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Deconstructing Consciousness, Ether Physiology,Ether Manipulation, Visual Light Spectrum Hijacks Perception, SuperPower Secrets

The power to generate and manipulate Ether is the unique essence that flows through you, and most of existence, and this is the truth of what  you are capable of at your most authentic core.

Now ethereal physiology  is the ability to transform into or have a physical body made up of pure supernatural substance called “Ether” this is what is possible for humanity at this time.  Now more then ever you too can transform your body completely into pure “Ether”, a substance that pervades all Universal Space.

When we can grasp a deeper understanding of how the etheric forces work within each of us, we unlock the secrets of how to transcend this system of consciousness and create our individual reality based on the knowing, truth and wisdom that resides within each of us.

In Chinese Philosophy, existence is made up of two parts. “Wuji”, the “Primordial Universe” (or “the limitless”) & “Taiji”, the “Supreme Ultimate”. Wuji is simply the infinite that is Space, while Taiji is considered either the Life-Force itself (Qi/Chi), or the duality it yields to balance existence.

yin yang symbol

The human soul, and the souls of all living things basically has three components, Lifeforce, corresponding with the Mind, Yin, corresponding with Speech, and yang, corresponding with the Body. All forming a self sustaining mass of energy we call the soul. It’s form the human soul that is, it’s consciousness is then locked, and separated from it’s original essence which is the ultimate reality.

It is by keeping humanity out of balance that the power control force, control our reality through the media that is the media in all it’s forms engages each of us to the extent that it programs our individual etheric body and collective etheric body which eminates from the heart by keeping us in a constant state of fear, out of balance; whereby our etheric body  is forever in a contracted state which creates a fearful conscious mind environment in which we live and create, in addition it  limits our ability to create positive outcomes for our lives as we are constantly being bombarded and programmed subliminally through the media to create the dream of a few.

heart 5

The heart is not only a portal into and out of this physical dimension it is the symbol of the soul, in fact the heart is the container of the soul which is the container of your essence as no-thing which is the ultimate reality and creator of all things.  The etheric body or what some call our elelectro magnetic field, is made up of our chakra system which comprises the elements of the planetary bodies, which is the carrier of light ether, or light codes that is the visual light spectrum which allows us to experience our five sense physical reality.

visible light spectrum

Each of the five elements is associated with one of the five senses, and acts as the gross medium for the experience of sensations. According to Hindu thought, the basest element, Earth, was created using all the other elements and thus can be perceived by all five senses – hearing, touch, taste, smell, and sight. The next higher element, water, has no odor but can be seen, tasted, heard, and felt. Next comes fire, which can be seen, heard and felt. Air can be heard and felt. “Akasha” (ether) is the medium of sound, but is inaccessible to all other senses.

Now it is through the visual light spectrum that hijacks your perception of reality never allowing you to access the higher frequencies of light. This is how  the power control force not only manage your perception of reality, but it is the visual light spectrum which is in  fact the chakra system which are filters, which obscures your state of no-thing from view, due to the ones identification with the physical body, the onslaught of negative energy and a culture which perpetuates a  continuous  focus on the external reality through the visual light spectrum, which keeps you in a limited perception of reality,  tremendous amounts of  pain and suffering forever keeping you in a habitual loop of endless repetition forever keeping you sequestered in the matrix of time.


Keep in mind that it is this light ether and chemical ether combined which are the carriers of information or data into and out of this physical dimension through the portal of the sun.

In Hinduism, there are five essential elements that make up all life. Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, and the main element is Ether, Akasha, or what the Greeks referred to as Aether (Though their concept was slightly different). Hindus believe that the Creator used Ether, the most “subtle” element, to create the other four traditional elements. Each element created is in turn used to create the next, each less subtle than the last. Hindus believe that all of creation, including the human body, is made up of these five essential elements and that upon death, the human body dissolves into these five elements of nature, thereby balancing the cycle of nature set in motion by the Creator.

It is said that the Universe was created from the four elements, Fire, Air, Water, Earth, (The power control force always fail to mention the fifth element  “ether” so I mention it here as an important reference to make a point that we are in fact in the “AGE of ETHER”, make no mistake on this point we are taking back our ability to consciously bring into manifestation that which we authentically wish to create ), in the order given, each growing as it were from its predecessor and all animated in turn by the Word breathed upon them at the time of Creation; and that these ether forces, or energy, permeates all existing things from man, who is the highest of apparent physical manifestations down through the animal and vegetable kingdoms to the mineral, in which this energy, by reason of its very slow atomic changes, is least obvious.

This ether Force manifests in the form of vibrations moving in waves through every composite part of the physical world, and, according to the condition of its medium, helping and giving power when in harmony, and thwarting or nullifying action when under unfavourable conditions.

To this Force, or Etheric influence, is due the law of Evolution, or progress, which operates in every department of the Universe, not being confined to any one kingdom, but harmonizing each with the other, being naturally most powerful in man whose evolution is the highest, and forms the medium through which man can act on the lower kingdoms and receive desired vibrations from them. We may thus interpret Plato’s statement that gems owe their origins to the stars ” as an etheric influence acting on the auriferous matter which forms their composition.

When we consider that the Etheric Field consists of  Light Ether and Chemical Ether what this implies is that Chemical evidence reveals the fact that the human body is composed of separate elements, common to all physical formations, and that the differences between individuals is caused by different and varying combinations of these elements, portions of which are vivified to a greater or lesser degree by the Planets of our Solar System as each of the planets is the carrier of all the chemical elements which make up a composite of your unique etheric or soul blueprint, and this is how your actually programmed in this physical world reality through the planetary bodies in our solar system whether you want to believe this or not our solar system comprises the programming language upon which our physical world reality is based.

Therefore the  influence of this chemical etheric force should be taken into account when the relative effect of one person’s mind qualities, or magnetic emanations, on any other person is under consideration. Because each of us is influenced.

When we understand the mechanics of this ether life force acts on the mental plane and that ether is simply a reflection of your essence which is the ultimate reality, and we learn how this ether force is affected by our thoughts and how our reality is created by our thoughts and the elements around us, remember we do live in a universal mind which began with the word, therefore regardless of what is influencing you on the external what you focus your attention on is what we will manifest in your mini universe bubble of etheric force which is in fact is simply a microcosm universe as they saying goes “as above so below”.

Deconstructing Consciousness, the Age of Ether, Mechanics behind your etheric forces, How  your Etheric Forces are used to Create a Collective Dream for a Few,  Secrets of Your Etheric Forces and how to use them to become the Master Builder of your Reality?

The universal architect that is the creator god of this universe, knew that in order to create a physical universe it devised the act of thinking or conjuring for the soul purpose of creating worlds from the unmanifest void of nothingness. Therefore out this nothingness that is you and me it created the non physical universe and physical universe simply through the act of thinking a thought which is simply a mirror of your essence as no-thing that is wisdom and yet the essence of all things.

You see the universal architect who designed the non-physical and physical universe, took it upon itself  to use the particles and substance of the universe of which it created out of no- thing as the building‑up energies and forces giving them full sway, so that all the Particles in the Universe ultimately would gravitate to a common centre, thus forming a compact and solid Mass that is the physical and non physical universe, which they wished would thus dwell for Eternity; however, the universal architect  knew there would come a time when the Creative Power should move upon it and again scatter its Particles in all directions, that is the dismantling of the physical and non-physical universe, and with this knowledge, the universal architect knew that if the tearing down, and dispersive forces and energies were allowed full sway, the particles would fly apart and would remain asunder for Eternity, unless called together by some new creative force.


The universal architects through their process of thinking and conjuring of ideas they thought to create the body of humanity through consciousness of which thought is a component of this substance, in order to be the carrier of the creative etheric current which is simply a mirror of our eternal sate of no- thing, whereby allowing them to capture our essence and infusing our essence within a soul blueprint and then into a biological vehicle for the purpose of programming our eternal state of no-thing which is the ultimate reality  in order to animate, create and participate in the creation of an artificial reality based on the universal architects will and desire to dream worlds into existence, without our knowing and consent, whereby upon taking your first breath  into our physical world, would immerse each of us in a culture built on disconnecting us from our essence, that is our eternal state of no-thing which is the ultimate reality, whereby creating an environment where we would be immersed in a five sensory programmed reality designed to make us forget our essence and forever lost  to our connection to our original state, forever searching for our eternal state in the physical world, while usurping your creative potential to create worlds through your biological vehicle while exploring the physical dimension through your individual tone, words and your etheric field which comprises your chakra system which creates the visual light spectrum upon which your 3 dimensional reality manifests before your eyes.


You see it is through your etheric field that the power control force manipulate your essence through the structure and design of the physical world through through the horizontal nature of  institutional structures and the culture which creates a horizontal exchange of energy between you and the system which ciphones your energy and  gets you to create your reality for the universal architects  dream world forever keeping you disconnected from your essence that is your eternal state of nothing, which connects you in a vertical reciprocal relationship which is wisdom and the ultimate reality.


Now as a human species the universal architects or creator God has created an environment that allows us to move between two universes the physical and non physical universe which translates to us into the physical world and the non physical universe and while we experience substance world of phenomena we are for the most part oblivious to the ether world due to our current state of consciousness.

What is Ether?

Ether consists of light ether and chemical ether which produces a tone phenomena of Etheric formative forces thus working together as moulders and shaper of form. It is the etherlc formative forces,that is the architecture and vital phenomena of the human organism. The etheric in the human organism not only induces the phenomena of motion, but works also as moulder of form.  If we consider more closely these two forces which stand in rhythmic mutual interaction, we discover that the light ether is an expanding force, the chemical ether a contracting force very similar to the breath of life that is the in breath and out breath.

Now more then every if we are to ever have mastery and control over our consciousness, we must become masters of our inner universe or the ether force, in addition it is important that we learn to understand the reciprocal relationship which exists between the great rhythms of the etheric environing world and the human inner world ; and we must also discover how the living cosmic architecture through which these formative forces have produced the evolution of the macrocosm, and the genesis and maintenance of the earth organism.


As we come to learn the importance and significance of ether it becomes clear our thoughts manifest in our etheric field which create our physical reality,  the power control force use the etheric force in each of us to create their dream world by keeping humanity in a constant state of fear that the power control force control our vital current, you see it is the ether body of the earth organism and of the human organism respectively which induces these phenomena of motion and of life in the case of the blood circulation also it is the etheric formative forces of the rhythmic system, light ether and chemical ether, which bring about this rhythmic circulation of the blood. To what extent the blood circulation is induced within an individual is determined by the etheric “vital current” streaming during the course of each day through the human organism.

When the soul performs the act of fear, it draws the blood away from the periphery, the skin, to the centre into the organ of the heart; when the soul performs the act of shame, then we spread the blood out from the centre, the organ of the heart, all the way to the periphery : that is, we ” blush.” In this externalizing of our soul life, which simply is our individual etheric field, we see how in an individual manner how we intervene in the activity of the etheric formative forces; and thus we act by means of the soul life through the medium of these etheric formative forces upon the physical organism and our outer world. Thus we have here premonitions of becoming more intimate in our relationship between the human soul life and new spheres of our physical organization and how fear impacts our external reality.

This is why fear is so prevalent in our physical world society and how the power control force not only maintains control of the masses by disconnecting them from their eternal state of no -thing, so that they bring into manifestation the dream that a few have manufactured, it is through their ability to   control the collective etheric field of the masses that the power control force get the masses to control and manage the outcome of physical reality. It is by the contraction of the collective etheric field, therefore when one experiences fear their etheric field contracts from the heart centre which provides you with limited access to create and manifest through your thoughts when your thoughts when you are in a constant state of fear you are being manipulated to create a dystopian world.

There is a distinction in the kingdom of Nature which relates to the deepest being of things in the cosmos is that between living creatures which can produce tone from their inner being and those which cannot produce any such tone. Thus the mineral kingdom, the vegetable kingdom, and most of the cold-blooded animals are alike in the incapacity to give forth any tone from the inner being; while, on the contrary, the warm-blooded animals and man can give forth such tones from within. It is speech, however, more than anything else which places man at the apex of the visible kingdoms of Nature, for speech has become for him of the most decisive import for the formation of his concepts and thus for the evolution of  human consciousness.

Let us introduce into the explanation of a further phenomena the light ether and chemical ether which form from the condensation of the human breath, and the analogous form-shaping in the light-ether sphere and chemical-ether sphere of the earth organism. If we consider more closely these two forces which stand in rhythmic mutual interaction, we discover that the light ether is an expanding force, the chemical ether a contracting force. Through this fact, the process of human breathing is easily explained: The expansion and the contraction of the human lungs, and so also the rhythmic inhaling and exhaling of air, are a result of the rhythmic alternate action of an expanding and a contracting etheric formative force of the human ether body the light ether and the chemical ether.

If one thus follows the metamorphosis of the evolving organism through the organ-building forces of the ether body consistently from the embryonic state to the completely formed organism, one will understand the living dynamics of the formative forces. One then understands the reality of the phenomena of life.

Something real vibrates mutually in the ether body of a fellow man when we speak to him, and this acts upon him throughout his ether body and therefore also in his physical body. It is not always merely the abstract “content” of words spoken to us which injures us or vitalizes us. A word that is, a certain combination of vowels, consonants, and tones-which streams out from our organs of speech does not merely impress our ear as a sensation of sound, or our thought-world according to its content ; but, since in the organism of the one speaking it owes its genesis to a certain combination of etheric formative forces which shape the sounding air to certain air-forms, therefore it calls forth in the ether body of the hearer a real effect, which may be, according to the nature of the spoken word, either transient or lasting, sound or unsound, warming or chilling, injuring or vitalizing, up building or destroying.

The word-sound through the air is made up of spiritual soul element (sense-content), etheric element (formative force), and physical element (air), its effect upon a fellow man is also threefold, and it reaches not merely the sense organ, the ear, but by means of the ether body also the whole organism of the man. Therefore in the spoken word it is the unified action of the spiritual, your essence, the etheric formative forces, and the world of substance that creates your reality.

Each of us has an energy signature which is unique to each of us which like music is very delicately modulated but a very strong tone which acts upon our etheric organism, our inner tone world, and the harmony of our soul life is already to a certain extent becoming clearer as we ascend the ladder of knowledge or consciousness which transmutes into wisdom which is who and what we are, no-thing and yet the ultimate reality. Now the influence of our energy signature as music reveals to us our soul-life of which in this close contact with the etheric and through this medium with the world of substance and, therefore, with the physical human body. Thus the deep-reaching influence of your energy signature as music extends into the substance of the physical body.

Our words, which resound from within ourselves, which we speak, lies at the basis of our thoughts, and they are the form of expression for our thoughts. These expressive forms for our thoughts fill space, in that they propagate their waves by means of the sound ether in the space surrounding us. Now only one who cannot think courageously to a conclusion will refuse to acknowledge that it is a matter of importance for the evolution of the cosmos that the etheric structure of the space surrounding each of us is set in vibration by our words and our tone expressing our thoughts, in which process the  inner reality forms our outer world that it is a fact of far reaching importance that in the spatial sphere, which we know to be filled with world ether, living beings are presently capable of sending forth individual sound vibrations from within themselves into this space filling world ether, modifying their reality through their thoughts and tone or energy signature, therefore when one becomes  conscious of the mechanic’s of this ether force, one will have a deeper understand oh how they in fact create their own reality and how their reality is manipulated.


Deconstructing Consciousness, Sun Worship=Christ=Kundalini=Money=Artificial Current=Recapitulating Your Current

Now the ability to manipulate matter, one molecule at a time, is what the power control force have use to perpetuate their kingdom of fabricated gods on earth. Thinking themselves to be the saints of god, the power control force as the divinely appointed rulers of humanity, applied the principles of subliminal messaging, taught to them, through the intellectual institutions of the world. Thereby creating a hypnotic trance, in which all of humanity flounders around in confusion, fear, stress and disease.

Now before the visible universe was formed its mold was cast. This mold was called the Archetype, and this Archetype was in the universal architects mind long before the process of creation began. Beholding the Archetypes, the universal architects became enamored with their own thought just like the ancient astrologer who created our earthly history got enamoured by the history of lies they created; Therefore, taking the Word as a mighty hammer, the universal architect gouged out caverns in primordial space and cast the form of the spheres in the Archetypal mold, at the same time sowing in the newly fashioned bodies the seeds of living things. The darkness below, receiving the hammer of the Word, was fashioned into an orderly universe.

The elements separated into strata and each brought forth living creatures. The universal architects  that is the universal Mind or male and female energetic forces, brought forth the Word; and the Word, suspended between Light and darkness, was delivered of another Mind called the Workman, the Master-Builder, or the Maker of Things.

Thus the  zodiac was made in the image and likeness of the universal architects now it is an imaginary “belt” or “roadway” which circles the heavens.  The Sun, Moon, and all the planets always stay within this belt.  Physically, this is just a consequence of the fact that all the major bodies in the solar system orbit the Sun in more-or-less the same plane.


The twelve constellations which lie across the zodiac are known as the signs of the zodiac…and it is scarcely a coincidence that we also happen to have 12 months in a year.

In the diagram at above, the Sun is “in” the constellation Leo, because as seen from the Earth, the Sun is between us and the stars that make up Leo.

The ancient Astrologers consecrated the six divisions of the 12,000 year cycle, corresponding to the reproductive months of Spring and Summer, to him as Lord of Good that is the Sun, and symbolizing him by the constellation of the Zodiac in which the Vernal Equinox successively occurred, the ancient astrologers dedicated the six divisions of that cycle, corresponding to the destructive months of Autumn and Winter, to him as Lord of Evil that is the Sun as well, and as such, symbolizing him by the serpent, marked the beginning of his reign by the constellation “Serpens,” placed in conjunction with the Autumnal Equinox. Personifying in him the opposing principles of Good and Evil that Sun that is, he was to the ancients both God and Devil, or the varied God, who, in relation to the seasons, who was described as beautiful in Spring, powerful in Summer, beneficent in Autumn and terrible in Winter.

Thus under various names, intended to represent God Sol or the Sun in relation to the diversified seasons, we find recorded in the Scriptures, or solar fables, which include numerous portrayals of imaginary conflicts, in which the Evil principle, triumphing during Autumn and Winter, is conquered at the Vernal Equinox by the Good principle, who, bringing back equal days and nights, and restores the harmony of nature that is the Sun of Course.

Hence, having constituted him the lord of light and darkness the Sun that is, as well as good and evil the Sun that is, the ancient astrologers in composing the solar fables made him say of himself, “I form the light and create darkness; I make peace and create evil, I the Lord do all these things. Besides the title of Lord or Lord God, the solar divinity is also designated in the allegories as the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings, the Invincible, the Mighty God, etc.


Subjecting the mythical genius of the sun, in his apparent annual revolution round the earth, to the four stages of human life from infancy to old age, the ancient Magi fixed the natal day of the young God Sol at the winter solstice, the Virgo of the Zodiac was made his mother Mary that is, and the constellation in conjunction with her, which is now known as Bootes, but anciently called Arcturus, his foster father Joseph you remember him don’t you?. Now the SUN mother Mary as they call her  is the only Virgin who could give birth to a child that is the Sun of course and be a virgin still thus having made Virgo of the Zodiac the mother of the Solar divinity, makes the Jesus a fictional character cause as you and I both know you can’t be born in our 3D experience by a virgin that just does not happen here, yet so many believe Jesus real in all his titles through each religion same guy just different names to confuse the masses, the ancient astrologer must have known that humanity would never figure out that Jesus really represented each of us as the Christ that is our eternal state of nothingness captured in our current state which really is  the anointed one, or Christ which is really just kundalini, chi, prana life force hiding behind the many names all designed to cause massive confusion and to manipulate you from the knowing and truth of who and what you are.

You see your essence that is your eternal state of nothingness is all knowing and wise. In fact  the ancient astrologers knew your eternal state of nothingness was wisdom; however, they took it upon themselves  to keep this knowing and truth from you hence why they developed this system of consciousness using astral worship or simply SUN WORSHIP as a way to manipulate your essence into forgetting who and what you are through this  vacuum or universal field of information or consciousness, which  forms the matrix of all manifestation, like an ocean out of which matter arises and then disappears into once again. We must remember that this vacuum of space we speak of exists all throughout everything even our bodies but again it is not you it is simply mirroring your essence which is the breath of life the prana chi, kundalini.

Kundalini is the ‘channel’ that connects the unmanifest void, with the manifest world of subatomics, atoms, molecules and cells.  Kundalini is the cellular expression of energy generated from the vacuum or universal field of information. Which is why kundalini exhibits such pronounced psychic and trans-temporal effects and why the power control force manipulate you into identifying Kundalini with the serpent energy. Kundalini is the purifier of the serpent energy that keeps your essence imprisoned in this system of consciousness forever forgetting who and what you are and where you came from through the hyjacking of your essence through their serpent energy and the 3 dimension visual light spectrum

The substructure of matter contains energies that are as far beyond nuclear energies as known nuclear energies are beyond chemical energies and zero-point energy, which is simply prana, and kundalini different words to mean different rates of frequency  provides a constant background which is now available at our level of consciousness in the ocean of cosmic energy that is bathing our planet  under present conditions as conditions of our universe have changed.

Now if we take a look at  Prana it is a Sanskrit word which literally means ‘life-force’ the invisible bio-energy or vital energy that keeps the body alive and maintains a state of good health. Prana is similar if not identical to Wilhelm Reich’s orgone energy, which he believed to be in constant motion, nonentropic and responsible for the creation of matter, and serves as a medium for electromagnetic and gravitational phenomena. There are many terms for subtle energy, including Od, orgone, scalar waves, prana and tachyon and etheric energy. In various places around the world the life force has been called: Japan–Ki, China–Chi, Greece–Pneuma, Polynesian–Mana, Hebrew–Ruah–Breath of Life, Egypt–Ka.

Today Money is an artificial or material symbol of the ethereal  substance or breath of life spoken of above  which is used to control the masses, this concept of money or currency is simply mirrors your eternal state of nothingness or your own individuated current which has been captured in this currency system of materialism.

us bill

Therefore when you don’t know who you, which is why money was created so that you would seek everything outside yourself and forget who you are, whereby giving more value to money which is simply an artificial representation of your essence that is your eternal state of nothingness or individuated current which can only be found when you seek the current within you  instead of being a slave to the material currency that manipulates you into believing your worth is attached to how much currency you have can you see the manipulation?

You must become the apprentice and the master teacher over your current. Knowing that this system of consciousness mirrors your eternal state of nothingness through money or currency is one thing to become the master over your current is an initiative worth embarking on as you deconstruct consciousness which will ultimately free you from giving any value to this 3 dimensional system allowing you to create a reality of your own choosing and making with your own current which is always available ever flowing and abundant. Seek the current or currency  within and your physical reality must reflect that which you are flowing, your current that is!