Deconstructing the Power of Consciousness and the Biology of How your Beliefs=”Structured Energy” Which Creates your Physical Material Reality

By accepting and internalizing reality one affirms that ones life is ones own creation and that you and only you create it.

The mind of humanity contains a myriad of judgement’s as to what should be, and the outcome is that each judgement build on top of another confirming the affirmation of humanities pathetic state of weakness. Most of humanity through their miserable rhythms of their lives worry about pettiness missing life for the most part altogether that is the nature of physical material reality to cause massive doubt and confusion forever keeping you a slave in the survival program forever forgetting who and what you are as no thing. This is why most of the people you meet are dull and boring because they have optioned themselves out of life and have nothing to offer, they may live to be 100 but there experiences are of little worth because they are living a stereotype of their designers the universal architects, who get them to believe they are worthless.

You see a belief is a concept about the nature of the way the external environment expresses itself. A concept combines pure sensory information with the symbol system we call language.

It is only when we are taught to link or associate certain words with pure sensory information stored in our memory that we will form a concept about how we feel which will be associated to the memory.

When a positive or negative energy from our memories or experiences become linked to a set of words we call a concept, the concept becomes energized and, as a result is transformed into a belief about the nature of reality. If you consider that concepts are structured by the framework of a language which is energized by our emotions which create our experiences and as a result, transform our beliefs about the nature of reality, it becomes clear why we should refer to beliefs as “structured animations of energy.”

Even though beliefs are an intricate part of our identity, it does not necessarily occur to us that the problems we may be having with the quality of our lives ( for example lack of happiness, a sense of dissatisfaction, or lack of success in some area) are rooted in our beliefs. In fact one of the phenomenon of beliefs is that they make what we experience seem self evident and beyond question.

Consider the fact that none of us were born with any of our beliefs. They were all acquired in a combination of ways. Many of the beliefs that have the most profound impact on our lives were not even acquired by us as an act of free will. They were instilled by other people like our parents and the power control force centre.

It probably won’t come to a surprise to anyone that usually the beliefs that cause us the most difficulty are those that were acquired from others without our conscious consent, meaning the beliefs that we acquired when we were to young and uniformed to realize the negative implications of what we were being taught have the most profound impact on how we live our lives today because  unbeknownst to most of humanity it is their negative belief patterns from childhood that have shaped their current physical material reality.

Regardless of the source of our beliefs, once they are born into existence they all basically function in the same way. Beliefs have certain characteristic ways in which they do their jobs, not unlike the various parts of the physical body. Beliefs in themselves are different and the effect that each has on the quality of the holders life will be vastly different, but will function in the same manner.

How do beliefs shape our lives?

Well in all honesty there isn’t much about the way we function that beliefs don’t play a major role in.

  1. They manage our perception and interpretation of environmental information in a way that is consistent with what we believe.
  2. They create our expectations. Keep in mind that an expectation is a belief projected into some future moment.
  3. Anything we decide to do or any outward expression of behaviour will be consistent with what we believe.
  4. Finally, our beliefs shape how we feel about the results of our actions.

What are the primary characteristics of a belief?

  1. Beliefs seem to take on a life of their own and therefore, resist any force that would alter their present form.
  2. All active beliefs demand expression.
  3. Beliefs keep on working regardless of whether or not we are consciously aware of their existence in our mental environment.

Beliefs seem to be composed of a type of energy or force that naturally resists any other force that would cause them to exist in any form other than their present form. Does this mean that they can’t be altered? Absolutely not! it just means that we have to understand how to work with them. Once a belief is formed it cannot be destroyed but rather transmuted, yet each individual belief is a component of what we consider to be our identity. Therefore when we question our beliefs or our programming what we are doing is questioning who we think we are that is energy structured that is conscious energy that is aware of it’s existence this is the reason why when we try to eradicate beliefs it does not work.

Beliefs fall into two basic categories active and inactive. The distinction between the two is simple active beliefs are energized; they have enough energy to act as a force on our perception of information on our behaviour. An inactive belief is just the opposite. It is a belief, that for any number of reasons, no longer has energy, or has so little energy that it’s no longer able to act as a force on how we perceive information or how to express ourselves.

It is possible to render our beliefs inactive, making it possible to de-activate any belief, despite the fact that all beliefs seem to resist any force that would alter their present form, the secret to effectively changing our beliefs is in understanding and consequently, believing that we really aren’t changing our belief; we are simply transferring energy from one concept to another concept, one that we find more useful in helping us to fulfill our desires and achieve our goals.

You see beliefs keep on working regardless of whether we are consciously aware of their existence in our mental environment. In other words, we don’t have to actively remember or have conscious access to any particular belief for that belief to act as a focus on our perception of information or on our behaviour. I know it’s hard to believe that something we can’t even remember can still have an impact on our lives. But when you think about it, much of what we learn throughout our lives is stored at an unconscious or subconscious level. This is why it is so important to eradicate all your beliefs that keep you in bondage to your 3rd dimensional experience this is what is required in order to come to know self as no thing, allowing you to create a physical material reality  based on your own uniqueness. Therefore the question becomes are you worth it?

Because once you let go of your current beliefs you won’t care whether things change or not on your external reflective, and you will not feel the need to change things other then yourself, for you will develop a comfortable, stable acceptance of self. You will be happy to let things be, and you will allow others to continue to experience their 3rd dimensional prison as they relish in their enslavement because they need it and you don’t.



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