Awareness Deconstructing Consciousness, Law of Opulence, Implosion of the Heart, Magnetism

In this system of consciousness we operate on many programs, many are imposed some acquired through our life experience and many are latent within each of us and become activated when the right conditions present themselves.

It is important to understand that our ability to create has been usurped from us by the power control force through the lower vibratory frequency of this 3 dimensional construct, we are born into a system of consciousness which teaches us through all the institutional systems to create for the system which we have been born into in exchange for Money or currency which is designed to mirror your current or energy flow as Awareness but this current or energy that you exchange within this system of consciousness is minute in comparison to the amount of current you actual have access to in relation to the greater universe which is simply mirroring your essence as Awareness in order to control your natural current.

The power control force use money to control your ability to use your natural currency. Your chi, kundalini,  prana, which is simply mirroring your awareness. Awareness is what created this system of consciousness, this universe that we inhabit is one possible manifested reality in a unlimited spectrum of possibilities available within the non physical universe, in fact  it is teaming with unlimited potentials and probabilities organized through the system of consciousness waiting to be actualized. This system of consciousness simply mirrors Awareness and all its creative potential and possibilities for creative expression.

It is important to know  that the greatest individuals in history were unwaveringly committed to a future destiny without any need , for immediate feedback from the environment. Their minds were ahead of their present environment because their environment no longer controlled their thinking. They were clear in their minds about exactly what they wanted to happen they had a vision of the future reality  that existed beyond their physical senses.  Therefore when one holds a dream independent of their environment this is true greatness allowing the individual to tap into the higher order or who they are while embracing the full  Awareness of who they are which is the ultimate reality.

When we are truly focused and single minded, the brain does not know the difference between the internal world of mind and what we experience in the external environment our thoughts can become our experience. When we can change our minds independent of the environment and then embrace an idea with sustained concentration, the brain will be ahead of the environment. Most of humanity believe the body and the mind are one, therefore they are running on subconscious programs which makes them unconscious.

It is important for each of us to develop beyond the physical environment however the predicament for most of humanity is that they have identified with their sense and believe there body and environment are one and they have  forgotten that there is mental as well as physical labour.

There are people who do not desire to use Spiritual forces to draw to themselves material things and therefore protest against teaching this knowledge. It is quite reasonable to suppose that such persons find it difficult to manipulate spiritual forces and because they do not understand how to use them, they object to others using them.

Employers, capitalists, and thinkers plan day after day and work very hard mentally, yet many of them never raise a hand to do physical labor, but leave that part of the work to be done by those persons who still believe they must earn bread in the sweat of their faces.

There are three classes of workers:

  1. Physical workers
  2. Physico-mental workers
  3. Purely mental workers

Each of these classes marks a period of human evolution. By purely physical workers I mean the labours those who work  with our current social structure- the mass of humanity. They have no real understanding of the laws of the mind, these people run on subconscious habitual programming are automated and unconscious.

The physico-mental workers are those who, while recognizing that the laws of mind have a wonderful power to aid a man in his development and resources, use their minds for planning and enlarging their work and drawing Opulence to themselves and yet use physical means also for the purpose of manifesting it.

The third class embraces all who are purely mental workers, those who have learned to use their minds along all lines and who use mental forces so fully and so completely so that they receive whatever they desire without manual labor of any kind.

These are conscious users of what is commonly called the Law of Opulence or the law which brings opulence. Some call this the law of Demand and Supply. It really does not matter what it is called, it operates as unfailingly on the plane of mind or the unified field of consciousness that is the non physical realm of the universe.

When you are uncertain it produces a negative condition, disturbs your aura and therefore delays the materialization of your creations. If you want anything, create it mentally, demand it and according to your faith be it unto you. once having decided upon your creations go on with them to the end.

First you must make a demand. Then that demand must be specific. Make your mental picture clear-cut. The clearer your picture the sooner will it materialize. Demand specifically what you want – not what some one else wants you to have, not what you think you ought to have, not what you believe it your duty to want – but what you, yourself, wish to have.

Allow your mental picture to become your matrix or womb, and that from this matrix goes forth a vibratory force like a magnetic  which connects with that which you desire. The material thing is then drawn by the magnetic force you carry through the heart by an implosion in the heart that connects your brain  and your thoughts which synchronizes with your feelings, allowing your to magnetize to you every time you concentrate your thoughts upon your creation until the energy builds to the point that what ever you are asking for finally reaches you. The key is not to be concerned with the how.  Focused attention, with increased frequency and the persistence of your demands and concentration draw that which you desire at faster and faster rate this is true manifestation or the manipulation of the field of consciousness..


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