Awareness Deconstructing Consciousness, Genetic Transcendence of the Matrix, and Capitulation of the Speed of Light

There are many who believe that if I think happy thoughts and ignore the negative stuff everything will be alright. In all honestly positive thinking never really works , many so called positive thinkers have felt negative most of their life, and now they are trying to think positively they are in a polarized state in which they are trying to think in one way  in order to override how they feel inside of them, they consciously think one way, but they are being the opposite when the mind and body are in opposition change will never happen.

If you have been devoted to feeling negatively for years these feeling have created an automatic state of being, you body is conditioned to be negative. The conscious intellectual mind may reason that it wants joy but the body has been programmed to feel otherwise for years.  Thus making true happiness unreachable because mind and body are not working together. The conscious mind wants one thing, but  the body wants another.

The key is to get into the subconscious mind and reprogram it with a new set of strategies. You have to deprogram or unwire your old thinking and feeling patterns and then reprogram or rewire your brain with new patterns of thinking and feeling, based on who you want to be instead when you condition your mind and body with a new mind the two can no longer work in opposition but must be in harmony this is the point of change of self creation.

If we believe that our thoughts have something to do with our destiny, then as creators, most of us are only going in circles. Feelings and emotions are not bad they are the end product of experience. But if we are always reliving the same ones, we can’t embrace new experiences, do you know people who seem to talk about the good old days? What they are really saying is: nothing new is happening in my life that is stimulating my feelings therefore I will have to reaffirm myself from some glorious moment in the past.

Overcoming the recurring thoughts and feelings that the body memorizes (subconscious mind) is  a must if we are to break the habit of being ourselves. We create emotion by thought alone. We can signal our genes to make new proteins to change our bodies to be ahead of our present environment.  You can signal new genes in new ways by emotionally and thus chemically altering your internal environment. Our emotions can turn on some gene sequences and turn off others, just by signalling the body with a new emotion one can alter their internal chemistry to change the expression of their genes. Sometimes a change in genetic expression can be sudden and dramatic

Your external environment chemically signals genes through the emotions of an experience. Therefore if the experiences in your life are not changing the chemical signals to your genes aren’t changing no new information from the outer world is reaching your cells.

Can you pick a potential from the quantum field, this system of consciousness and emotionally embrace a future event before the actual experience? Can you do this so many times that you emotionally condition the body to a new mind thus signalling new genes in new ways? If you can it is highly probable that you will begin to shape and mold your brain and body into a new expression so that the brain and body physically change before the desired potential reality manifests.

How do we keep certain genes turned on and others turned off?  If we stay in the same toxic state of anger, the same melancholy state of depression, the same vigilant state of anxiety, or the same low state of unworthiness, the same redundant chemicals keep pushing the same genetic buttons which cause the activation of certain diseases. Stressful emotions pull the genetic rigger, dysregulating the cells and creating disease.

When we talk about activating a gene by expressing it in different ways we often refer to turning on and turning off genes in reality genes don’t turn off or on; they are activated by chemical signals and they express themselves in specific ways by making various proteins. Just by changing our thoughts feels and emotional reactions and behaviours we send our cells new signals and they express new proteins change the genetic blueprint.  Once a cell is activated in a new way by new information, the cell can create thousands of variations of the same gene therefore we can signal our genes to rewrite our future.

Bliss and ecstacy actually produce something in your Genes and Blood (your DNA) which makes you able to be stay young, innovate into your higher self so that you can experience the higher order of who you are that reflects your Awareness in physical form so that your inner current matches your Awareness at the highest frequency available to you in your individuated consciousness, so that you can create instantaneously the reality that reflects your unique Awareness. Knowing about genes and what signal’s  them to be expressed or not is crucial to understanding why you have to change from the inside out.

If you lose the skill to create implosion in your body which is electrically called bliss your DNA begins to slows down. Therefore if you lose access to bliss and passion it stops braiding your DNA that is making fire or implosion, those that lose the skill to make a tornado or vortex in their DNA through speed of light by using passion or bliss to do it the DNA slows down, and you lose the ability to bi locate, lucid dream, teleportation, telementation,  dynamic healing or to experience self as Awareness outside the of the body,  and to become a conscious creator that is molding and shaping your consciousness into a reality of  your own choosing.

Through implosion in the heart, change becomes self organizing and as compression takes form in the heart, it creates an acceleration which is gravity ( like going up in an elevator) which centres your individuated Awareness which is disguised as your prana, chi, kundalini, allowing you to focus your attention, with piercing concentration of your will on that which you desire,  which allows you to experience self as Awareness or what many call  the illusive enlightenment, you know that  zero point, which really means at a higher level transcendence of your current reality, and it is in this state you have full access to the system of consciousness allowing you to mold and shape consciousness into your own reality matrix.

When you experience self as  Awareness and then you experience the magnetism in the heart , you become the centre of everything including your creations your DNA speeds up so fast that you experience your eternal nature as Awareness allowing you to transcend this system of consciousness through the speed of light hacking the matrix of time and space into oblivion allowing you to create instantaneously which is simply mirroring your awareness and all it’s creative potential that’s the opportunity for you NOW!


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