Liberation from Con-scious-ness Program, The Money Tyrant Archetype , True Power and Freedom exists by De-Activating the Vibration of Money?

The power control force know that debt and/or money issues will affect your emotional state of being and self esteem as the debtor credit system are commensurate with money problems because the power control force remember are the designers of the concept of money, which is simply a metaphor designed to mirror and manipulate your essence into the power control forces work debt/credit slave system, and this is why most of humanity has emotional issues around money, and why the power control force use money to create the fertile soil for your unconscious dysfunctional relationship with money in order to manipulate your essence and keep it in a subservient position while living out your life experience in their hierarchical matrix of time and space.

Now it is important to note that every repetitive thought or belief has a corresponding neural pathway that in turn affects your emotions which then affects your whole being’s energy and vibration. Everything that exists in your physical material reality has a vibration frequency that is measurable. For example the chair that you are sitting on and all things including your thoughts emit a vibration. We now have the ability to measure the different frequencies including the frequencies of different thoughts. Interestingly, negative thoughts like anger, worry, fear, scarcity and guilt measure very low on the scale, while positive thoughts like love, forgiveness, abundance thinking yield the highest measurements. Everything we touch or engage in is deeply affected by our vibration.

Our money thoughts/vibrations are influenced by what we have learned about money from parents, relatives, religious institutions, schools etc and will be with us forever if left unchecked. Therefore the vibration of money simply mirrors our essence as nothing, therefore the more we know who we are the better able we can directly impact our biological blueprint around money. If we really consider it the concept of money is the very foundation that guides all of our unconscious, subconscious and even conscious decisions. It cannot and will not change on its own our concept of money that is, every choice we make about money is based on our biological blueprint or patent that we carry into this life. If one is not aware of their vibration or blueprint regarding money they cannot change it. It is important to remember that we cannot change what we are not aware of.

Therefore if we look into the inner workings of the power control force we come to realize that they are masters of the tyrant archetype they use money to control people, events, and circumstances. The power control force as tyrant hoards money, using it to manipulate and control others. Now although the power control force tyrants may have everything they need or desire, they never feel complete, comfortable, or at peace with what they already have in their possession or control.

You see the power control force as tyrant greatest fear is loss of control. Tyrants are often overdeveloped Warriors who have become highly invested in their need for control and dominance. While Warriors are often heroic in their true concern for others’ welfare, Tyrants are purely self interested. This type is interested in power and control for its own sake and will forsake other people if necessary to gain more of it. Throughout history, the Tyrant has emerged as the ruler who dominates and destroys with no sign of remorse that’s the power control force in a nut shell.

Today the power control force Tyrants are the political leaders, business people, or family figureheads who use whatever means necessary to win at all costs. The power control force as tyrant is a master manipulator of both people and money. Perhaps it’s because the Tyrant type is often the most financially successful image we have in our society that so many of us believe that money is the root of all evil, but really at the deepest level money is the most pervasive tool that the power and control force use to maintain dominion and rule over your essence as nothing.

Therefore in order for you to sustain the knowing and truth of who you are within, you must dissolve all negative feelings from emotional attachments and needs. This involves giving up those beliefs that no longer serve you. You see each place where you are emotionally attached creates structured energy and like a grappling hook it binds you to consciousness and your physical material reality.

Therefore in order to traverse outside of your physical material reality you have to disengage and disintegrate all your emotional attachments to consciousness and your physical material world, otherwise the weight of emotional attachments will not allow you to rise above your comfort level in order for you to traverse the ether realm allowing you to mold and shape consciousness into a reality of your own choosing and making.

The power needed to accelerate you past your current state is greater than you can imagine in your current state, and the more stripped of emotions you are the less opinions or beliefs you hold, and the less rigidity you create, then the more your ability to break out of the gravitational grip of the “collective” consciousness is enhanced by the lightness of your emotional load. In other words you can’t truly know self as nothing, and hold the same feelings, and emotional vibration as the masses of people around you.

When you come to know your true self as nothing, you gradually learn to create an emotional barrier between your essence and your material world through the non physical realm the ether, which is a psychic demarcation zone, through which no emotion will pass, and as you come to know self as nothing your essence becomes the buffer between the personality of who you think your are and life circumstances, and when that happens, there is no need to react or retaliate, when you come up against life circumstances you will simply watch and wait in silence and learn to move with grace as the womb matrix dismantles before your very eyes, and all things human fade!


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