Deconstructing Invisible Web of Con-scious-ness, Much Ado About Etheric Cord Cutting=Eradication of Fear, An Authentic Path to Freedom Awaits Your Eternal Nothingness!

As many of you know there is so much more life then what  consists in this physical material reality,  there is so much more to this system of consciousness that eludes each of us; and even though we may not be able to  “see” consciousness in it’s totality , we are connected to it and one another on an etheric energetic and emotional level as we experience this physical dimension  through our five sense personality ego consciousness and our physical biological vehicles.

cord cutting3

In fact each time we interact with each other we make an exchange on the more subtle etheric level of our being that we do not see with our physical eyes and yet even after we physically separate from another person, energetic and emotional ties remain these are what I call energetic cords. And please know  that energetic cords are not restricted by time or space, which means you can be connected to someone far away, even a person from your past, or someone who is no longer living so keep this in mind as you read along.

Now an emotional or energetic cord is an structure of energy between 2 people which causes patterns from the past to constantly be relived. These cords are often refereed to as cords of attachment because they are an open channel between you and another person which energy and emotions flow without your conscious knowledge. You are literally “attached” to each other on a subtle etheric level.

cord cutting2

What we must come to realize is that it is not necessary to have emotional cords in every relationship, and  it is important to differentiate between the beneficial cords that are in positive alignment with our true self, and the destructive cords, you know the ones that keep you in a negative alignment with your ego consciousness and the ego consciousness of others which creates a parasitic feeding frenzy which causes you to take on others negative emotional thought process, even when you may think these negative thoughts are your own.

You see everyday we  are exchanging energy with friends, partners, parents, children, siblings, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances. Therefore throughout our day  as we experience the numerous  interactions there are bound to be instances where we may feel hurt, misunderstood, betrayed, judged, or insulted, and for the most part we are not aware of how much energy we spend on these experiences which may ignite emotions such as fear, anger, or resentment. If we do not resolve and forgive these moments, we continually leak energy to these incidents and keep negative patterns alive this is why we can often feel drained and tired, frustrated or angry by the end of the day.

We are not generally conscious of these negative cords, as negative patterns in relationships tend to repeat themselves constantly. A good way to tell if you are still energetically and emotionally tied to a person or situation is to think of the person involved and if an emotion arises, it shows that some of your energy is still invested there.

If you find yourself loosing energy or feel depleted after you have visited with someone then you are leaking energy to this person and there exists a cord of attachment  between the two of you that needs to be cut. Therefore it is important  to be aware of your energy levels after interacting with another person. If you feel drained for a few hours after spending time with someone, it shows that your energy has “leaked” outward. Also, it is important to pay attention to any changes in your moods. Do you always feel angry around a particular person and you do not know why? All these are indicative of an unhealthy cord connection.


Cords are formed on a subconscious level, usually through ones need for dominance power, control, or in order to manipulate others through fear. Cutting these energetic cords is a helpful thing to do to clear past experiences, beliefs, resentments, and judgments, traumas, and bad memories. Cutting ties allows us to remove old patterns and stop reliving dramas and traumas of the past with other people.

It is important to note that cord cutting does not sever the relationship,(unless that is the intent) rather, it puts the relationship back on a healthy path. By cutting out old, negative energies, will allow space for you to experience more of who you authentically are,  allowing you to align with your essence in order to connect with new more harmonious energies and relationships to enter your life.  Therefore one who cuts negative energetic cords with people, will feel a sense of being free or of having a heavy burden removed. Effects may be felt physically energetically, or emotionally, etheric cord cutting is truly a path to sovereignty and freedom from the con-scious-ness program.

However most of humanity  is so unaware of the etheric body and the energy structures that lie at the basis of the physical world. You see the power control force have programmed most of humanity to be unaware of the fact that we exchange energy all the time with our environment, and especially with other people.

You see there is an invisible web of consciousness that we swim within and we each have etheric energy cords that we have with the people around us, and especially those who are close to us and unfortunately we use these etheric cords consciously or unconsciously  to manipulate our friends, our colleagues, or ‘loved’ ones; and many people unbekownst to them allow themselves to be taken advantaged of.


Therefore it is paramount that we all exercise self-responsibility in our thinking, our emotions, our actions, but also in our energy. We are always voluntarily giving energy to others in order to help them whether we realize it or not, but when we give too much of our energy away it only depletes our own energy reserves, and this is how many become ill and sick.

Health problems will also result when we are not consciously giving, but somebody is constantly draining our energy simply because they know how, you see when  people are unaware of their etheric body, they leave themselves wide open for energy predators. Do you leave your house wide open for thieves to come by? Your etheric body creates your physical body, therefore you don’t leave it open for other people to steal your energy, or manipulate you through the energy cords. So what do you do about it?

When you close your eheric energy body, you are really closing it in the literal sense. Our energy systems are open ended systems that constantly connect with all other energy systems in our environment. While some would say that if you would literally close off your energy stem, you would die, I believe that when we close off our energy we literally experience the true totally of who and what we are as nothing which is beyond any concepts of energy.

Therefore what needs to be done, is you must create a filter that allows only the good, beneficial energies to enter, and block out all unwanted, harmful energies, and you do accomplish this first through your intention. Your intention has to be very clear and precise, with vigilance and determination.  A ‘maybe it might work’ is not good enough. You have to be clear, direct, strong, determined, a hundred percent warrior about your intention. You have to know clearly what you want and what you don’t want. And don’t allow for any security breaches in you etheric body. Most important you have to maintain your filters, every day, until it has become part of your attitude.

Remember that etheric cord cutting  simply means that you are releasing the dysfunctional parts of your relationships. Remember, fear is the opposite of love, and etheric cords (and all attachments) are created from fear” and as I know in truth we are on the precipice of eradicating fear and we accomplish this through etheric cord cutting!

If there is anyway I can help you please feel free to contact me, I offer sessions in person and at a distance healing sessions through skype or phone sessions.

Check out my website at Bigfish Strategies Inc.


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