Deconstructing Subconscious Mind, Ego Death Relinquishes Predator or Prey Dynamic Fueling Your Perception of Your Programmed Reality

A side effect of a being able to sustain a high vibration is that you actually begin to move out of molecular harmony with your body. I know, that sounds weird. But I’ve seen this with people who spend so much time in the ether, that they actually vibrate at a higher frequency than their body can contain. Therefore it is important to note that as you advance in frequency or vibration it can temporarily cause headaches, fatigue, significant weight gain or weight loss, and sometimes confusion and mental impairment.


That being said living within an all encompassing envelope of high vibrational frequency, will allow you to be more in tune with your higher self, allowing you to connect with other human beings on a really soulful level, it can be a wonderful way to go through life living at a higher vibration, than what they are use to, however it is important to be aware of the potential down sides so you can mitigate those with good habits.

It is of the most important when raising your vibration to develop discipline, inner power, and perception, as you increase your vibration you will be in greater control of your world and the reality you are creating as you transcend the collective human evolutionary path of ego, emotion, and mind, which is often ruled by restriction dominated by fear, pain and suffering. The key is to disengage from physical reality through non judgement perceive without comment as your divinity is linked to purity.

Now the subconscious mind shapes your reality it is the container – black box in which the dream and the dreamer emerges. The subconscious mind is the programmer of the world you create within this sea of consciousness. That is the quality and state of tricking and deceiving of someone through knowledge through information or data. As the subconscious mind is the programmer of your world of witchcraft, Pacman you play archetypal characters based on your archetypal make up based on your astrology blueprint and you scan your environment for other players in your reality. Now you attract people or characters in your reality construct based on your script or narrative which is defined by you as the stories you tell yourself which is based on the his story that you have bought into which consists of all the negative beliefs you hold about yourself others and the world in which you have been born into.

Now these stories that you tell about yourself consist of negative memories from passed traumas which become hard wired into beliefs about yourself which makes up your identity and shapes the personality of who you think you are. But it’s not you this personality these characters that you play in your world of witchcraft, they are phantom characters all designed to delude your essence as nothing that everything you are experiencing in this concept called life is the real thing but it’s not it’s all fakery and trickery designed to keep you enamoured, seduced and addicted to consciousness, addicted to information addicted to the stories that proliferate the physical world program and this is done by having you believe that the mind the thought and the thought process are yours which they are not the thought, thought process and the mind have nothing to do with the truth of who you are as no thing.

Therefore when those memories that come from your traumas from when you where little or as far back as inception or birth for some of you, when these negative memories turn into beliefs they get hardwired and mold and shape your personality and when you become fearful certain memories become activated causing the incessant mind chatter the ego self becomes highly vigilant forcing you to scan your environment for threats or players, other characters in your dream the world you are creating to participate your world of witchcraft multi-player game. These others characters who become a part of the reality you are creating are drawn in based on your frequency or emotional quotient you carry remember it’s all about frequency or current which is based on our emotional state, it is the emotional glue or frequency that you carry that creates the attraction repulsion feeding dynamic within your the world you are creating therefore you are either predator or prey. This emotional feeding dynamic must take place otherwise your dream cannot maintain it’s hold on you or the other characters in your dream and so what happens is the characters start to fall away until your the last one standing that is when the dream dissolves completely.

Therefore when you let go of ego consciousness which is made up of the emotional content, the memmories that get hard wired into beliefs that you tell about yourself others and the world in which you been brought into based on his story. Ego conscious is the mother the director of the subconscious mind the ego consciousness is the fuel for the black box which is the container for your reality contrast you are creating each and every moment of this thing you call life. There if the multi players character’s in your current dream no longer identify with your dream or you no longer serve there that you are not willing to play in their dream that is you no longer allow your fuel or energy your current to be siphon off by them the will or you will terminate your contract and seek other characters willing to play out the reality you are creating based on your his story. Or put another way if a multi-player character in your games no longer identifies with your world the reality you are creating they will leave or if the characters no longer are willing to play within your defined fame the reality that you are constructing then they will be discard by you intentionally or unintentionally.

You are the Christ it metaphorically your goal if there ever was a goal of such paramount importance in this now moment the one goal that will set you free is to not feed into ego consciousness not to give it your undivided attention that is allowing ego consciousness this phantom self to feed off your energetically you must no longer be a fuel source you know that incessant charter in the mind to fuel the scripts and narratives that fuel this system of consciousness and those characters you engage with in your multi-player game you are creating each and every moment you are simply to bare witness to the ego self.

Take note of the incessant chatter in your mind right now – where are you? are you reading and multi-tasking because if you multi-tasking while you are reading, your ego is wanting to distract you from this sharing and for those of you who have are reading this article with no other focus then you are in this moment connected to your self as nothing if you can read this article in it’s completion and still be present in this moment then you are connecting with your highest self, so take notice are in your mind thinking about something or are you multi-tasking be mindful take notice, when your in that mind chatter the ego has control, when you are relaxed and in a state of peace and ease, and you can leave the contents of your mind and be in your happy place allowing you to attune to your essence as nothing and just take notice of where you are in this moment.

When Jesus you know the Christ character spoke his prophetic messages many said he spoke of heresy, but rather he spoke truth, remember Christ is simply a metaphor for your essence this is not a real person per se, the character Jesus did not fear his persecution he did not feed the public condemnation of him, and when he was crucified he had the capacity to bare witness to the atrocities bestowed upon him, he was immovable unshakable just as you must become, but remember Jesus the Christ is simply a metaphor for your essence as no thing a metaphor for what you must become that is the immovable force.

Therefore as you continue to mold and shape your world you must learn not to leak or give your fuel source that is your current, your energy to anyone. You are to harvest and harness your energy, as no one is to siphon your energy your current, and we all must stop doing this to one another, because anyone you may be getting your energy from is a reflection of areas where you are still dependent on this system of consciousness to feed you, and as long as you remain captive in this system of con-scious-ness you will continue to remain elusive as to that which we are as nothing exists within an ever abundant flowing source of current, the supply is always accessible abundant not wanting not needing from anyone or anything.

Contemplation and Consequences of the Ego Death

Now this system of consciousness will always look to the external reflective to get it’s fuel rather than within itself because this is how the universal architects constructed this system of consciousness. This system of consciousness was only designed to siphon off energy from the those within the system as it is built on a fabrication a lie, this physical world construct call your life. This system of consciousness is not capable of getting it’s own fuel to generate itself it was not designed to know how to do such a thing, because it is made up inorganic . This system of consciousness is only designed to take from others through the mind the thought and the thought process. When you stop engaging in the mind, and the brain which is designed to wear you down and depletes your fuel source which is your essence as no thing this depletion of energy is what causes you to age, you see you have to stop leaking energy your fuel source to this system, to those around you when you engage the mind trying to figure things out.

Those that have completely transcended 3d no longer have use for the feeding mechanism within the sea of negativity most of humanity are swimming in which perpetuates this feeding dynamic as they are able to contain their current or energy and perpetually fuel themselves no longer needing fuel source from this system of consciousness therefore there is no need to engage this system for fuel or continue to be an energetic fuel source for the system consciousness this programmed consciousness that lives off our essence as no thing. Remember you are a fuel source for the system if you no longer give your fuel to the system what do you think happens the system dies.

Now it is important to note that many are not able to read or listen to my videos because they are still immersed in ego consciousness, that being said the ego it’s what allows them to know and experience life. When one suggests that they rid themselves of the ego, it signals the human to see this as a threat to its life when one contemplates riding oneself of the ego, or transcending the ego for that matter, the human unconsciously sees you as suggesting they starve themselves of their life force, because the ego can only experience itself through neglect, fear, pain and suffering. If you eliminate or annihilate the ego you suppress the fuel source required to keep the individual ego consciousness alive, the ego death ensues, and if everyone where to engage this process then where would humanity get it’s fuel it would either have to come to know self or experience a collective emotional cataclysm and psychosis in this world of witchcraft.


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