Deconstructing Consciousness, The Act of Creation is Being Your Self = Art of being No One = Living as Creator

When you are living as nothing you are living as creator, the more you learn to be no one, the better you are equipped to unseat the old personality of who you thought you were. In the act of creation, when you become aware that being a nobody or no thing in no time or no space we no longer create our customary chemical signature because we are not the same identity, we don’t think and feel in the same way as when we lived in ego consciousness only identifying with mind and body and our environment. Those neural networks our survival thinking hardwired are now turned off and the personality that was addicted to continually signalling the body to produce stress hormones is gone.

Thus the emotional self that lived in survival mode is no longer functioning, when that happens, our former identity, the state of being imprisoned by survival based thinking and feeling, is no more. Since we are no longer being the same being, emotional energy that had been bound to the body is now free to move.

So what happens is the emotions that fed the emotional self from the lower bodies now go to the heart area and up to the brain were we feel joy love peace expansive in touch with our divine essence as no thing. It is through this process that we fail learn to fall in love with our creations. We experience our natural state of being when we are in the act of creating, once we stop energizing the emotional through stress hormones, we move from being ego self to our true self as nothing.

With the old energy now transmuted into higher frequency emotions, the body is liberated from it’s emotional bondage. We are lifted above the physical material world to the non physical material ether no longer perceiving physical material reality through the limited 5 sensory perception of time and space, we experience a vast landscape of nothingness upon which we can create the utopia based on our uniqueness. We no longer experience life through the lenses of the survival programs and their associated emotions we now experience life through the lenses of creator with the associated emotions of love, peace, joy, reverence and respect in the knowing and truth that you have value as nothing. We are now quantum observers of a new destiny based on our exquisite uniqueness and this heals the body and frees the mind while eradicating fear.

We are progressing into a period in our collective history where matter must be infused with our essence as no thing, leading to what the Tibetan calls the “new materialism.” where we neither exalt nor abuse matter for selfish ends; rather we wield the energies and utilize them for the realization of the divine plan for ourselves and create out of our true expression as no thing that which mirrors our unique expression as no thing.

It is important to note that when you are living in survival, your trying to control or manipulate an outcome, that’s what the ego does. When you’re living in the elevated emotion of creation, you feel so lifted that you would never try to analyze how or when a chosen destiny will arrive. You know that it will happen because you have already it in mind and body, in thought and feeling. You know that it will, because you feel connected to something greater. You are in a state of gratitude because you feel like it has already happened as the future is here in the present moment inside you not outside on the periphery.

Therefore open up to the multitude of possibilities, and allow the future to come to you because your future resides within you, and as you learn to choose your destiny, remember it is you who is choosing your future in the present moment as it is already coming towards you, therefore what you choose to think about, is what you are desiring the most and is already coming towards you, the stronger the desire the faster your future will materialize, that’s how creation works itself through you.

Now desire is a great inciting power of the mind. Desire is that which incites us to action. We always act upon our strongest desires and they originate in our subconscious mind we can feel her there as desires are the emotive feminine force and the motive will power is the male force as the word motive means that which acts, wills, chooses, controls. And the word emotive means that which manifests feeling emotion, agitation, passion, sensations etc.

It is the emotive force of desire and motive pole of will power that play an important part in the art of manifesting your physical material reality. However most people allow their desires to be scattered and ill defined whereby defusing the attracting power of the will, needed to manifest more quickly and easily. It is through concentrating and focusing your desire force by the will, that you get the results you want above the average person. The will is the director and controller of the desire force which concentrates itself through the brain which acts as the transformer of the universal mind power of the heart that whereby transmuting your desires into physical material reality. The brain cannot create mind power as it’s office is merely to convert and transform energy into usable forces and phases.

So as you linger in the creative state of the desire force where you are no longer your identity, your simply resting a nothing as the creator potential that is you, the nerve cells that once fired together to form that old self are no longer wiring together. This is when the old personality is being biologically dismantled. Those feelings connected to that identity, which conditioned the body to the same mind, are no longer signaling the same genes in the same ways. Therefore the more you overcome your ego, the more the physical evidence of the old personality is changed. The old you is gone and the creator potential that is you is emerges allowing you to create a world a utopia of your own choosing and making that is based on your unique expression.


3 thoughts on “Deconstructing Consciousness, The Act of Creation is Being Your Self = Art of being No One = Living as Creator

  1. Beautiful post! Have you seen the film Jurassic World? There is a lot of gene splicing and creation of organisms in the film. It looks like they like playing God. What do you think? I think this is a moral issue as well.

    1. I am glad you enjoyed the post and yes I have not seen the film Jurassic World sounds interesting with your connections, the power control force are playing GOD and yet that is your JOB! and so they keep that from us but that is changing it truly is a glorious time! Enjoy!

  2. Yes it truly is a grand time to be alive, I for one have been reciting the phrase
    “Nuk pu Nada” which means I AM NoThing and it helps me to break down all of the cultural and societal barriers that have been placed in front of me thru my upbringing . I don’t blame my parents nor teachers because i don’t feel like they had been exposed to this type of information. I think they did there best for there set of circumstances. I came to the conclusion that true peace and bliss is a non-moving resting peaceful state that is unaffected by change because in our true essence we exist eternally as pure raw potential as opposed to the physical plane of experience where change is a constant predominating force in this seemingly physical reality .The state of nothingness is where we exist before any creation takes place,because creation is incomplete and imperfect and thru duality it is really a balancing act . Thanks for your work and Wise words that resonate with me .

    The character known as Corey Cage…

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