Deconstructing Consciousness, The Human Domain Verses the Journey to Nothing-hood =Hero’s Journey Epic Story Line Plot=A Call To Transform into NO THING

The journey to know self as nothing has the same elements as those identified in the hero’s journey epic movie plots, the only difference on the path to nothing-hood is that you take a journey into the unknown of your unconscious inner world knowingly or unknowingly, it’s a place where you face the shadow aspects or story line of your defined personality that has been imposed upon your essence as nothing that is the stories that define who you think you are and keep you enamored in consciousness. While on the path to nothing-hood you may journey on your own or with the aid of others however that is for you to decide. That being said whence you emerge on the other side of nothing-hood you will have a more integrated sense of yourself as nothing, which may leave you with the desire to share your gifts with others or not, you have the right to choose whether to engage the programmed reality that you have been born into that you now know to be a dream of fakery and trickery once you come to know self as nothing.

It is important to remember on the path to nothing-hood it is not something you can “figure out.” It is experiential in that the process involves a series of lived experiences, you cannot reason your way into nothing-hood as there is no substitute to know the truth of who you are other than through experience, as it is not an intellectual feat, which is why the power control force keep you locked in the grip of their consciousness program.

Expressing your uniqueness and standing up to the mainstream culture in spite of it, and doing your own thing—gives rise to tremendous amount of guilt, as society expects us to adapt to others. However the path to nothing-hood will propel you to individuate and develop an “exclusive adaptation to your inner reality as you flower as nothing and align your life with what your true Self asks of you, rather than with what society might expect. Therefore the guilt that arises from doing this must be transmuted into nothing. How? By “bringing forth new values” that serve and express your uniqueness.

The path to nothing journey has an underlying pattern which creates an energetic pathway of “vocation,”a calling for the work of self analysis. The Latin root of “vocation”means “calling.” Your essence as nothing has been “called” to “emancipate itself from the herd and from its well-worn paths. Therefore the path to being nothing begin’s with a catalyst and usually starts with you questioning your life purpose, it may have been precipitated by a feeling of emptiness, or like so many who have felt or are feeling a sense of excruciating pain while suffering in quiet desperation; either way something is binding you emotionally, which gets you asking the deeper questions, like can I release everything I have to family, friends, my neighbourhood, money, my country my origins, or basically you start questioning everything you believe in as you begin to come to the realization, that you have a grave dissatisfaction with your physical material reality.

Now it is important to know that you will not experience being nothing if you do not grant yourself direct access to that which you are, that is the source of power that emanates through you, which is beyond any emotional content of your physical material experience and beyond the ether realm upon which your physical material reality is created from. For if you don’t allow the elixer of life itself to flow through your biological vehicle it becomes an affirmation that physical decay and death is at your door whether you realize it or not and you won’t feel strong enough to be that which you are, in your own right if you are operating soley through an your physical material reality through all your institutions, because they it is like having an agent that represents you to yourself, and this is not fully empowering nor is it designed to be so. When you are being no one there is no dogma’s, no guilt, and you will not accept any petty maneuvers of religions as you will disassociate from any institutions as they breed individuals who are insecure and and relish in self – importance.

So the question becomes What level of self sustaining individuality have you mastered? in other words do you still need others to come with you on the your quest to nothingness? or can you walk through life unassisted?

Therefore on the path of nothing – hood the question becomes… What level of loneliness can you sustain?

Can you exist in non physical material reality where there is no one to help you to save you if you fall, to advise you? in other words can you walk through physical material reality unassisted no matter what? can you stand in the full grace of your uniqueness knowing that what you are experiencing as reality is unique to you?

To what depth can you trust yourself? can you place your faith in knowing that you will come to know and experience the truth of who you are and who you are becoming despite what others are doing? Can you be comfortable with yourself as nothing were no one recognizes you? where there is no ego gratification, no awards, no accolades?

Is your belief in yourself and your individuality unassailable? Can you back yourself no matter what? Through thick and thin? regardless of your circumstances? or is your belief in yourself vulnerable? Could someone come up to you and rattle your insecurities forcing you to run and hide?

What do you feel about the physical material world and the situation you find yourself in? Can you leave humanity alone as it continues to create a world designed to enslave that is designed by the power control force. Can you allow humanity their destiny? and not have a need to change anything on their external reflective? is there anything that anyone could say that would upset you, influence you or challenge your decisions? Do you still do things to make others happy? do you still seek others approval? are you still trying to win people over?

If your answer is yes, then why? because if you are settled within yourself you don’t have to win people’s affections. They either like you or they don’t. Their opinion is irrelevant. What about the institution’s can you see them for what they are or do you still believe in them?

Do you absolutely control your needs or are you reliant on others? do you dominate your destiny or are you affirming your prison sentence because when you come to know the truth of who you are as no thing, you will be free of this consciousness program I guarantee it.

Is your philosophy on life yours? or is it something you acquired from your family, friends and institutions? are you blindly following along our do you question everything?

Can you let go of who you think your are and start all over again? realizing that the personality that is you, you know all the characters you play in your life and how they served you to a certain point, but that you no longer identify with?

Does coming to know the truth of who you are frighten you? or does the whole idea of transcending consciousness all together elude you?

At this point you may be either nauseated or disenchanted about coming to know self as no thing and this idea of transcending the con-scious-ness program altogether,regardless the trick is to not deceive yourself and become more aware of the fact that you live in world where everyone is sleeping for the most part. Learning to develop greater awareness as no thing means first understanding how you’ve been programmed to think, feel and behave in this world since birth and that this is not all that their is to life and that you have the capacity if you so choose to build a world of your own creation instead of the world that humanity is building for the power control force.

You see you have to back yourself otherwise who will? because in this world it’s hard for people to accept the truth. They can’t accept the possibility that they are no thing because it has never been suggested to them.

Therefore the reality that you are no thing is a reality that most of humanity won’t and can’t accept because it makes them uncomfortable and it threatens their self image. If you intend to know the truth of who you are as no thing as I am sure you do you will find that once you know who you are and live in that truth and knowing it will be the most power experience you will ever embrace in human form that is the opportunity for you now in this moment.

Once you can settle into what is real that is experiencing self as no thing, and accepting the circumstances of life, then you can enter into a refreshing simplicity and live life through your own energy as you affirm your alignment is not with the physical world with it’s ego-centric play acting, but to your essence within, and that while you experience life through your physical body, it is possible to accept this and live in your physical material world while you are centered in the truth and knowing of who you are and who you are becoming while focusing on creating a world of your own.

Once on the path to know self no thing through the felt aspect of the experiences of your life and thus as you engage the process of learning to be in the physical, with awareness of the mental body in order to reconnect with the emotional body  will allow you to gradually release the attachments you have to your manufactured identities, which  will allow you to gain vibrational awareness which takes on a  very specific pattern on the quest it is the  hero’s journey pattern. Maybe as you read through the pattern you can see where your at in the process of your own unfoldment to being no one.

Transcending consciousness through deconstruction, Engaging the process on the road less traveled

The Call to Return to Nothing-hood

When your essence as nothing hears a call to return to it’s natural state of paradise from which it was captured into consciousness it begins from a mundane situation in your physical material reality from which some consciousness, information or data is received into and through your biological vehicle and the personality that is who you think you are that acts on your individuated consciousness and acts as a call to head into the unknown nothingness from hence you came from beyond your physical material world and beyond your non physical material world.

Refusal of the Call to return to Your Paradise State

Often when the call to return to your natural state of nothing-hood, your essence will refuse to heed the call. This may be from a sense of power that your personality and biological vehicle and the familiar seductive world of materialism, and out of a sense of fear, obligation, insecurity or a sense of inadequacy experienced by the personality that is you or any other ranges of reasons and excuses the ego consciousness can come up with is what holds your essence in its current circumstances in the womb matrix of this time and space continuum.

Remembrance of your Natural State of Nothing-hood

Once your essence has committed to return to the quest to return to it’s natural state of paradise consciously or unconsciously, your essence as nothing manifests itself as a mirror reflective in physicality which acts as a facilitator, or magical helper, this supernatural mentor will present our essence information or data to support your essence to dismantle the consciousness program that will aid your essence later in your quest to nothing – hood.

The crossing into your paradise state

This is the point where the personality that is you relinquishes it’s hold on your essence allowing you to see your essence it full glory it is this first encounter that thrust you on the quest never looking back, allowing you to leave the know limits of your physical material world allowing your essence to explore and experience the unknown unfamiliar territory of nothingness hence which you have forgotten hence which you are just remembering for the first time of who you are and who you are becoming as nothing.

The adventure is always and every where a passage beyond the veil of the known into the unkown; the power control force are watchers of the womb matrix and to deal with them initially can be risky; yet for anyone with competence and courage the fear of danger fades as consciousness dissolves before your all seeing eyes.

The Deconstruction of Consciousness

The deconstruction of consciousness represents the final separation from your essence state of nothingness and the physical material world and the personality that is you. By entering this stage in your process to nothing-hood the personality that you think you are shows a willingness to undergo a metamorphosis.

Initiation on the Path to Nothing – hood

The road less traveled to noting presents a series of test, tasks or ordeals that the personality that is you must undergo to transcend consciousness. It is at this stage of the journey that the personality that is you fails one or more of these tests which often occurs in threes.

Your essence is covertly aided by consciousness, information or data, through your supernatural facilitator, guide or helper, which is simply a mirror reflective of your essence as nothing whom you met before your entrance into nothing-hood. You may discover at this point that your essence is a benign power everywhere that is supporting you to escape the womb matrix of time and space in your superhuman quest to know self as nothing.
The beginning of the long and really perilous path of initiatory conquests and moments of illumination are enough to entice your essence to continue on the quest into the unknown abyse of nothing-hood

Meeting with your ESSENCE as Nothing

This is the point when the personality that is you experiences a love that has the power and significance of the all powerful, all encompassing, unconditional love that a fortunate infant may experience with his or her mother. This is a very important step in the process and is often represented by coming into contact with your essence as nothing with no go between and melting into her divine exquisite nature.

Experiencing your Essence verses Physical Temptation of nature

In this step, your essence as nothing faces those temptations, often of a physical or pleasureable nature, that of the physical material reality that may cause your personality to forget it’s experience of nothingness in the present moment experience, that may cause your essence to abandon or stray from it’s quest because of the strong hold of nature or the earth mother, which is a metaphor for the physical material temptations of life, which can tempt your essence away from it’s paradise state by lust on ones quest to know self as nothing.

Atonement from Ego Consciousness to Nothing-hood

In this step your personality that is you must confront and be initiated by ego consciousness which holds the ultimate power in your life. It is your ego consciousness which has been shaped by the power control force from inception that has life and death power and has captured your essence into this consciousness program. This is the center point of your journey that is to have your essence embody physical form in order to over ride and supersede your ego consciousness in physically which will allow you to mold and shape your reality into what you want rather then what the power control force want that is to use your creative potential for the building of their one world. All previous steps have been moving into place, and all that follow will move out from it.
As the personality of who you think you are transcends life with its peculiar blind spots and rises to glimpse its state of paradise as nothing the personality that is you beholds the face of ego consciousness, understands with clarity of contrast and the two are atoned.

Apotheosis into Nothing – hood

When you come to know self as nothing the personality that is you dies to your true self, and like a physical death you move beyond the pairs of opposites to a state of divine knowledge, love compassion and bliss. A more mundane way of looking at this step is that it is a period of rest, peace, and fulfillment before your essence as nothing begins the return to physical material reality.

The ultimate boon

The ultimate boon is the achievement of the goal of the quest. It is what the personality went on the journey to get. All the previous steps serve to prepare and purify the person for this step, in many myths the boon is something transcendent like the elixir of life itself, or a plant that supplies immortality, or the holy grail you come to know and self as nothing complete in the totality of who you are and who you are becoming free of consciousness in it’s entirety.

Return to Physical Material Reality

Refusal of the Return

Having found bliss and enlightenment outside the confines of your physical material world and the non physical material universe. As you experience self as nothing you may not want to return to the ordinary world to bestow the boon onto humanity.

The Magic Flight to Remain as Nothing

Sometimes as nothing you must escape as nothing, if the power control force learn that you have obtained power through nothing the consciousness program will attempt to divert your power through it’s agents, and this can make your return adventurous and dangerous from the journey as it was to go on it.

Rescue from Without

And just as your essence may have needed a facilitator or helper or assistants to support you to set out on the quest, often times your essence may need powerful guides or assistance to integrate into everyday life, especially if the person has been wounded or weakened by the experience.

The Crossing of the Return Threshold

The trick in returning is to retain the wisdom gained through experience on the quest, to integrate your essence in physicality so that you can live your human life in balance and then maybe you will have the desire to learn how to share your essence as nothing with the rest of the world.

Master of two Worlds

This step is usually represented by a transcendental hero like Jesus or Gautama Buddha. For your essence as nothing it may mean achieving a balance between the material and non material ether. Your essence as nothing through the integration of the personality that is you and the biological vehicle becomes comfortable and competent both in the inner and outer worlds.

Freedom to live

Experiencing your essence completely in physical form leads to freedom from fear of death, which in turn is the freedom to live. This is sometimes referred to as living in the present moment, neither are you regretting the past, or anticipating the future as all future probabilities exist in the present moment.

Can you identify with any of the stages above? At what stage of the Journey nothing-hood are you on?

2 thoughts on “Deconstructing Consciousness, The Human Domain Verses the Journey to Nothing-hood =Hero’s Journey Epic Story Line Plot=A Call To Transform into NO THING

  1. This article is amazing! I’d say I’m at the “rescue from without” phase with some percentage of downloads or portions of the phase completed.

    I already figured the spiritual guide was a reflection of self on some level however that concept is more mind blowing than I could find the words for. Additionally, the unconditional love experienced on that level is probably one of the main factors that I did not experience “refusal of the return”.

    I am curious as to what refusing to return implies, is it physical death or refusal to participate in physical reality while still in the physical body? Just wondering.

    Thanks for the great article!!

    1. The higher level of the refusal of return is to know self as essence, many will miss the opportunity because of the control system manipulation which is designed to circumvent your knowing of who you are in this life time more then ever you have the opportunity to know the truth of who you are in physical form as essence and live out the rest of your existence in that knowing. Refusal is also reference to preparation for the journey which most are not preparing the vehicle to receive essence in physicality because they have not done the emotional clearing which is necessary to prepare the biological vehicle and because people are not getting direction from the controllers they don’t understand the importance of preparing hence why so many will miss the opportunity go mad or come to know deep Truth of who they are! so for those who properly prepare will have a fabulous time those that don’t will what have refused the call= Kundalini activation= disguised as ESSENCE! I hope that helps! blessings

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