Deconstructing Consciousness, Victimization, Addictive Emotion Attachments, Transparency Through Speaking the Truth of Who You Are

Most relationships are based on what you have in common with others. You say things like I know these people, I am from this place and I lived in these places at different times in my life and the other person responds in the same manner. Thus you can relate to each other, a relationship is then formed based on neurochemical states of being, because if you share the same experiences, you share the same emotions. Bonds between people are the strongest because emotions hold the strongest energy.

When the same people and things in our lives create the same emotions, and the feeling we are trying to make go away no longer changes, we look for new people and things, or try going to new places, in an attempt to change how we feel emotionally. If that does not work we go to the next level which is addiction.

At  addictions doorstep we run away from what feels bad or painful, and we move towards what feels good and comfortable, or brings us pleasure. Over time, we become addicted to something in order to ease the pain or anxiety or depression we live by on a daily basis.  I truly believe that what people must come to realize is  that salvation never comes from the outside world; however  it has never been explained to them that using the outer world to try and change the inner world makes things worse. If we are to break free, it means we have to confront the true self and bring out into Awareness that shadow side of our personality.  Based on feedback from clients the advantage of the system I employ is that you can confront  these darker aspects of yourself without bringing them into your everyday reality.

When it comes to change, our energy is connected to everything that we experience within our outer world. When we break the addiction of emotions we have memorized, or when we tell the truth about who we really are, and doing that takes some real energy, just as it would to break the bonds with certain people in our lives.

When we begin to tell the truth about how we really feel things begin to get very uncomfortable. If your relationships are based on complaining about life, then you become bonded energetically by the emotions of victimization.  And if you decide to change your emotional state, that is you no longer show up as that familiar person to whom everyone relates, you will be surprised how people respond because unbeknownst to you or your friends people in life use each other unconsciously to remind themselves of who they are emotionally.

When we memorize addictive emotional states such as guilt, shame, anger, fear, anxiety, judgement, depression, self-importance, or hatred, we develop a gap between the way we appear and the way we really are.  The former is how we want other people to see us. The later is our state of being when we are not interacting with all of the different experiences, diverse things and assorted individuals at various times and places in our lives. If we sit long enough without doing anything, we begin to feel something. That something is who we really are.

We wear various layers of emotions which form our identity, and in order to remember who we think we are we have to re-create the same experiences to reaffirm our personality and the corresponding emotions.  This is how  through the identity of who we think  we are becomes enamoured with our world as our identity is shaped and attached to our physical world through the identification with everyone and everything, in order to remind us of how we want to project ourselves in the world.

Closing and eliminating the gap between who we are and who we present to the world is probably the greatest challenge we all face in life. Whether we term this living authentically, conquering ourselves, or learning to accept ourselves for who we are, this is something that most of us desire but it must begin from within.

Yet too often most of us change only when we are faced with a crisis or trauma, or discouraging diagnosis of some sort. That crisis usually comes in the form of a challenge which may be physical, emotional, financial, or spiritual. We can chose to learn in a state of pain and suffering or we can learn in a state of joy and inspiration. We don’t have to wait until we are so uncomfortable that we feel forced to move out of our comfortable resting state.

When you liberate the body from the chain of emotional dependency, you will feel uplifted and inspired. Keep in mind that it is not enough to notice how you have been thinking feeling and behaving. You have to tell the truth about yourself. You have to come clean and reveal what you have been hiding in those shadow aspects of yourself. You have to look at the mess and say this is no longer serving my best interest, this is no longer serving me, and it is then that you make the decision to be free.

Transparency is when who you appear is who you really are, as you unmemorize any emotion that has become a part of your identity, you close the gap between how you appear to the world and who you really are inside. The side effect of this phenomenon is a release of energy in the form of stored emotion in the body. Once the mind of emotion is liberated from the body, energy is freed up so you can experience more of self as nothing which is the ultimate reality allowing you to mold and shape this system of consciousness by being the center of power in your 3 dimensional experience for you to use as a creator, by disengaging the ego consciousness in your head and experiencing life through the heart knowing and experiencing your true self while shaping life through the construct of your divine nature is a true expression and experience of sovereignty and freedom we all so long for.

In this moment in your heart just think about how it would feel if you embodied a combination of all the character traits that you admire in others and in yourself and imagine what your ideal self would be if  your not already living out your destiny that is in alignment with the higher purpose and meaning of your true self and what you are being called to do in this lifetime.

Possibilities and opportunities await you with baited breath, anything currently holding your back, or standing in your way is simply obscuring your greatness, so how are you molding and shaping your life?


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