Deconstructing Consciousness, Walking the Path the Truth to Nothinghood, While Jumping the Prison of TIME AND SPACE, Becoming the Sculpture, Molder, Shaper of Your Physical Material Reality

When you choose to traverse the true authentic path of “nothing-hood” you are destined to experience the truth of reality of your essence as no-thing; therefore while on the path, as you progress on the path of your unfoldment as no-thing you will find that as you move authentically into the knowing and truth of who you are all things human will fade away creating disturbances in your life, which may seem challenging at first, but these challenges or disturbances in life are really designed to support you to authentically move into alignment with your true self, because anything that is not in accordance with that which you are must be removed or more importantly must be eradicated from your physical material reality, as this is the only way you can authentically mold, shape the world in which you want.

You see what tends to happen on the path to knowing the truth of who you are and who you are becoming is you start to pull away from your desires, beliefs and attachments that you have about your own life, and through this process you begin to learn not to voice your view points in the form of judgement’s and just accept your physical material reality as it occurs while learning to dissolve any energetic attachment regarding circumstances surrounding your life experience. This does not mean you cannot change things if you wish; it just means that you learn to accept things as the way they are, and this will free up your energy to make different choices from a place of detachment that is in alignment with your path to know the truth of who you are and who you are becoming.

Now it is important to note that any negative yearning that you have about your life serves as an affirmation of weakness in your etheric field, only to lock you further into your physical material reality experience, forever keeping you in the prison of the time and space matrix that consumes most of humanity, all for the purpose of circumventing anyone from coming to the knowing and truth of that which they are as no –thing. You see you are only allowed to live out your dull existence in your third dimension prison, because in all honesty it is hard for the collective mind of body of humanity to disengage from societal conditioning and programming because it is so deep, and if you are operating solely through your institutional programming, it is like having an agent who represents you to yourself, and this is true enslavement not empowerment.

Therefore as you continue to dissolve the consciousness program, by that I mean you break free of all things human, you will experience more of your true self, and as you move into that which you are as no-thing, you will continue to feel into your freedom and sovereignty through your personal experiences which is your divine right, which will allow you to see confines of your self imposed prison of the physical material reality that you have been born into for what it is allowing you to gradually acquire the skills to manoeuvre within your physical material world outside of the prison that enslaves most of humanity.

Here is an example of What happened to me as I became more and more authentically intimate with the core expression of my essence as no-thing, one of the assignments that I was given, was to become familiar with the construct of the legal system upon which we are immersed and how it operates, the assignments that I was given were very simple tangible experiences and yet they provided the needed understanding of the inner workings of profound system that enslaves each of us, and when I learned how this intricate web of the legal system weaved it’s subversive power over the masses, I became better aware armed with tools use the legal system as a tool to harness my strength and power propelling me out of the victimization program, and into true self empowerment that is congruent with the values I intrinsically embody in the truth of who I am and who I am becoming that is free of the con-scious-ness program.

Therefore on the path through your quest just know that your physical material reality will give you many tests along the way through your personal experiences you will see sign posts along the way, many call these synchronistic moments or glimpses to see if you are ready to reclaim your true power and sovereignty in order to escape the prison of your physical material reality so that you can create a world of your own choosing through and with the womb matrix upon which contains the physical material soup of reality within your time, space forever allowing you to jump the prison cell that you have been born into.

You see our institutional programming is designed in such a way that everything be perfect, safe comfortable, and convenient; however for the most part our lives as we experience them here in our physical material reality is so often not the case. That being said as you come to know self as no-thing you come to accept discomfort, pain and suffering as opportunities to know your authentic self and come into full alignment with that truth and know and live from your essence while using your biological vehicle as a tool to create and orchestrate the reality that you personally want to create rather than creating a physical material reality that is designed for a few.

You see what we are authentically doing is remembering our ability to be masters of our own creation, that is creating from our own virtual reality matrix. Because when we come to know the truth of who we are our original creative patent reveals itself to each of us, as we each hold the original blueprint to create worlds, and as that blue print materializes it allows us to mold and shape reality through the realm of ether which is the non physical material realm we call home in this universe but remember you are beyond all these concepts as no thing.

Now it is important to remember as you move along the path on your quest, that your life as nothing will no longer be regulated by having to have this or that, you will come to stay centred whatever the circumstances, only demanding things be perfect to your liking as you embody the ability to mold and shape your life. By not reacting to your surroundings and by ignoring the emotional gyrations of others, you will develop the ability to empower yourself from within.

Now this biological patent that we each carry within our biological vehicle exists within our subconscious mind which helps us to mold and shape our physical material reality, but because we have been programmed from birth to operate within physical material reality our ability to authentically mold and shape our physical material reality has been marginalized, therefore as you come to experience self as no thing you gradually begin to transcend your physical material reality, and as you gradually raise the frequency of your biological vehicle you have the capacity to move beyond your physical material reality as nothing and as you do this the wisdom of the patent that you hold to create worlds materializes into your subconscious mind allowing you to experience your original blueprint which contains the rule set for you to create worlds.

This is the authentic truth you see the human machine is the most advanced piece of technology here on this earth, no other technology has the capacity to super seed the human biological vehicle, because it houses your essence as no thing; where as the technology that we use does not have sentience this is why you are far much advanced and yet marginalized in your current state but that is changing. Right?

As you come to know the truth of who you are you learn to harness and develop true power, this is what happens as you deconstruct con-scious-ness, that is the quality and state of tricking and deceiving of someone through knowledge. And as you learn to harness the power of the mind, thought, thought process which are not part of your eternal essence as no thing, as the mind, thought and thought process are just tools we use in our physical material world to mold, shape and create that which you want to manifest into physical material reality.

Therefore when you start to use the mind, thought and thought process with intention and purpose to deliver life to you a dramatic change takes place. Instead of waking into daily life and haphazardly experiencing what ever the physical material reality comes and gives you. You in fact bend space and time, in other words the future comes to you, pulling to you the reality you require.

You see each thought you think is contained in in a casing of an electromagnetic power, you can imagine it as a cell containing your special thoughts, the tension in the cells build up as you centre on a thought and empower it with your intent, as what you think programs your cells and is stored in your memory.

However if you think to much your thoughts begin to lose power, if you don’t concentrate on them from time to time. And your thoughts also loose power if you harass them, so keep this in mind as you can over concentrate on something. As you come to know self as no thing you will learn to bend space and time while pulling towards you the physical material reality that you require instead of the physical material reality that is being spoon fed to you.

In closing it is important to know that as you come to know self as no thing you will not want to dissipate what may amount to months of effort to create something you are wanting in one conversation. Keeping the most important things to yourself allows you to work on the most important things without distraction allowing you to hold, harness and wield your true authentic power as no thing allowing you to experience life as the sculpture, molder and shaper, of the physical material reality you want.


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