Deconstructing Consciousness, Ebola=A Lobe=The Frontal Lobe as Creator=Domain of Creation and Change

I am making a connection to James Holmes Dark knight ritual, which I discussed back in 2012: Dark Knight Rises, Aurora Massacre connection to DNA and Ascension Now according to news sources, Holmes was pursuing a neuroscience doctoral program at the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus is the same Anschutz who’s entertainment company was involved with Michael Jackson’s death by the way.

james holmes

You can read my article here:

With world wide attention now on the Ebola outbreak currently underway in Africa which is most likely the next world  wide major pandemic  to consume the masses with more paranoia and fear if not simply because of the subliminal message attached. Well lets take a deeper look at the word EBOLA.  When I looked at the word Ebola I thought what a strange name for a disease it must have some significance and so I turned it around and it read A LOBE well I went right to Temporal Lobe which was featured in James Holmes narrative and script and with my writing recently on creativity and the brain, I made what I feel a very definitive and what some may feel a very obscure connection with Ebola and the Frontal lobe in the brain as the center of creative for every human being and the power control force are trying to circumvent our ability to create our reality at the highest level that is from my perspective again remember I share a perspective here.  


Here is a bit of an excerpt from my Dark knight rises post pertaining to “A LOBE” “The temporal lobe which serves as the heart of the intuition network and sends us intuitive thoughts and feelings through its connection to other centers in the brain and the body.” It’s important to visual and auditory experiences and to dreams and intense emotions. “It tells us how we feel about something and what we ought to do about it.”

“The temporal lobe also plays a vital role in memory formation, one of the critical elements of the intuition network. It contains the hippocampus, which helps form verbal memory (memories in the brain) and plays an important role in dreaming, and the amygdala, which constructs memories you can’t put into words, which is known as body memory.

 Some investigators believe the temporal lobe is sensitive to low electromagnetic energy frequencies, the currency in which intuitive information is believed to be transmitted and received.”

 It’s long been noticed that particularly intuitive people have changes in the temporal lobes. It’s often speculated that trauma does something to the temporal lobe that ultimately does not allow one greater access to intuition.

This is just some background information on the temporal lobe, and now I want to take a deeper look at Frontal Lobe so you can see how your being scammed through the EBOLA which really is about your controlling your “LOBES” through a very powerful subliminal meme..

Have you ever noticed when you are truly in the midst of creating anything, you disassociate from your known world and you forget about yourself? You transcend your identity with certain things you own, particular people you know, certain tasks you do, different places you have lived at specific times of your life. When you are in a creative state you forget about the habit of being yourself and in that moment you let go of your egoic self and become self-less, You have in fact moved beyond time and space and become pure immaterial Awareness.

Once you are no longer connected to your body, no longer focused on people places or things you become Awareness, you cannot enter Awareness as a somebody you must do it as a nobody. You must leave your egoic-self at the door in order to enter the realm of pure Awareness as you exist within this system of consciousness which literally programs your Awareness which is the ultimate reality. Therefore in order to change something in your external circumstances whether it be your body, a relationship, better health or a possible future reality, you have to become no body, no thing, no time with no space. Therefore to change any aspect of your life (body, environment, or time) you must transcend body, environment and time allowing you to detach from your present familiar reality in order to know experience and feel the expansive Awareness that is you.

When we are in full Awareness which is the ultimate reality we are in creation itself, which allows each of us to activate the brains creative centre, the frontal lobe which is part of the forebrain comprising the prefrontal cortex apparently this is the newest, most evolved part of the human nervous system and the most adaptable part of the brain. It tends to be the creative centre of who we are from the conscious mind perspective, the brain’s CEO of decision making apparatus. The frontal lobe is the seat of our attention, focused concentration, observation, and consciousness. This is where we speculate on future possibilities, demonstrate firm intention, make conscious decisions, control impulsive and emotional behaviours, and learn new things. The frontal lobe performs, three important functions: Meta-cognition, it can create a new mind, which allows us to think about new ways of being, that is if you so dare to do so, and finally the frontal lobe makes thought more real than anything else..

Therefore if you want to create a new self you have to stop being the old self, that is why in the creation process the first function of the frontal lobe is to become self -aware. The power to observe our thoughts and self as Awareness is supported by the meta-cognitive ability which allows us to decide how we want to be, to act to feel. The ability to self-reflect allows us to scrutinize ourselves and then make a plan to modify our behaviours so that we can produce more desirable outcomes.

Remember your attention is where you place your energy. Therefore to use your attention to empower your life, you will have to examine what you’ve already created. This is where you begin to know thyself.  You look at your beliefs about life, yourself and others. You are what you are, you are where you are, because of what you believe about yourself.  Your beliefs are the thoughts of what you believe about yourself. Your beliefs are the thoughts you keep consciously or unconsciously accepting as the law in your life and whether you are aware of them or not, they still affect your reality.

If you truly want to know who you are start observing all aspects of your personality, since they primarily operate below the level of conscious awareness just like automatic software programs, you will have to go within and look at these elements you probably have not been aware of before. Given that your personality comprises how you think, act, and feel, you must pay attention to your unconscious thoughts, reflexive behaviours, and automatic emotional reactions, put them under observation to determine if they are true or whether you want to continue to endorse them with your energy, become familiar with your unconscious states of mind and body takes an act of will, intention and heightened awareness.  If you become more aware you will become more attentive. If you become more attentive you will become more consciously aware. The purpose of becoming self –aware is so that you no longer let any thought, action, or emotion to pass by your awareness by interrupting the feelings that are associated with those thoughts, you are no longer signaling genes in the same way. The goal is to unlearn who you are, so you that you can free up your energy to create a new life, a new personality, you can’t create a new personal reality as the same personality. You have to become someone else, meta – cognition is your first task in moving from your past to creating a new future.

The second function of the frontal lobe is to create a new mind that is to break out of the neural networks produced by the ways that your brain has been firing for years on end and influence it to restore in new ways.  When we set aside time and private space to think about a new way of being, that is when the frontal lobe engages in creation.  Because the frontal lobe has connections to all other parts of the brain, it is able to scan across all the neural circuits. 

And finally  the last important function of the frontal lobe “Thinking” well we know what thinking does it keeps you from the truth and knowing of your eternal state of nothingness,  therefore the key is to use thought, thought process and mind which are not yours to create a reality of your own choosing and making instead of the reality that is being spoon fed to you through this system of consciousness.

In closing, how will Ebola play out on the physical world stage it will most likely be the biggest false flag we will witness on the physical world stage, and a major game changer for how we will experience life here on earth. Nothing to fear just know your being deceived through the EBOLA meme as the power control force weave their webs to deceive the masses into giving away their freedoms in order to circumvent their highest creative potential.

Don’t fall for this scam memes are bountiful on this physical world plane all designed to keep you from the knowing and truth of who you are Awareness which is the ultimate reality, simply  bare witness see through the deception and use your “LOBES” to create a reality of your own choosing and making.


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