Awareness Deconstructing Consciousness, New Age Movement, Imagination, Emancipation of the Dream Through World Shapers

How wide is the wingspan of your imagination? Can you find a limit?

The yearning to reach euphoric heights is universal. We may catch a glimpse of the sublime in a lucid moment of a dream or in the flash of something magical in nature.  Whether we call them “peak experiences” or “being in the flow,” these uplifting and rewarding moments affirm the benevolence and joy of being Awareness.  Of course, such experiences are not part of the real world; at least, that’s the official story. However, the yearning to reach euphoric heights is universal it’s the urge to return to our original state of Awareness that state of no-thing.

Together Jupiter and Neptune pertain to the spiritual process of finding a life plan designed to achieve one’s goals. That is connecting with the intentions of the higher self, in an effort to stir the creative potentials and awakens new insights, allowing you to ascend, to intuitive heights than connecting back to the everyday world and applying, the revelations, in order to bridge the familiar and the extraordinary. The promise is to have a far-reaching conception of the spiritual landscape we trek upon, both personally and collectively.

Jupiter–Neptune not only provides a sense of spiritual meaning, it also offers a panoramic scope to see how as individuated consciousness having this physical life experience can rise above our human limitations and come to know the truth of who we are as Awareness. Jupiter–Neptune motivates us toward reaching an elusive paradise that speaks to us when our embrace is open and our intentions are true, in addition they provide an eternal gift that available to us all.

Jupiter–Neptune may point to some degree of spiritual confusion and can stimulate the urge for a broad range of experiences as its remedy. Spiritual seeking comes in many guises and has no real endpoint. This planetary combination is about the journey, not any particular destination. Setting one’s sights on a focused beacon in the distance negates the territory outside the parameters of the particular course.

Maintaining direction (Jupiter) toward the numinous (Neptune) is a delicate balance. If you set your sights too narrowly, you miss the panorama. Too broadly, then how do you navigate? Jupiter–Neptune calls for ongoing readjustments on the spiritual path. The key is to trust that the accrual of experience will calibrate the compass on the journey.

Jupiter–Neptune can have the flavor of swimming with dolphins in an ecstatic state. It is a wondrous combination, so uplifting that tears of joy easily flow. Much of what is considered part of the New Age movement is Jupiter–Neptune: the romanticized spiritual music, inspiring soulful literature, heavenly illustrations, abundant compassion for everyone, and the emphasis on self-discovery through transpersonal means. This movement holds the potentials of what could be if we could only rise above our self-imposed restrictions.

In a culture that can be artificial and consumer-driven, Jupiter–Neptune speaks of glorious possibilities that ignite the imagination. But this heavenly combination, however exalted and ideal, is bound to pitfalls such as being gullible, naïve, quixotically innocent, or overly optimistic, people in the grips of this energy may prematurely claim to have reached a version of the “promised land.”or being awake, “Enlightened” when they are still very much asleep.

The new age movement was built on the qualities, characteristics and energies  of these combined planets Jupiter and Neptune in order to harvest  the energy  of your awareness and to keep those who have the capacity to know self as Awareness forever trapped in the movement forever submerged in this system of consciousness while believing the fantasy that one has escaped the womb matrix, the new age movement is just another clever attempt to capture your awareness by the power control force if they can’t seduce you into one of the organized religion they simply provide more choices.  The enthusiasm Jupiter-Neptune combination generates can create a missionary zeal, an infatuation with one’s religion or movement. Now we all know the New Age movement can be “airy fairy,” phony, even Narcissistic to some degree. Well it turns out that this Jupiter–Neptune combination is unable to address darkness and is an attractive escape from the shadow that is why in the new age movement they never want to address anything negative it’s due to the combination of these two planets that the new age movement was built on. This “flight into light” may provide temporary respite from the dark, but it may also sugarcoat the entire realm. This is potentially dangerous, because the shadow material will not just go away, eventually it will arise, in cataclysmic ways if necessary.

Now if we look to the political and social circles, this Jupiter–Neptune combination invites the collective to imagine what it could be to dream the impossible dream. Inspiring hope and outlining a vision of how the world can transcend difficulties makes leaders with this combination “symbols” of the improvements to come.. They open themselves up to a mass projection of optimism which is what has happened to Barack Obama who has Jupiter square Neptune in his natal chart, and with his soaring rhetoric of hope, he is a prime illustration of how moving this combination can be Jupiter and Neptune formed a conjunction March 2009 and lasted until February 2010, Jupiter entered Aquarius in January 2009, only days before the beginning of another epic time frame when President Obama was inaugurated. Jupiter–Neptune, modified by Aquarius, is progressive, non-denominational, holistic-minded and, yes, it symbolizes change (Aquarius) we want to believe in (Jupiter–Neptune).

The climax of the Uranus– Pluto square December 15, 2014, March 17, 2015 and its gradual separation, will be the dominant configurations for the next 7 months. The Jupiter–Neptune conjunction in Aquarius provides the necessary futuristic imaginings to help us figure out what we want to create while  cataclysmic change unfolds around us.




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