Awareness Deconstructing the Universal Mind of Consciousness Through Occultism while Awakening the Will and Power of Awareness, How did Awareness become Captured in this System of Consciousness?

In this system of consciousness it is the dominant consciousness  that always controls the creations with this universe. We don’t have to look any further then our current environment to see which consciousness is dominating; however that is only because the power control force understand the laws of the universe and how the universe was created; therefore as we deconstruct consciousness it is paramount that we learn the laws of the universe,  so that we are are no longer victims of our circumstance in this system of consciousness and we reclaim the power and creative potential of Awareness which is the ultimate reality  in order to position our Awareness to dominate this system of consciousness this is the ultimate experiment  as we  engage  in the deconstruction of consciousness.

As Awareness deconstructing consciousness, we are deconstructing the universal science of universal mind designed by the universal architects in order to reveal how Awareness was captured into this system of consciousness.

Everything in the universe is an unfoldment of universal mind in a nutshell,  and Occultism is the science of the unfoldment of universal mind. Occultism is the science that teaches the laws under which the universal mind unfoldment takes place, not only upon the objective plane of life but also upon the subjective.

Now according to the power control force  the intellectual system of Occultism regards universal mind as the All, and that there is not nor cannot be any manifestation outside of universal mind however that is where Awareness comes into the picture as we come to innerstand that all the universal mind is a manipulation of your Awareness that the universal architects who created this universal mind in order to capture your Awareness and my Awareness along with their Awareness and the  creative potential of all the Awareness in order to create their own world system based on materialism all for the purpose of obscuring the natural laws of the universe from you so that you would forget the concept of  Occultism, while forever consumed with materialism which eventually caused the masses forget the natural laws of nature or MIND, so that the natural laws of MIND would only be remembered by and through the power control force and that is when pure Occultism really became perverted, and men began to use their powers criminally.

Those who remembered or practiced Occultism, put into operation mental and certain other forces which enslaved all those who had forgotten how to use their own forces, or who were not developed to the same point as themselves and thus the reason why a few immensely wealthy, powerful and strong egos rule the majority of the people, and make them their slaves today and basically why we are in the mess we are in on the physical world stage living through scripts and narratives designed to manipulate our essence as Awareness forever forgetting our natural state of paradise.

As Materialism has grown in strength called the unknown (which was becoming known on the objective or visible side of life) “Science,” but stamped the belief in or the investigation of the subjective side of life as “superstition.” And most people have became very much afraid of that word, and many are afraid of being known as superstitious even more than to be known as ignorant; and such persons prefer to remain ignorant of the Occult (which the power control force would prefer, so they remain lords of your mind, thought process and thought which are not yours, but that you use to have your life experience in alignment with the truth of who you are as Awareness which is the ultimate reality.) which in time the word Occultism grew to mean that which pertained to the subjective that which pertained to esotericism, and at present it is defined as esotericism.

How did Awareness become capture in this system of consciousness?

The universal architects created a universal mind matrix or womb that mirrors your Awareness and mine and with there awareness created this system of consciousness and split it into two minds the objective mind and the subjective mind which is really one mind in this system of  Consciousness and brought them into existence through Its creative capacity,  now it is important to remember that both these minds have the power of and potential of creating and man has two consciousnesses which are called the objective and the subjective minds.

The great trouble, however, is this: the objective mind, identifies with the animal experience of humans and has acquired the animal fear. This is the chief characteristic of the animal mind and is its mainspring of action; hence most of the creations of the objective mind are the product of fear or are colored by fear which is why the masses are unconsciously creating through fear, but that is all by design because the power control force has kept from the masses the information they need in order to become conscious creators of their reality so that is why most of humanity is creating unconsciously today.

Understanding the lower nature of man, you understand the nature of evil. Evil is but the creations through ignorance of this objective mind. It is a misdirection of the creative forces; it is the permitting of the unenlightened animal mind to make creations.

There are two aspects of the objective and subjective minds, the positive and the negative. In the subjective mind the negative side is the intellectual and the positive side is the will. But at this period in our history the intellectual side of our natures is awakened and the will is not. The objective mind also has two aspects, the negative or reasoning side, and the positive side or desire. These two aspects in the objective mind are blended to a large extent and because they are thus united that mind is strong.

Therefore our first objective as Awareness deconstructing consciousness in real time is to awaken the will portion or force aspect of the subjective mind, in order that the will and the intellect, united, may control the objective mind. There is force enough in the positive side of this subjective mind to accomplish anything it desires and therefore it is to our interest to awaken this latent but tremendous force in ourselves.


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