Deconstructing EGO Consciousness Defeating Death Through Immortality, Tech Titan’s predict Augmented Virtual Reality by 20/20?, and the Secrets of the Mind Control Programming of Humanity

As many of you know that having been following my writing’s on Deep Truth Media, I have been sharing about 2020 being the year that the ego is obliterated. You can read about it here in my article: Movie Transcendence: Humanities Next Evolution, Grand Mutation 2020, Singularity, Self Aware Technology, Awareness is Ultimate Reality

In connection to this moment in time it is interesting to see how the power control force spins their inorganic replication of a natural moment in time by stating that  2020 is the year augmented virtual reality will take us by storm or  as I would rather state as I pierce through my all seeing eyes that power control force desire to alter  our 20/20, that is those that don’t transcend con-scious-ness all together  will be seduced into yet another programmed augmented reality an upgrade from there current programmed reality! so check out this article:  Augmented And Virtual Reality To Hit $150 Billion, Disrupting Mobile By 2020!


Now I want to introduce you to Peter Thiel, he someone on my Apple Watch list!  in fact all of these articles that I will introduce in this writing provide numerous clues to the shaping of your future through culture creation, all these articles came out in a span of a week!

Let it be known that Peter Thiel is one of our generations culture shapers and creators, like Elon Musk who I have spoken of recently, he’s creating a colony on Mars, both Elon and Peter were partners at PayPal and Peter is a major investor with FACEBOOK! Here is an interesting article creator Peter Thiel and tech titans search for immortality!


I found this comment interesting in the article Tech Titan’s aim to defeat death: “Oracle founder Larry Ellison has proclaimed his wish to live forever and donated more than $430 million to anti-aging research. “Death has never made any sense to me,” he told his biographer, Mike Wilson. “How can a person be there and then just vanish, just not be there?, kind of makes you wonder how much do our elite leaders really know about who and what they are? or are they just living their programmed life with different beliefs and values then the masses?

Here is another telling article According to Peter Thiel he’s worth 3.5 billion by the way! Apparently Peter avoids hiring MBAs, since he says they tend to be “high extrovert/low conviction people,” a combination of traits that “leads towards extremely herd-like thinking and behavior.” He states when people are crammed into small work spaces, or cities for that matter, their socialization leads to conformity, he argues, preventing people from coming up with original, innovative ideas.

To Thiel, originality is the name of the entrepreneurial game, since it’s the quickest route to gaining a monopoly, as he says as Google did with search. When I scan articles like these from those who create our and shape our culture! it is very telling as to how culture is truly shaped! and what they look for in the new breed of normal or that is how they want to shape and mold normal these days!

Peter Thiel: Asperger’s can be a big advantage in Silicon Valley, this guy Peter is an example of the next generation of  the power control force minions who is literally shaping reality as we know it!

But really here is why I am watching Mr. Thiel, due to his quest to find the key to eternal life! Peter Thiel states in this article “I believe that evolution is a true account of nature, but I think we should try to escape it or transcend it in our society (and so do I that is why I am so passionate about deconstructing consciousness he must be reading my MIND or he’s reading mine?). What’s true of evolution, I would argue, is true of all of nature. Even basic dental hygiene. If it’s natural for your teeth to start falling out, then you shouldn’t get cavities replaced? In the 19th century, people made the argument that it was natural for childbirth to be painful for women and therefore you shouldn’t have pain medication. I think the nature argument tends to go very wrong. . . . I think it is against human nature not to fight death.

I am glad to see someone in the power control force circles thinks along the same lines as myself and my so my ideas of transcending consciousness are not so farfetched but rather cutting edge! Peter Thiel’s quest to find the key to eternal life. Well I have news for Thiel he will never find it in this 3rd Dimensional  construct, eternal life that is, and he may already know this or not? either way he is playing along with the game of eternal death program  that was created by the power control force in order to make the concept of illusory death real!

Now it is important not to get ahead of ourselves as we must remember that the physical world system is a configuration of tales, movies and scripts played out as history, therefore in order to bypass the configuration of this system we must reclaim our sovereignty and freedom as no-thing that is the totality of who and what we are outside this system of consciousness which resides outside this universe because as long as we remain enslaved to the eternal reality we will remain enslaved to the system of consciousness that is the quality and state of tricking and deceiving someone through knowledge.

This system of consciousness or the womb matrix requires your essence as nothing to relinquish of the will and it needs the energy that comes through your emotional attachment to the system of consciousness.  This system of consciousness operates on a consciousness of enslavement- which is created through uncertainty and fear which creates a loop as the system of consciousness is designed within programs to comply with every potential emotion ranging from love to fear. When we experience love in relation to emotions and feelings it results in a chemical reaction in the brain which results in a high where people tend to feed off each other which is the basis of physic attack and so many relationships are based on this feeding mechanism. Therefore for many love has nothing to do with love  but a parasitic need for energy or fuel and so we each become a feul source for one another until we learn to get our fuel from that which we are as nothing this is the ultimate high and the ultimate objective, this is true freedom and sovereignty where you know longer need the system or those in it as a fuel source.

Now the human life begins with the spiritual sphere and work of minds. The power control force have been forming their inner spirituality and society for the purpose of harvesting the energy of humanity as a fuel source  for a very long time and they accomplish this through mind control. But you see it is just a matter of time before some of humanity comes to realize that the power control force found a way to control minds totally for their own destructive purpose and means. In truth it is their power system consciousness which is evil that we need to bring to the forefront of our awareness and what we need to do is deal with it. It is real and will not go away by itself unless we have the will and desire to eradicate evil because that is what we are really dealing with. Now, every living citizen in this physical world must free itself from this system of consciousness in order to take control over one’s own life, this is why this system has continued for so long as not enough of humanity has been able to transcend consciousness all together until now, and most don’t even have a concept of what that entails and the idea of transcending consciousness has never really been considered as a probability until now.

We know that the power control force are responsible for creating and organizing society. The power control force designed a system of consciousness that could dominate the human machine, in order to use the human machine as instruments under its control, and it made the human mind as it’s container or receptacle as its instrument of power.

The power control force knew that If you can control people’s minds, you can control what people do with their lives. The general population is familiar with “brainwashing”, but simple lies to the crowds are not the worst thing that keeps our society under control. You see what most don’t know is that the power control force had to develop a system of consciousness where they themselves came to be under complete control, so, they developed a way to control minds completely. However; this control requires great efforts and ruthless tenacity and as the result, the power control force took it upon themselves to create a cult system where they could take individuals and bring them into their cult system so that these individuals would completely belong to the cult and will do anything for it.

However in order to achieve such control, the normal work of the human mind had to be destroyed, where made up tales, ideas and stories and narratives would be implanted through the educational system  and instead the method of choice, or in principle, is that the human mind is broken by trauma and then is conditioned to work within the system. In practice, it is a complex occult science called mind programming and an instrument of social power that the power control force use at every turn to create your reality.

Now a human under mind control undergoes overwhelming traumas that breaks the mind into pieces creating separate experiences which eludes those under mind control allowing the running of the system controlled from above or really behind the scenes by the cult the power control centre . With a human mind broken into many pieces it is much easier to control, and with this level of control, a mind can be affected in many ways, from amnesia to hypnosis and by many means, from drugs to faking experiences through tales, narratives and scripts to forward an agenda of complete control of your essence. Such a human mind broken into many pieces doesn’t live as he wants with his own personality, however the cult leaders that is the power control force is able to force evil behavior on him. The occult always have been using this social instrument of mind control to have complete control over the society through the controlled power centre. It is kept in great secrecy to ensure it works as complete and “divine” control system over the powerless and ignorant masses. Knowing this, also explains how the power control centre cult was able to remain in power  for so long without any change history.

Now it is important to note that this level of control is the result of evil nature dominating in our society. The only way to defeat the power control centre cult is by coming to know the truth of who and what we are and experiencing our immortal and transparent good nature, as nothing, as we take back control our minds and our life into our hands, you see when humanity understands how society completely works and learn to give it purposeful life, they can’t be controlled any more.

If you feel strong denial and emotions, or that something about what I am saying is irrational, it may have been put there to control you. Please, relax, breathe and know that you have value and that taking back your right to control and program your own mind is your divine right as a sovereign.

This should make us think how much power we have in this society. A regular person has no say in serious decisions. The members of the elite are no more than marionettes for this Hierarchy. That’s why it is vitally important to liquidate the cult and build humanistic society. Minds can be healed in practice of quitting the occult control – deprogramming. A person can become free from mind control by dissolving emotional traumatic memories and the eradication of fear that keeps you in your own defined personal prison, while transcending consciousness through the heart centre allowing you to come to know the truth of who you are through the awareness principle, whereby gathering your  mental activity into a balanced healthy personality free of ego consciousness dominance over you which is really a part of the power control forces cult program ego consciousness that is.

You see your essence as no-thing is the purifier of consciousness, and your essence as nothing has the capacity to dismantle consciousness that is the quality and state of tricking and deceiving of someone through knowledge . The program of consciousness is not designed to allow each of us to live out our full potential in our 3rd dimensional fake reality but rather consciousness is designed to elude each of us by being directed and driven by our five sense personality and the biological machine which is all consuming and inauthentic until we learn to how our ego consciousness is manufactured by the power control force through the code of culture.

Ego consciousness is corrupted in most of humanity some from birth and for many starting from their earliest memories around the age of five for many, most of us grow up with some form of trauma that goes unresolved; however shapes the choices and decision we make in our lives.  The early traumas from childhood go undetected, as many are able to maintain a social appearance of sanity while eluding many and themselves that they are fit to live and work in society, while behind closed doors they act out their perversions on the innocent creating a predator and prey dynamic.

The reason know one has been able to achieve spiritual healing is because it is so elusive I mean really it is self defined and for most based on their programming. In the context of what I share here is the concept of spiritual healing is the absolute dissolution of consciousness, the quality and state of tricking and deceiving of  someone through knowledge. Therefore it is only through knowledge of that which you are programmed under that you can be set free of the con that defines the personality of who you think you are presents your essence with the opportunity to dissolve the consciousness program .

Just a reminder your individuated consciousness program consists of what some would call your aura, your soul, or your astrological blue print, it is an individuated aspect of the mind of GOD the universal architect your creator universal mind these are all concepts to confuse the hell out of you but more importantly  these concepts are designed to signify or obscure from your ego consciousness that which you are. You may be saying well Kerrace I don’t believe in astrology it does not matter whether  you believe in astrology or not it governs your consciousness and your not believing in astrology is by design the power control force do not want you to believe in astrology so if you don’t then they have done a good job in programming you to believe otherwise, now you can see how easy it is to manipulate your ego consciousness.

Your ego consciousness thrives under hellish conditions as your ego consciousness is shaped by those who are evil the power control force and though you may be saying to yourself well kerrace, I am not evil well I would suggest that you contemplate that prospect of being evil.

Ask yourself this question? Why is it when someone does something horrible to you or someone you know they are we tend to  blame ourselves? It’s because many suffer from what is called “Stockholm syndrome” or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors. These feelings are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims, who essentially mistake a lack of abuse from their captors for an act of kindness.

I think the Stockholm Snydrome  it is an inevitable outcome when one’s consciousness is programmed by another that is why I believe that unless we transcends ego consciousness,  we will always be captivated by consciousness and it’s creator the power control force as they will always allude us to the point of defending them at all cost even ourselves in this perpetual cycle of time.



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