Awareness Deconstructing Consciousness, The Hijacking of the Personality , Alchemical Magic, Transcending the 3rd dimension Imposed Survival Program into Conscious Creation

You have choice to live in the imposed survival program  or live through creative potential which is your divine nature, therefore what are you choosing?

Most of humanity is creating unconsciously due to the low frequency survival program they are immersed in this 3rd dimensional womb matrix. This system of consciousness has humanity operating under a survival program which inhibits their individuated consciousness to really feel, express and experience their creative potential as mind and body are one with their environment which keeps them submerged and consumed by a consensus reality which which is designed to distract and distort the truth  of who the are while believing in a superficial creator God who is simply just the universal architects behind the scenes of the physical world theatre stage using the creative potential of Awareness to perpetrate their artificial system of consciousness forever keeping the truth from the masses that they are being used as a fuel source to further perpetuate their survival program of servitude and slavery to this 3rd dimensional reality womb matrix.

When we become Awareness or no-thing outside of time and space, we gradually no longer create our familiar chemical energy signature that defines our physical 3rd dimensional identity because we begin to transmute that identity because we no longer think and feel the same way. Those neural networks of survival thinking had wired are now turned off, and the personality that was addicted to continually signalling the body to produce stress hormones is gone. The emotional self that lived in survival mode is no longer functioning. The moment that happens, our former identity, the state of being bound by survival based thinking and feeling, is no more. Since we are no longer being the same being emotional energy that has been bound to the body is now free to move.

That energy that once fed the old emotional self  in the form of emotion moves up the body from the lower hormonal centers to the heart area and all of a sudden we feel well, joyful, expanded. We fall in love with our creation when we experience our natural state of being.

With that old energy transmuted into a higher frequency emotion, the body is liberated from the emotional bondage. We are lifted above our environment allowing each of us to experience a whole new landscape. No longer perceiving reality through the lens of the past survival emotions, we see new possibilities. We now become observers and shapers of our destiny.

On this journey to broadcasting a higher frequency we shift our energy and frequencies from the survival emotions to elevated emotions. When anger, shame, or lust are released from the body, they will be transmuted into joy, love, gratitude. On the journey to broadcasting a higher energy, the body which was conditioned to be the mind becomes less of the mind and becomes coherent energy or more coherent current. That is the matter that makes up the body expresses a higher vibratory rate, and we feel more connected to who we are Awareness which is the ultimate reality. We then are in fact demonstrating more of our divine nature.

When your living in the elevated emotion of creation, you feel so lifted that you don’t try to analyze how or when a chosen destiny will arrive. You know that it will happen because you are already experiencing it in mind and body, in thought and feeling. You know that it will, because you feel connected to something greater the Awareness that is you which is the ultimate reality. You are in a state of gratitude because you feel like it already has happened.

To anticipate or analyze when where or how the event will occur would only cause you to return to your old identity. You are in such joy that it’s impossible to try to figure out; that’s only what human beings do when they are living in limited states of survival.

As you immerse yourself in the creative state where you are no longer your identity, the nerve cells that once fired together to form that old self are no longer wiring together . That’s when the old personality is being biologically dismantled. Those feelings connected to that identity, which conditioned the body to the same mind, or no longer signalling the same genes in the same way. The more you overcome your ego, the more the physical evidence of the old personality is changed. The old you is gone.



2 thoughts on “Awareness Deconstructing Consciousness, The Hijacking of the Personality , Alchemical Magic, Transcending the 3rd dimension Imposed Survival Program into Conscious Creation

  1. I really enjoy being able to read your extremely insightful observations more than listening to the videos. Even the typos force me to slow down and really CONSIDER what you are attempting to convey! What a treasure! Even if I’m not so sure as yet what exactly it is I found! 🙂

    1. great then I will leave the typo’s since they are working! Interesting that you find reading better then listening most people find it easier to listen but personally I feel the written word is a bit more effective! Enjoy the treasure as what you have found is simply a reflection of your true essence! many blessings!

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