Awareness Deconstructing Consciousness and the Nature of Evil, What does AWAKE have to do with the Culture of DEATH?

You transcend your 3rd dimensional reality through the portal of the heart that is the gateway that allows you to transcend the speed of light out of this universe so that you can know self as Awareness which is immaterial, no –thing you do not transcend out of Consciousness through the pineal gland that is a deception, it is a part of the process of knowing self as Awareness but if you by that lie then you remain in this con-scious-ness, that is the tricking and deceiving someone through knowledge.  Awareness that is you resides outside of this universe. You have absolutely nothing to do with consciousness. Consciousness is the LIGHT that has seduced your Awareness into this system of Consciousness.

The deconstruction of consciousness is one possibility within all possibilities and probabilities that one can manifest in this system of consciousness, the word con-scious-ness if you dare to break it down and look up the individuated parts means to trick and deceive someone through knowledge. This is the higher level meaning of the word consciousness, it is a word that carries a deep subliminal message and spell. Language is used to deceive you, most words have spells and causes you to distort you reality which is awareness which is the ultimate reality.

I see this system of consciousness separate from myself the personality Kerrace and separate from that which I am as Awareness which is the ultimate reality, and this is important as humanity for the most part experiences consciousness as one with the biological vehical and our environment, submerged in time and space with this 3rd dimensional reality.

When I hear intellectual scholars, authors, and scientists  say we are consciousness evolving to higher levels of consciousness, this is a cue and clue that these individuals are still operating with this system of consciousness not knowing the truth of who they are. It is paramount that we come to recognize the truth and knowing that we are not a soul ,and that as Awareness which is immaterial, or nothing, you are NO THING and you exist outside of this system of consciousness, so you know that whenever you hear anyone talking about consciousness and the soul and that you are consciousness and have a soul and that you are LIGHT because as I have said many times throughout these posts that it is the LIGHT that has seduced you into this system of consciousness, well then you know that those that those who say you are light do not know who they are there is nothing wrong they are not bad they are not telling you lies they just do not know the truth. This goes for all the experts, authors and teachers that you love and admire. They are still caught in the womb matrix of consciousness that is designed only for one to reach higher states of consciousness or to reach enlightenment which is only for a few the chosen in this system of consciousness which is the ultimate LIE.

This system of consciousness is a womb matrix designed to keep you from knowing the truth of who you are while trying to reach higher levels of consciousness.

The universal architect’s did the unthinkable they took your awareness and molded it with their Awareness which is all knowing and wise or wisdom and created a system of consciousness in order to capture Awareness in it’s natural state of paradise. Designed thought, thought process and consciousness along with  biological vehical so that you would forever lose yourself in your body thinking mind and body where one forever submerged in your environment which created the perfect environment for you to forget yourself as Awareness through all the intellectual systems on the planet, fake texts, fake religions, fake narratives and stories that are perpetrated through the media keeping you locked in a low vibratory frequency of amnesia living through a survival program which has been imposed on your from birth leaving you to forever searching for truth in a physical world system that is designed to forever keep you from the knowing and truth of who you are is insanity it’s it’s the energy of evil gleefully at work.

What is interesting is that when I share this type of information it becomes  an assult on my awareness that is the program does not allow for you to know self through the ego consciousness, the condscious mind in the brain, and your five senses which is how most experience this physical world that’s what keeps us submerged in the program of 3rd dimension,  I can only share what I am sharing when I share through the heart space as awareness that is when I have clarity and the program desolves.

We can be influenced by evil itself, since that is itself part of the total creation that we, ourselves are interfacing and part of, So the very first thing to understand about evil is that what we call evil, is the energy of consciousness put in motion simultaneously at the very moment of the manifested creation itself,  what we want to call God or the Source is, itself not perfect.

The creation point is born, relative to what we can call imperfection that is this system of consciousness,  therefore, we have the principles of duality as a direct reflection of that creation once it was set in motion. And relative to that natural law of duality – night/day – male/female – etc., we also have the natural duality in polarity of what we call good – God, and evil. It is simultaneous to the creation point. So we have an energy then, which we can also use the terminology of consciousness, that we can call evil.

Evil and its existence is in fact dependent on the maintenance of all human illusion, all human delusion that is considered reality in this system of consciousness. The existence of evil is dependent on keeping Awareness which is the ultimate reality away from, separate from itself.

Evil will be sustained until the very Source of Awareness itself evolves to its own perfection, at which point there will be no necessity for a manifested creation.

The existence of evil is dependent on the maintenance of separation – separation from Awareness – separation from anything that will allow the person to grow, to improve their self, or to have an active desire to know itself. Evil will always create the opposite reality intended 99 percent of the energy of evil use to be unseen by the majority of humanity however that is no longer the case the power control force plan execute and expose evil at every turn that is why we see more evil on the planet now because the power control force have created an environment of death or culture of death in order to keep humanity forever lost and submerged from the knowing and truth of who and what they are in this system of consciousness.

When you hear people say I am “Awake” when you say I am Awake your implying that you were what asleep the word “Wake”   to become roused from sleep; awake; awaken; here is a deeper meaning of “AWake” is the letter A attached to WAKE  so “A wake” is a ceremony associated with death. Traditionally, a wake takes place in the house of the deceased with the body present; however, modern wakes are often performed at a funeral home can you see the spell now on A WAKE? While the modern usage of the verb “wake” is “become or stay alert”, a “wake” for the dead harks back to the antiquated “watch” or “guard” sense. This is contrary to the misconception that people at a wake are waiting in case the deceased should “wake up.

AWAKE  literally means “death” so what you are really saying is I’m dead, when you say I am awake it’s a subliminal and a very powerful one and that is what the power control force want you to believe that you are spiritually dead, why because that is what they believe you are and why they have created a culture of death. It is important to choose your words, words have spells and it’s the spells that keep you under massive hypnosis.

In closing Imagine if you can, a moment in time in which every human being on our planet – at the same second – simply desired to know self as Awareness which is the ultimate reality because right then and there  the very existence of evil itself would not exist and this is why we deconstruct consciousness so that we can eradicate evil off this planet because your Awareness is more powerful than the evil that perpetrates destruction within this universe and on this planet please know the truth of this.


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