Awareness Deconstructing Consciousness, The Transcendental Path, Super Natural Power, Actualizing Potential, The Evolution of Personality

Awareness is all that exists this is the true reality of who you are, and yet we are all Awareness experiencing life through our individuated consciousness at varying levels and degrees, and yet the Awareness that is you enables the forces of your individuated consciousness to interact in what we call mind or individuated consciousness in the broader sense and it is your individuated consciousness that provides a field of integration of the essential polarities that make up and direct your life.

The consciousness of humanity develops and operates through the constant and perceived consistent organization of culture which is our collective relationship between consciousness and matter.  It is our  culture that provides the foundation and the development of its people, that is through the values of culture, it’s language system, symbols and the numerous paradigms within each culture in which people are born, develop and individualize their consciousness to the level of culture in which they are born which operates as a foundation upon which one can reach higher states of consciousnesses, yet few seldom do; that being said we now stand on the leading edge upon which some of us are passing  from the first stage of individualization of the ego, to collectively as a species  experiencing an organic super natural re-emergence of our inherit capabilities as what some would call superhuman abilities that is blossoming within each of you while simultaneously we are engrossed in an inorganic dystopian metamorphosis of an evolutionary kind.

This metamorphosis is being precipitated through the negative ego that creates our varied experiences by creating conflicting emotions and desires as in order to divert our attention away from our individual and our collective metamorphosis, unfortunately the ego in its negative and fearful state it is able play hide and seek and trick the individuated consciousness that the mind and body are one still bound by the biological animal state leaving you addicted and conditioned by the cultural collective state of your environment,  while the ego state is gradually transferring itself unwillingly and destructively to a higher level of individualization. This graduation of sorts into higher states of being is an individualization based on inclusiveness and interpenetration, rather than hierarchy, exclusiveness and separation which have been and continue for many to be the normal states of the ego consciousness.

Therefore the transformation into this period of transition of the individualization that we are individually and collectively experiencing is a process which is actualized through the first step that is the separation of the ego consciousness, now because the ego consciousness is developed and bound at the biological level as each generation is born into their reality, that is born into a growing matrix therefore we are seamlessly and intimately integrated assimilated into this physical world system.  However from our biological standpoint this is not a particularly pleasant situation, and yet people get very excited about life, but in all honesty the characteristics of life is basically one of to eat or be eaten, that is one species consuming the other through what I call a parasitic dynamic, and this happens all the time, it is a part of life itself. That is life is the most ruthless principle operation embedded by and through the conflict of duality and yet we are attracted to life, we are in fact heavily addicted to life, and we want to perpetuate life at all costs.

Now the power control force attempt to control every aspect of your individuated consciousness and your biological vehicle through your culture and all the social codes that exist within your culture this is why cultures are so heavily based on the restricting of biological possibilities, so that only a few can progress, I did not say escape that happens when you transcend consciousness altogether out of this universe,  while the majority of humanity devolves, therefore if you want to evolve you must stop indulging your individuated consciousness  and your biological vehicle by being caught up in ritualized habitual patterns of thought, while still inhabiting, maintaining and moving within your collective structures, as you simultaneously progress into a more individualistic process of becoming  a whole person, which will allow you to pass from one state of your biology into a new state, whereby you transcend your environment, and then ultimately beyond your individuated consciousness into Awareness which is the ultimate reality.

What many can vividly see is that we are now faced with the possibility of taking positive steps in this period of transition on our physical world stage,  moving from the old the paradigm of limited consciousness, to a state of super biological, super cultural and to some extent super physical  (meaning more etheric and less dense physically). We now have the capacity at this stage in our conscious evolution to reach a stage where humanity as a whole, the planet earth as a whole can achieve more then we have in the millions of years, because the universe the planet earth and each individuated consciousness holds within it the blueprint for the natural order of creation.

And what is echoing through the halls of antiquity is that every being has the opportunity to reach its individuated state of selfhood now, but then again that has always been the case. Allowing each of us to accelerate our evolution by entering into the process of a path which will lead each person, if successful into a state of Awareness whereby obtaining, a special relationship with the rest of humanity.  Now the relationship to some extent is witnessed and hinted throughout all religions by the fact that this is a path of discipleship, and I know that people get taken back by the word discipleship. However what discipleship essentially means is the period of transition, a process of transition which requires two aspects of self within a human being, expressing its individuated consciousness having its life experiences through the biological vehicle, that is one aspect of the being who is trying to ascend to its Awareness state and the other aspect of the being who is acting as a “transhuman” being to help guide your individuated consciousness as you are a multidimensional being that is symmetrically rising toward a state of Awareness whether one realizes it or not. That being said the disciple also needs examples of others who have chosen the path and traversed the path as examples, because it seems that human beings seem reluctant to do anything until they can imagine it at first, therefore it is necessary for each of us to imagine what we are supposed to become that is our highest potential, so that others on the path can be projections of what we can become. Your astrological blueprint holds the information encoded within you as to your relationship to the universe and your physical life experience. Your astrological blueprint will reveal to you the relationship between you and the universe and how to actualize your potential in this lifetime.

We must also take into consideration that humanity is a coloured species with numerous hues and shades in it’s multiplicity, therefore the path of discipleship is always started from different points of view.  We must understand that we each will go through a process of disorientation, dissolution and emergence as we embark on our path of evolution and as we develop into our evolving personality, and through our individual experience and metamorphosis, we will come to understand that the process provides us with a new sense of relationship with ourselves, which enhances our relationships with others in different ways and allows us to meet those who are in alignment with who we are becoming allowing each of us to attract into our life a new kind of response in our relationships.

Although the process may be the same for each of us there are different ways to guide us through the path, however the beauty of the path is that you can start from where you are, as every individual enters the path from where he or she currently is. The path calls upon that which came before this is really what the transcendental life is all about the concept of being beyond the universe yet still existing within it, and yet it is still very difficult for people because the word transcendental has been used so much and yet it is beyond personality in a mystical sense, you are a transcendental being, and if you are using your personality to take you to the next step on your evolutionary path in this lifetime, and you start on the path from a position of equilibrium, or stability it rarely provides the appetite for transcendence. It  can be very boring as your personality is being used to provide the change necessary for you to take the next step and that is why it is not until we are in our darkest moment will we even consider the path. We must remember it’s a right of passage, it is a right in the sense that from the point of view of humanity as a whole it is a structured process, and yet it is a process that has to start from where you are and anything or person that helps you by example to take that initial step whatever it may be should be considered an initiatory activity.

If we look at the basic process of what we are undertaking at this time in humanity it is insurmountable metamorphosis in which we are experiencing as a complete radical transformation of consciousness individually and collectively, along with physical world, biological forms and social structures we are engrossed is a mutation of our species and planetary, solar and universal body.

Therefore this has all the implications of being who you truly are, and how you relate to other people, humanity and more importantly, how you relate to yourself and this is all included in your individual metamorphosis.  From your point of  view you can see the process as walking on the path as an individual decision you have made as a matter of choice and responsibility, and yet in an essential way it as planetary relationship, meaning  your entire culture is engaged  in the process, that is your entire culture comes to see it in you, that is as you walk through life an aspect of yourself is detaching itself from the past it severs itself from the womb matrix, as the whole planet is operating through you in a small way which allows you to take a small step, and you are never alone as this is the great illusion of what mystics call the night of the soul, the feeling that you are alone, because you are taking the path as a part of humanity is because humanity is taking the path, it is humanity that is passing through a state of lower consciousness into higher consciousness in a certain way it is a ritualized process in that it has very definite stages  which are being followed despite the fact that most of humanity is unaware of the evolutionary  process or the stage of planetary development that it is undertaking.

Therefore when we have as many people as possible organize all their potential to experience it’s  decent into the ultimate transfiguration of the individuals highest potential into humanity will enable humanity to accept the ascension and symbolic crucifixion which happens at the moment of transfiguration these are all ideas that you must feel within yourself and conceive within yourself that is the image of who you are becoming,  and then the will within yourself will come into alignment to that which you are becoming allowing that which you are to metamorphosize and manifest through you. That is your biological vehicle becomes the instrument through which you highest potential manifests.

It may be difficult to consider what the higher aspects or our potential for this lifetime could be other than what we are currently experiencing, especially when we are in that dark chaotic materialistic culture to which we are very much attached too whether we realize it or not, but for humanity as a whole the process  now is a process that started in a new sense some 2, 300 years ago, and now we are in an accelerated period of possibilities for humanity, that is to transmute itself from the past through you. Yes you! You may be one of those channels in which an accelerated transmutation is taking place. And the way you know this is possible is because of the very fact that your world outside of you, your culture your society is actually disintegrating is what makes it possible, the disintegration is what is allowing the seed to be released within you. Let us not be fooled by the greatness of material success and all that society bestows on us it is never a matter of quantity, of who has more of this or that your value does not equate to what you have it is the quality of your character that is most important and what will be venerated and remembered by all long after you leave this physical earth.

Do not think about whether you are valuable enough, or that others are more valuable than you this is not the issue, because that is the deceptive program within this system of consciousness that keeps you from the truth of who you are as Awareness which is the ultimate reality. It is merely a question of intensity of desire to experience your realization of self-hood as Awareness. If you feel that you are compelled by the push behind you, despite many successive near successes and failures then you know that the pressure is built up enough and that this is your destiny and your spiritual desire, but you must be aware of it because that awareness is a very essential nature in the human species that is required to help you become aware of how you can make this life a success despite the chaos in the world around you.


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