Deconstructing Consciousness, Ether Phenomena in Physicality=Creation, Unplugging Matrix of Your Chakra System =Manifestation of Rarefied Reality

Ether is our real primary and permanent instrument of creation. There is an intricate connection with the Ether body which houses  our essence as no -thing in that ether mirrors our essence as no-thing, ether having the capacity to reconnect each of us to our origins.

It is through the Ether body, that we are able to manipulate matter on the physical plane through our energy signature or unique sound and thought, in fact we are able to move matter and rearrange it, molding and shaping matter into what we want at the deepest level through our imagination, and thus we have the power within each of us to shape matter through the  expression of our thoughts and feelings to recreate our reality through the instrument of manifestation.


Accepting ether as the ancient cultures did is vital to understanding how thought and feeling impregnate matter with potential outcome direction and  amplitude. It is by means of the Ether,  that  our conceptions of existence may be  enlarged and extended, expanding and shifting our perception of a realm which has been obscured from our experience of life, due to our programming and conditioning.

However, now more then ever through our conscious awareness and experience of this ether force, will allow each of us in real time to defy the laws of nature, to become master creators  and the ultimate controller over our external reality in our individual and collective world, automatically rendering  us to have complete control  over our destiny.

Now the plane ether is dominated by the law of attraction, and upon this plane there is no distance or time, like the physical plane which consists of dense chemical regions, solids, gases and liquids. The ether region consists of light ether, life force ether, mental ether chemical ether which when combined together comprise your intuition, and the intuition stepped down into  the conscious mind which is the living soul or personality, the character of  your individual self.


The ultra gaseous life ether is the most dense and is the channel for the physical forces we are most familiar with such as heat, light sound, motion, ultra violet  rays and gamma rays. This ether sub plane of the physical manifests aspects which operate in human beings under the direction of the conscious mind.

Within the physical form the ultra gaseous matter, know as life ether is operating under the law of attraction, and it draws the physical form from the needed elements in surrounding space and it makes them absorb to be utilized in the physical form.

The ultra gaseous ether under the law of repulsion, expels from the physical form, all the materials that  are no longer useful to it’s maintenance, this is accomplished under the direction of the subconscious mind.

The life force ether is the source of vitality and life for all forms of the mental plane and the mental plane is interwoven into the spiritual plane, which is interwoven into the plane of ultimate ether force. which is interwoven int the physical plane.

If the higher frequencies of ether are not balanced and integrated in the physical body, then the vital essence will gradually leave the body or will transform into higher energy frequencies  that can only be partially assimilated in the physical body. The balance of the energy will then leave the body and find a new attraction. When this happens to an individual physically they will start to weaken slowly and all kinds of symptoms will appear leading to pre-mature aging.

The light ether is the tunnel from which light from the plane of force penetrates, spreads and intermingles within the physical plane, the light ether that is the visual light spectrum of sound blinds human beings from their emotional nature that is the emotional centre in the physical form the solar plexus.

This is how the power control force control our perception of reality through fear while controlling your the visual light spectrum of your unique tone or sound which translates into emotions which is your energy signature. This is why they bombard you with fear based propaganda through their media syndicates,  to keep you in a low vibration of fear so that you create a inner tone that is out of sync with your essence as no-thing whereby keeping you off balance and disconnected from your true self.

What is  the connection between light ether and your personal energy signature?

Your energy signature is a inner tone that you resonate authentically,  your energy signature can be identified through a peak experience, a moment of bliss, or looking into the eyes of a new born baby.  Your energy signature is any feeling that gives you a sense of joy, peace, well being, happiness or compassion for self or others, this is the closet we come to our essence in physical form, therefore when you feel good whether for a moment or an extended period of time you are in fact remembering who you really are, you are in alignment with your true self, your essence and the act of staying in this state for an extended period of time is what is needed to return to your origins to remember who you are.

Now maybe you can make the connection as to why the power control force attempt to hijack  and manage your perception through the visual light spectrum.

visible light spectrum

and maybe now you can under why so much fear propaganda is used in order to keep humanity in a constant state of fear through wars, threats of pending disasters,  pandemic’s, violence, etc. as all these negative forces disconnect you from who we are.

Now in truth the power control force control your perception through the programming of your external reality and if they control your perception they control what you believe about yourself and the world around you, and more importantly they control your essence through your chakra system which mirrors the visual light spectrum upon which which you resonate your individual energy signature.

Your chakra system basic program upon which this system of consciousness is built, and if the power control force control your chakra system, they control your energy signature, therefore they control your reality while you think you create your reality, you are really actually creating the power control forces reality.


Now if your chakra’s are the carriers of your energy signature and the power control force are manipulating and creating your reality through fear, this is how your chakra’s become distorted as they become the carriers of negative beliefs, traumas from childhood, and negative programs that the power control force insert through the media, television, institutions, and culture which programs your reality in the physical world,  whereby creating the filters or lenses upon which  you perceive and create your external world.

Chemical evidence reveals the fact that the human body is composed of ethereal elements, the differences between individuals, for example those  who gravitate to this information and those that do not,  is caused by different and varying combinations of these etheral elements, portions of which are vivified to a greater or lesser degree by the Planets of our Solar System as each of the planets is the carrier of all the chemical elements which make up a composite part of your unique etheric or soul blueprint, and this is how your actually programmed on the universal level. Therefore I hope you can see how your programmed on two levels as above so below.

Clear your chakras and you clear the imposed programming from this system of consciousness on the etheric and physical level, allowing you to reconnect to your essence as no-thing, allowing you to create through your energy signature in balance, allowing you access new vistas, seeing and experiencing  your world through your essence, through clarity of perception rather then the distorted perceptional lense which keep you plugged  into the prison of time.



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