Awareness Deconstructing the Structure of Consciousness, Human Architecture, Personality Makeover, Natural Magic

Changing Consciousness at will is true magic, therefore magic is nothing more than the use of the forces of nature ether, fire, earth, air, water. It is a core belief that nature is the same as GOD., and let us not forget as we deconstruct consciousness that the universal architects created the natural order of creation and the unnatural order of creation.

Knowledge for this time is in rapid change moving humanity toward the need to embrace the enhanced evolutionary capacities available through their individuated consciousness that are currently being underutilized. We are to live life through our own unique design, as our individuated consciousness enters the theatre of the world we each have a part to play and yet we are reminded that our identity in the world is transitory phenomenon in which we have the opportunity if we chose to live out the potential within each of us through strategy and authority through the deconstruction of consciousness.

The structure of this system of consciousness is a map of human potential, and as we deconstruct consciousness we are in real time on the leading edge of human development. The deconstruction of consciousness offers the possibility for each of us to live out the rest of our existence in this time and space on the leading edge of a new human architecture through our unique individuated consciousness with full knowing, truth and wisdom of that which we are which is Awareness which is the ultimate reality. We are to live by the physical forms inner authority while liberating consciousness as we mold and shape our individuated consciousness into a reality of our own choosing instead of the reality that has been imposed upon us by the system of consciousness since birth.

Consciousness may be seen as a frame of electrical charges in motion such as electrons bombarding a television screen; your personality is a time series of these scintillating frames of consciousness.  Your personality which is your 3rd dimensional mask, becomes a reverberating input-output pattern of self creation seeking information or patterns of energy from the environment as well as from its own memories.  The personality in it’s current environment of experiencing mental and physical body as one never recreates itself but creates only a close approximation which is accepted due to the principle of constancy in it’s environment as being the same.

The phenomena of unique individuality and personal continuity depend on erasing old memories and creating new ones.  Consciousness involves the most recent memory and thereby the most subject to erasure and loosening this is why we must let go of the old personality and create a new one that is in the higher order of who we are this is the mutation that is taking place within each of us whether we are conscious of it or not.  It is important to understand that Personality transformation becomes energy pattern modification of not only scintillating consciousness but also of recent circulating memories and older stored memories.

A metaphor which may help explain human experience through which your individuated consciousness has this physical life experience is the vehicle, the passenger, and the driver: The vehicle is the body, the form of consciousness, or in Human Architecture terms, the design of the form. The passenger is the mind or your individuated consciousness, or in Human architecture terms, the personality. The driver is the Magnetic vortex whic h is created in the symmetry between the mind in the brain, and the brain in the  heart. The mind’s job is to be the passenger, to sit in the back seat of the car and look out the windows and observe your life; and express its unique point of view as an outer authority in service to that which you create in your external reality. The form’s job is to be the vehicle, the physical object that moves through space and time; and lives the life. The Magnetic vortex in the hearts job is to be the driver, to take the information from the streams of consciousness to mold and shape it and to guide the vehicle on the correct trajectory or path, much like an internal GPS system.

This combination of the mind as passenger and outer authority, and the form as the vehicle and source for inner authority in decision making, is what provides the potential maximum utilization of your individuated consciousness as you create your reality in this physical world. The experiment by which we are deconstructing consciousness with strategy is what allows the personality or the mind to begin to relax as the passenger while experimenting with the inner authority for decision making is what allows the driver and the vehicle to begin to align with its correct trajectory. Through these tools of strategy and authority, the experience of your individuated consciousness begins to develop and you begin to express your uniqueness.


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