.

Can you identify in your own life how you may use others or how others may use you as a toilet for projections? We can look to the fetal drama as to why this dynamic occurs as we relate use our children and each other as toilets for our repressed anxieties, fears and repressed infantile needs. it is this rhythmic pattern of the fetal drama  that  the power control force use the womb of consciousness and the body of humanity as a toilet and project their fear, unhappiness, anger, paranoia, perversion, and insanity through this system of consciousness  and we in turn use our children and one another as scapegoats to relieve personal internal conflict which has proved an extremely effective way to maintain our collective psychological homeostasis.

Ultimately, of course, the ending of using children and each other as a toilet for repressed feelings, like the ending of wars and depressions, will only come when each adult has experienced enough love as Awareness by working through the trauma of birth and the infantile need to return to the mother’s womb to make the use of children and each other as a toilet unnecessary.



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