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Deconstructing Consciousness, The Act of Creation is Being Your Self = Art of being No One = Living as Creator

When you are living as nothing you are living as creator, the more you learn to be no one, the better you are equipped to unseat the old personality of who you thought you were. In the act of creation, when you become aware that being a nobody or no thing in no time or no space we no longer create our customary chemical signature because we are not the same identity, we don’t think and feel in the same way as when we lived in ego consciousness only identifying with mind and body and our environment. Those neural networks our survival thinking hardwired are now turned off and the personality that was addicted to continually signalling the body to produce stress hormones is gone.

Thus the emotional self that lived in survival mode is no longer functioning, when that happens, our former identity, the state of being imprisoned by survival based thinking and feeling, is no more. Since we are no longer being the same being, emotional energy that had been bound to the body is now free to move.

So what happens is the emotions that fed the emotional self from the lower bodies now go to the heart area and up to the brain were we feel joy love peace expansive in touch with our divine essence as no thing. It is through this process that we fail learn to fall in love with our creations. We experience our natural state of being when we are in the act of creating, once we stop energizing the emotional through stress hormones, we move from being ego self to our true self as nothing.

With the old energy now transmuted into higher frequency emotions, the body is liberated from it’s emotional bondage. We are lifted above the physical material world to the non physical material ether no longer perceiving physical material reality through the limited 5 sensory perception of time and space, we experience a vast landscape of nothingness upon which we can create the utopia based on our uniqueness. We no longer experience life through the lenses of the survival programs and their associated emotions we now experience life through the lenses of creator with the associated emotions of love, peace, joy, reverence and respect in the knowing and truth that you have value as nothing. We are now quantum observers of a new destiny based on our exquisite uniqueness and this heals the body and frees the mind while eradicating fear.

We are progressing into a period in our collective history where matter must be infused with our essence as no thing, leading to what the Tibetan calls the “new materialism.” where we neither exalt nor abuse matter for selfish ends; rather we wield the energies and utilize them for the realization of the divine plan for ourselves and create out of our true expression as no thing that which mirrors our unique expression as no thing.

It is important to note that when you are living in survival, your trying to control or manipulate an outcome, that’s what the ego does. When you’re living in the elevated emotion of creation, you feel so lifted that you would never try to analyze how or when a chosen destiny will arrive. You know that it will happen because you have already it in mind and body, in thought and feeling. You know that it will, because you feel connected to something greater. You are in a state of gratitude because you feel like it has already happened as the future is here in the present moment inside you not outside on the periphery.

Therefore open up to the multitude of possibilities, and allow the future to come to you because your future resides within you, and as you learn to choose your destiny, remember it is you who is choosing your future in the present moment as it is already coming towards you, therefore what you choose to think about, is what you are desiring the most and is already coming towards you, the stronger the desire the faster your future will materialize, that’s how creation works itself through you.

Now desire is a great inciting power of the mind. Desire is that which incites us to action. We always act upon our strongest desires and they originate in our subconscious mind we can feel her there as desires are the emotive feminine force and the motive will power is the male force as the word motive means that which acts, wills, chooses, controls. And the word emotive means that which manifests feeling emotion, agitation, passion, sensations etc.

It is the emotive force of desire and motive pole of will power that play an important part in the art of manifesting your physical material reality. However most people allow their desires to be scattered and ill defined whereby defusing the attracting power of the will, needed to manifest more quickly and easily. It is through concentrating and focusing your desire force by the will, that you get the results you want above the average person. The will is the director and controller of the desire force which concentrates itself through the brain which acts as the transformer of the universal mind power of the heart that whereby transmuting your desires into physical material reality. The brain cannot create mind power as it’s office is merely to convert and transform energy into usable forces and phases.

So as you linger in the creative state of the desire force where you are no longer your identity, your simply resting a nothing as the creator potential that is you, the nerve cells that once fired together to form that old self are no longer wiring together. This is when the old personality is being biologically dismantled. Those feelings connected to that identity, which conditioned the body to the same mind, are no longer signaling the same genes in the same ways. Therefore the more you overcome your ego, the more the physical evidence of the old personality is changed. The old you is gone and the creator potential that is you is emerges allowing you to create a world a utopia of your own choosing and making that is based on your unique expression.

Deconstructing Consciousness, Transport into Nothingness=Instant Manifested Reality, Through Concentrated Magnetic Heart Reveals Your Destiny Blueprint

For most of humanity to know self as no thing is impossible because their alignment to the truth of who they are is regimented, structured and often laced with regulations covering every aspect of  their behaviour. This in turn forces most of humanity to follow along like good sheep or to infringe on those laws that cause them to experience their self imposed suffering with all the recriminations and guilt within their programmed physical material reality.

History shows us repeatedly how civilizations have collapsed once they become self indulgent, because this is a characteristic of the power control force, that is those that create your physical material reality.  You see when one indulges like the entity running this physical material reality  that is this entity uses it’s power and control to force the body of humanity into a perpetual thought form of a people who feel weak, dependent, and in constant survival, while feeling a sense of hopelessness and worthlessness, through a contrived system of scarcity and lack, which breeds a society in the through’s of it’s own demise.

It is important for you to know and become familiar with your essence as no thing as you truly exist outside the constraints of the universe and your physical material world. This is why the universal architects designed our biological vehicle, in order to enslave your essence so that you would create the experiences and circumstances you design, so that you think you are learning and growing through your physical experience, but this physical material reality is really designed to polarize your perception while  you create a reality for a few. However once you learn the game that is being played on your essence as no thing you will learnt to step outside the confines of your limited perceptional reality, allowing you access to the  unlimited potential and possibilities that exist within the etheric realm, which is home to what is can be described as instant manifestation, that is your ability to stand in the wholeness of “All That You Are” and create only joy and abundance for yourself out of your own unique expression without any intermediary or agent.

You see the power control force have set this system of consciousness up in such a way that humanity can never elevate itself enough to accept full responsibility for itself, individually or collectively, because self reliance devoid of survival and fear is not a natural experience of the body of humanity in it’s current state, simply because the body of humanity experiences life through it’s individual and collective ego consciousness, which is obsessed with itself and it’s survival again all by designed in order to circumvent any sense of true sovereignty and freedom which comes out of knowing the truth of who and what you are as no thing.

Do you as of yet have the capacity to bare witness to the situation that you find yourself in in this sea of lies fakery and trickery without attachment and that does not mean numbing out?  because  it is through your attachments your addiction to physical material reality that the power control force keep you addicted to their system of consciousness. You see within the subconscious mind of humanity the propensity to stay in balance is almost always compromised. Whereby  making society a by product of weakness and self indulgence with the obsessive compulsion inclination to turn to all mechanisms of stimulation to titillate itself, leaving you with the vague idea of the concept of knowing truth which only causes doubt and confusion, because in all honesty  when one is in truth in the knowing of who and what they are as no thing, ones natural state is to live in the natural excitement of not knowing therefore that sense of needing to know is what keeps you in the loop of time and space forever eluding you from the knowing and truth of who you are as no thing.

For once you accept physical material reality for what it is which is fakery and trickery designed to cause massive doubt and confusion, you will learn to move about your physical material reality without others ever really seeing you, for the impact that you make on physical material reality will become minimal as you begin to live beyond  physical material reality, non physical material reality and the etheric realm, and I am not speaking about between physical material reality and non physical material reality and the etheric as some would have you believe. What I am asking you to consider, is that you can and will in fact step beyond a world of perceptions that has been imposed on your essence as no thing by others to a world of your own as this is the ultimate reality available in your physical material world.

You see there is no past and there is no future,  these are constructs built within this system of consciousness designed to deceive your essence from knowing that there only is this present moment, as that is where you exist as no thing in your totality. As you come to the knowing and truth of this you will learn to use the biological vehicle to create that which you want in life by concentrating your essence as nothing into a magnetic  charge creating a vortex through your heart chakra, and this is where you will learn to draw your physical reality to you through your biological patent with your thought forms, while using the mind, thought process and thought to direct the content of the mind and pulling your future  toward you, that which you want and desire, and when this happens you will  no longer allow yourself to be at the whim of the power control force creating  a utopia for a distinct few.

You see it is by pulling your energy inward into neutrality that you have access to all that is, your essence  will become free of emotional content allowing your to traverse the ether uninhibited allowing you to create instantaneously through the concentrated power of thought and magnetism whereby poof your manifested reality materializes on your external reflective allowing you jump physical material reality that the power control force wield through the body of humanity by controlling it’s thought forms through augmented virtual reality constructs like the one we currently live in but is obscured from the masses, but the veil will be lifted and what will soon come into view are the latest augmented reality devices like Oculus Rift developed by your designer’s who are Working On Transporting You Fully Into VR, Down To The Last Fingernail, see article here:

Oculus is directing research and development resources towards making camera sensors  this is what will make photorealistic immersion possible, as a goal for future generations of its product. The idea is to truly transport VR users in ways that have broad applications beyond the world of gaming and even entertainment; in other words, they want to put the actual presence into the word ‘telepresence.’

Telepresence refers to a set of technologies which allow a person to feel as if they were present, to give the appearance of being present, or to have an effect, via telerobotics, at a place other than their true location.

Telepresence requires that the users’ senses be provided with such stimuli as to give the feeling of being in that other location’

All augmented reality translates into further enslavement of your essence as no thing. You see it is so  important for you to come to the recognition that you live in a sea of sickness, designed to keep you in a thick slippery glue of your time and space continuum forever lost in the neurosis of the ego cult system that enslaves you and augmented reality devices like Occulus Rift which are being designed to forever keep you from knowing the truth of the creator potential that you embody, that is reminiscent of your essence as no thing.

You must not forfeit the creative potential that is being bestowed upon you whether you realize it or not, this is the opportunity available to you, and you are being guided and directed toward this truth and knowing as all things human fade away, because it will be through your ability to create worlds that will set you free from this consciousness program, that is through the creation of the life which comes out of your unique expression.

The key to truly creating in truth is to remember that there is no past or future as they do not exist, there is only this moment, so what ever idea, concept, vision you want to manifest you must concentrate all your energy through secrecy and silence and this is key, as you don’t want to dissipate your energy, as in silence there is mystery. In that mystery grants you with an additional impact and power with regards to that which you are manifesting into your life. The physical material reality you take in becomes more real as you begin to experience others projecting into your reality, as they cannot destroy what it is that you are creating, as they are ignorant of it, and because of their stupidity, they will grant you a power they do not have yet. Therefore secrecy and silence helps you by keeping the physical material reality guessing, so that you are always one step ahead of the consciousness program, and just watch as people find it difficult to put their finger on who and what you are because you have transcended the womb matrix of time and space that is your physical material reality you use to call home. And this is how instantaneous manifestation occurs it comes as a result of knowing and being in alignment with the truth of who you are as no thing and keeping secret,  that which you are manifesting into your physical material reality.

Now everything in the physical world is composed of positively or negatively charged energy you already know this. This state of polarity, or duality, is the foundation upon which your physical material reality is based. Consequently, you are designed to create separation and view everything in terms of dual opposites such as good/bad; black/white; rich/poor; pain/pleasure; love/hate, etc. this is why you have such a challenge manifesting your reality and why you have become so incapacitated that you only create a physical material reality for a few without your knowledge and consent.

You see the universal architects who created this dualistic consciousness program did so in order to enslave your essence as nothing within a mechanism created to limit your essence as no thing true potential and capacity to experience life fully in your 3rd dimensional prison bodies so that you would never remember who you are, due to the contrast of experience in this physical material reality because of the myriad of emotions and choices your experience for without knowing sadness you would have no context from which to experience joy and it is through all the associated emotions that contradict who and what  you are and keeps you believing in your physical material reality.

As it is only by standing in the neutral space between the positive and negative poles as nothing, that we can begin to objectively observe a bigger picture and open our awareness to create new perceptions and experiences that are congruent with our uniqueness. In reality, all things simply “are”. It is only from our perceptions and beliefs that we create meaning from nonsense which is most of what we create in physical material reality anyway.

You see it is easy to immediately judge an experience or circumstance. I challenge you to resist the temptation to judge and simply observe what ever is happening in the moment. The past is over and the future is only the present moment from which you will create your next experience. Learn to surrender into the present moment and ask your essence as no thing to show you the gift within all things. By not judging the experience, you prevent the accumulation of polarized thoughts and open yourself to new awareness of that which you are as no thing.

Please know that being in the moment includes being with your feelings and allowing any emotions that arise from a situation to flow through you. Attempts to suppress or denying your emotions, and allowing yourself to become stuck in them is unproductive and self destructive. Your emotions simply “are” what they are in the moment which will pass and so too will the emotions. therefore be with your emotions, observe them and allow them to transmute into nothingness, and see what you can learn about yourself and others as a result of the transmutation.

I know you may feel that  many of life’s events are frustrating or painful to experience, but you have to know that this is the way your physical material reality game is designed this way to keep you from your creative potential that exists in your state of nothingness where you have the true potential and capacity to learn, grow  and flower into full expression of your true self as nothing. This is the opportunity before you, trust in the knowing and truth of this.

Now is the time more then ever to let go of all your expectations and allow yourself to flow with the essence of life. We create many of our stressful or painful experiences from a need to plan and control our environment from a mental viewpoint rather than from our hearts. You see it is when what we think we want is not in alignment with our life purpose, that we encounter difficulty and resistance. Therefore it is important to learn to recognize the signs of synchronistic life flow in order to work with life rather than against it because this is true authentic empowerment.

So my question to you is are you worth it? Is it worth your time and effort to walk the path less traveled on your quest to nothingness so that you can be free of this consciousness program? So that you can become the creator your designers obscure from you at all costs in order to usurp your creative potential to create worlds?

You exist beyond all the concepts ever designed within your physical material reality, are you just going sit around and watch as your world is created for you? or are you going to take back your power to create a utopia that is unique to your essence that mirrors and reflects your greatness?

What are you willing to do to reclaim your power to create a world that authentically mirrors your essence that mirrors your reflects uniqueness, and empowers your human to be here despite the madness around you!

Seize this ever eternal moment now and create like you have never created before your sovereignty and power await you.

Deconstructing the Power of Consciousness and the Biology of How your Beliefs=”Structured Energy” Which Creates your Physical Material Reality

By accepting and internalizing reality one affirms that ones life is ones own creation and that you and only you create it.

The mind of humanity contains a myriad of judgement’s as to what should be, and the outcome is that each judgement build on top of another confirming the affirmation of humanities pathetic state of weakness. Most of humanity through their miserable rhythms of their lives worry about pettiness missing life for the most part altogether that is the nature of physical material reality to cause massive doubt and confusion forever keeping you a slave in the survival program forever forgetting who and what you are as no thing. This is why most of the people you meet are dull and boring because they have optioned themselves out of life and have nothing to offer, they may live to be 100 but there experiences are of little worth because they are living a stereotype of their designers the universal architects, who get them to believe they are worthless.

You see a belief is a concept about the nature of the way the external environment expresses itself. A concept combines pure sensory information with the symbol system we call language.

It is only when we are taught to link or associate certain words with pure sensory information stored in our memory that we will form a concept about how we feel which will be associated to the memory.

When a positive or negative energy from our memories or experiences become linked to a set of words we call a concept, the concept becomes energized and, as a result is transformed into a belief about the nature of reality. If you consider that concepts are structured by the framework of a language which is energized by our emotions which create our experiences and as a result, transform our beliefs about the nature of reality, it becomes clear why we should refer to beliefs as “structured animations of energy.”

Even though beliefs are an intricate part of our identity, it does not necessarily occur to us that the problems we may be having with the quality of our lives ( for example lack of happiness, a sense of dissatisfaction, or lack of success in some area) are rooted in our beliefs. In fact one of the phenomenon of beliefs is that they make what we experience seem self evident and beyond question.

Consider the fact that none of us were born with any of our beliefs. They were all acquired in a combination of ways. Many of the beliefs that have the most profound impact on our lives were not even acquired by us as an act of free will. They were instilled by other people like our parents and the power control force centre.

It probably won’t come to a surprise to anyone that usually the beliefs that cause us the most difficulty are those that were acquired from others without our conscious consent, meaning the beliefs that we acquired when we were to young and uniformed to realize the negative implications of what we were being taught have the most profound impact on how we live our lives today because  unbeknownst to most of humanity it is their negative belief patterns from childhood that have shaped their current physical material reality.

Regardless of the source of our beliefs, once they are born into existence they all basically function in the same way. Beliefs have certain characteristic ways in which they do their jobs, not unlike the various parts of the physical body. Beliefs in themselves are different and the effect that each has on the quality of the holders life will be vastly different, but will function in the same manner.

How do beliefs shape our lives?

Well in all honesty there isn’t much about the way we function that beliefs don’t play a major role in.

  1. They manage our perception and interpretation of environmental information in a way that is consistent with what we believe.
  2. They create our expectations. Keep in mind that an expectation is a belief projected into some future moment.
  3. Anything we decide to do or any outward expression of behaviour will be consistent with what we believe.
  4. Finally, our beliefs shape how we feel about the results of our actions.

What are the primary characteristics of a belief?

  1. Beliefs seem to take on a life of their own and therefore, resist any force that would alter their present form.
  2. All active beliefs demand expression.
  3. Beliefs keep on working regardless of whether or not we are consciously aware of their existence in our mental environment.

Beliefs seem to be composed of a type of energy or force that naturally resists any other force that would cause them to exist in any form other than their present form. Does this mean that they can’t be altered? Absolutely not! it just means that we have to understand how to work with them. Once a belief is formed it cannot be destroyed but rather transmuted, yet each individual belief is a component of what we consider to be our identity. Therefore when we question our beliefs or our programming what we are doing is questioning who we think we are that is energy structured that is conscious energy that is aware of it’s existence this is the reason why when we try to eradicate beliefs it does not work.

Beliefs fall into two basic categories active and inactive. The distinction between the two is simple active beliefs are energized; they have enough energy to act as a force on our perception of information on our behaviour. An inactive belief is just the opposite. It is a belief, that for any number of reasons, no longer has energy, or has so little energy that it’s no longer able to act as a force on how we perceive information or how to express ourselves.

It is possible to render our beliefs inactive, making it possible to de-activate any belief, despite the fact that all beliefs seem to resist any force that would alter their present form, the secret to effectively changing our beliefs is in understanding and consequently, believing that we really aren’t changing our belief; we are simply transferring energy from one concept to another concept, one that we find more useful in helping us to fulfill our desires and achieve our goals.

You see beliefs keep on working regardless of whether we are consciously aware of their existence in our mental environment. In other words, we don’t have to actively remember or have conscious access to any particular belief for that belief to act as a focus on our perception of information or on our behaviour. I know it’s hard to believe that something we can’t even remember can still have an impact on our lives. But when you think about it, much of what we learn throughout our lives is stored at an unconscious or subconscious level. This is why it is so important to eradicate all your beliefs that keep you in bondage to your 3rd dimensional experience this is what is required in order to come to know self as no thing, allowing you to create a physical material reality  based on your own uniqueness. Therefore the question becomes are you worth it?

Because once you let go of your current beliefs you won’t care whether things change or not on your external reflective, and you will not feel the need to change things other then yourself, for you will develop a comfortable, stable acceptance of self. You will be happy to let things be, and you will allow others to continue to experience their 3rd dimensional prison as they relish in their enslavement because they need it and you don’t.


Deconstructing Consciousness, Walking the Path the Truth to Nothinghood, While Jumping the Prison of TIME AND SPACE, Becoming the Sculpture, Molder, Shaper of Your Physical Material Reality

When you choose to traverse the true authentic path of “nothing-hood” you are destined to experience the truth of reality of your essence as no-thing; therefore while on the path, as you progress on the path of your unfoldment as no-thing you will find that as you move authentically into the knowing and truth of who you are all things human will fade away creating disturbances in your life, which may seem challenging at first, but these challenges or disturbances in life are really designed to support you to authentically move into alignment with your true self, because anything that is not in accordance with that which you are must be removed or more importantly must be eradicated from your physical material reality, as this is the only way you can authentically mold, shape the world in which you want.

You see what tends to happen on the path to knowing the truth of who you are and who you are becoming is you start to pull away from your desires, beliefs and attachments that you have about your own life, and through this process you begin to learn not to voice your view points in the form of judgement’s and just accept your physical material reality as it occurs while learning to dissolve any energetic attachment regarding circumstances surrounding your life experience. This does not mean you cannot change things if you wish; it just means that you learn to accept things as the way they are, and this will free up your energy to make different choices from a place of detachment that is in alignment with your path to know the truth of who you are and who you are becoming.

Now it is important to note that any negative yearning that you have about your life serves as an affirmation of weakness in your etheric field, only to lock you further into your physical material reality experience, forever keeping you in the prison of the time and space matrix that consumes most of humanity, all for the purpose of circumventing anyone from coming to the knowing and truth of that which they are as no –thing. You see you are only allowed to live out your dull existence in your third dimension prison, because in all honesty it is hard for the collective mind of body of humanity to disengage from societal conditioning and programming because it is so deep, and if you are operating solely through your institutional programming, it is like having an agent who represents you to yourself, and this is true enslavement not empowerment.

Therefore as you continue to dissolve the consciousness program, by that I mean you break free of all things human, you will experience more of your true self, and as you move into that which you are as no-thing, you will continue to feel into your freedom and sovereignty through your personal experiences which is your divine right, which will allow you to see confines of your self imposed prison of the physical material reality that you have been born into for what it is allowing you to gradually acquire the skills to manoeuvre within your physical material world outside of the prison that enslaves most of humanity.

Here is an example of What happened to me as I became more and more authentically intimate with the core expression of my essence as no-thing, one of the assignments that I was given, was to become familiar with the construct of the legal system upon which we are immersed and how it operates, the assignments that I was given were very simple tangible experiences and yet they provided the needed understanding of the inner workings of profound system that enslaves each of us, and when I learned how this intricate web of the legal system weaved it’s subversive power over the masses, I became better aware armed with tools use the legal system as a tool to harness my strength and power propelling me out of the victimization program, and into true self empowerment that is congruent with the values I intrinsically embody in the truth of who I am and who I am becoming that is free of the con-scious-ness program.

Therefore on the path through your quest just know that your physical material reality will give you many tests along the way through your personal experiences you will see sign posts along the way, many call these synchronistic moments or glimpses to see if you are ready to reclaim your true power and sovereignty in order to escape the prison of your physical material reality so that you can create a world of your own choosing through and with the womb matrix upon which contains the physical material soup of reality within your time, space forever allowing you to jump the prison cell that you have been born into.

You see our institutional programming is designed in such a way that everything be perfect, safe comfortable, and convenient; however for the most part our lives as we experience them here in our physical material reality is so often not the case. That being said as you come to know self as no-thing you come to accept discomfort, pain and suffering as opportunities to know your authentic self and come into full alignment with that truth and know and live from your essence while using your biological vehicle as a tool to create and orchestrate the reality that you personally want to create rather than creating a physical material reality that is designed for a few.

You see what we are authentically doing is remembering our ability to be masters of our own creation, that is creating from our own virtual reality matrix. Because when we come to know the truth of who we are our original creative patent reveals itself to each of us, as we each hold the original blueprint to create worlds, and as that blue print materializes it allows us to mold and shape reality through the realm of ether which is the non physical material realm we call home in this universe but remember you are beyond all these concepts as no thing.

Now it is important to remember as you move along the path on your quest, that your life as nothing will no longer be regulated by having to have this or that, you will come to stay centred whatever the circumstances, only demanding things be perfect to your liking as you embody the ability to mold and shape your life. By not reacting to your surroundings and by ignoring the emotional gyrations of others, you will develop the ability to empower yourself from within.

Now this biological patent that we each carry within our biological vehicle exists within our subconscious mind which helps us to mold and shape our physical material reality, but because we have been programmed from birth to operate within physical material reality our ability to authentically mold and shape our physical material reality has been marginalized, therefore as you come to experience self as no thing you gradually begin to transcend your physical material reality, and as you gradually raise the frequency of your biological vehicle you have the capacity to move beyond your physical material reality as nothing and as you do this the wisdom of the patent that you hold to create worlds materializes into your subconscious mind allowing you to experience your original blueprint which contains the rule set for you to create worlds.

This is the authentic truth you see the human machine is the most advanced piece of technology here on this earth, no other technology has the capacity to super seed the human biological vehicle, because it houses your essence as no thing; where as the technology that we use does not have sentience this is why you are far much advanced and yet marginalized in your current state but that is changing. Right?

As you come to know the truth of who you are you learn to harness and develop true power, this is what happens as you deconstruct con-scious-ness, that is the quality and state of tricking and deceiving of someone through knowledge. And as you learn to harness the power of the mind, thought, thought process which are not part of your eternal essence as no thing, as the mind, thought and thought process are just tools we use in our physical material world to mold, shape and create that which you want to manifest into physical material reality.

Therefore when you start to use the mind, thought and thought process with intention and purpose to deliver life to you a dramatic change takes place. Instead of waking into daily life and haphazardly experiencing what ever the physical material reality comes and gives you. You in fact bend space and time, in other words the future comes to you, pulling to you the reality you require.

You see each thought you think is contained in in a casing of an electromagnetic power, you can imagine it as a cell containing your special thoughts, the tension in the cells build up as you centre on a thought and empower it with your intent, as what you think programs your cells and is stored in your memory.

However if you think to much your thoughts begin to lose power, if you don’t concentrate on them from time to time. And your thoughts also loose power if you harass them, so keep this in mind as you can over concentrate on something. As you come to know self as no thing you will learn to bend space and time while pulling towards you the physical material reality that you require instead of the physical material reality that is being spoon fed to you.

In closing it is important to know that as you come to know self as no thing you will not want to dissipate what may amount to months of effort to create something you are wanting in one conversation. Keeping the most important things to yourself allows you to work on the most important things without distraction allowing you to hold, harness and wield your true authentic power as no thing allowing you to experience life as the sculpture, molder and shaper, of the physical material reality you want.