Deconstructing Consciousness, Escaping the Matrix, Torus=Taurus the Bull, Ether’s Connection to Thought

Let us consider that the power control force live their existence with the full knowledge of who and what they are and that they have emancipated themselves to the highest level possible for them on this physical plane; and that in their creation of this artificial physical world which not only enslaves massive amounts of people by keeping them in a passive state of amnesia without knowledge of who and what they while they build a world for a few individuals who know who and what the body of humanity really is and how they can emancipate themselves out of this physical world system is how they keep the wheel of time forever going,

And let us suppose that with this knowledge the power control force decided to enslave the masses for as long as they could with the full knowledge that there would come a time when their system of consciousness would cease to exist because they knew of the finite nature of worlds, and so they decide they would write narratives and scripts for as long as they could, that would get the masses to buy into the story that the world was ending and why we are living through the “end times” narrative, and that the world needed to be saved, so that the body of  humanity would have something to keep them occupied while  they where had their life experience here on earth.

Now none of this conjuring up of worlds through fictional narratives and scripts is not impossible it in fact is how worlds are actually built, you see the universe was created as an idea in the Mind of the universal architect the creator god of this system of consciousness therefore first there was a “thought wave” lets call this thought wave ether the carrier of information or data.

torusEther permeates all space and transmits waves of energy in a wide range of frequencies, from cell phones to human etheric fields, to thoughts, in that in the ether, thought is reality. The speed of thought is transferred instantly through the ether because everything is ether at that level, including you and your surroundings. What is etheral is related to regions beyond earth. Ether as an element is lacking material substance, but it is no less real then wood, stone or flesh.

Our planet is moving into a higher etheral realm which is causing the matrix of time to dismantle allowing individuals to remember and reconnect to their origins, the ancients new this time would come and they factored this into their ancient writings which contain our narrated history.  In actual fact we are really just moving from one dream to another dream where we have greater control over charting our dream within the collective dream and this is where the element ether will play a big role. This energy ether has the ability to transmute negativity and darkness and much of the dysfunctional blocked energy that many individuals now carry. It is this ethereal force which mirrors your essence as no-thing, which is supporting your emancipation out of this earth system of materialism and matter.

All matter is basically one and the same. All matter is different manifestation of thought wave or etheric matter. All other states are condensations of the highest state. Thought is consciousness, consciousness is mind. The Universal Mind is what all things ultimately consist of.

Humans and everything that has ‘life’  has an etheric body which looks identical to the physical body but functions at a higher frequency. In fact, it is at the same frequency as the ether. Could this be where it derives it’s name?

There are many advanced medical tests which assess electrical impulses in the brain and elsewhere in the body in order to find areas of activity or lack of it that may be causing a problem. It turns out that our thoughts register activity in the brain. This activity can be seen with modern medical equipment but not the ‘thought’ itself. The thought operates at an even higher frequency but it is quite real. The thought registers in the ether.

When we choose to experience life beyond our earthly environment, we can experience life through the ether while experiencing ourselves as ether while maintain physical form.  For example, if we want to go to the Italy, we simply think it and it happens. Think Rome, Italy and arrive in Rome, Italy. When we are dealing in the etheric realm, distance doesn’t matter. All this happens because we are in the ether and are part of it in essence we are all the same substance and in the ethereal realm we have greater control over our individual and collective dream.

Now Hebrew and Greek languages were designed on purpose to conceal sacred information about ether vibrations and how they create reality.  The sacred Hebrew alphabet was designed with a clear intention to convey the very essence of creation and teach what the principle of creation really is, that is the characters of the Hebrew alphabet are projections of a special form of a tetrahedron seen from different angles which is actually phi or golden mean. The phi spiral describes the surface of the Torus, the basic element of matter. This Torus sounds very similar to the astrological sign Taurus by design as they are very much connected.

The energy patterns around the body is in the shape of a torus – or donut – with the energy flowing through the body and looping around to connect in at the feet and the head. It is as though we are in the middle position of the donut. The flow in through the head and feet is bidirectional. In other words it flows like the tides one way and then the next. In the matrix of this flow are the wave and particle relationships that structure and govern the nurturing “cosmic” energy from which we are crystallized.

As we move about the planetary surface in our daily lives, we are generally unaware of the vast information exchange occurring within our human body structure and of how our individual minds continually communicate, with the planetary, stellar, galactic and cosmic Mind where there is an intimate, instantaneous interconnection of our very own brain/body/mind to the immensity of the Universe, in fact the universe is within each of us and the body is the map or guide out of our physical world system through the portal of the heart, the heart acts as a gateway into and out of this universe, solar system and physical world system.

heart 5

All matter is in constant vibration; the building blocks of the physical creation all the ether and other names that we use to describe this force are all in constant motion; all are receiving, transmitting and reflecting the vibrations which sweep through all matter at varying velocities. Consider that within all energy is singing the same vibrational song throughout your brain/body, within the Earth, and Solar system and Universe. Therefore there is is a sounding chorus from the orchestra of the electric body of the universe to you continuously and as you raise your frequency you come into resonance with your essence.


The energies of the human body receive and transmit the spectrums and resonances of Light. Complexities of Electromagnetic vibration stream into and out of the cellular and skeletal structure. We listen to the Infrared, Microwave, Radio, Visible and slow Cosmically driven Extremely Low Frequencies. The cells move visibly in response to these electrical pulses by stimulating glands, triggering the heart muscles, and setting our overall moment to moment environment.

Again our total being responds to the song of the UNIVERSE. Through Touch we exchange this alignment and attunement of Cosmic-inspired wonderment. We are the transducers of the light that comes through the visual light spectrum.

The human organism maintains its functioning balance by a dynamic information exchange between its various systems and the environment. Information exchange occurs at all levels within the organism. Electromagnetic radiation may be seen as electrical and magnetic waves of information moving through space, atmospheric and the Earth environment. These appear to create a resonant coupling between atoms in biological molecules that allows them to move together in response to this very low amplitude electromagnetic music. The cells whisper and dance together as they listen to these faint vibrations within and outside the body.

Since ancient times, “seers” have confirmed that the human aura, or etheric body appears as a series of nested spherical torus formations.


each “chakra” is shaped like a two-ended trumpet, and this is a visualization of where each spherical torus or energy body has its axis.  The torus is the perfect shape for a black hole to white hole vortex, of which gyroscopic properties of this energy form. It is known that ancient seers have gone out-of-body and reported their observations of the structure of the chakra system, often calling it the “World Tree” after their sighting of the main central axis.



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