The Awareness Process Part 1 – Being “Nothing” comes through Being in the Present Moment with Awareness

The Awareness process is about coming to know the truth of who we are and embodying that which we are in physical form, it is about releasing our attachments to our manufactured identity so that we may return to a level of awareness so that we may become the witness of our own authentic self. The awareness process is about consciously connecting with that which is constantly present yet eludes most of us because of the concept of time, therefore when we disengage the concept of time and become still in the present moment we feel into the experience of who we are while honouring that which we are through awareness of the present moment.

By entering the Awareness process we are making a commitment to our essence as nothing, whether we realize it or not until our journey is complete. It is a commitment that is made unconditionally because we will not know what the experience of the awareness process is really about until we reach a point of completion. The journey that we embark on throughout the awareness process is essentially a journey through achieving emotional growth while maintaining present moment awareness in the presence of our heart and physical body while maintaining higher mental clarity.

The best part of the awareness process is that it is designed to take us through places within ourselves that we may not be familiar with. Therefore it is inevitable that we will have experiences that feel as if we do not know where we are going or in we do not understand what is happening to us. This is a normal part of the awareness process and this is how it is supposed to happen. It is important to note that the most accelerated moments of personal experiential growth that we go through during the Awareness process will happen in those moments of not knowing, to the extent that it may be hard to explain to someone in our physical material reality what has occurred because of the unique circumstances of our experience will provide a sense of wonder and awe inspiring intimate moments that are beyond words.

This is because the journey is emotional rather than mental. And yet emotional growth may be one of the most challenging accomplishments in this world, because the necessity for it will seldom be supported let alone the concept of emotional growth is really not understood by those in our physical material world. Because we receive very little emotional growth as we move into and through our adult life we live in a world that is emotionally immature, therefore the awareness process is about becoming emotionally mature.
You see when we think about the past, and the future, we enter the mental realm of time and space, and while most of us believe that we occupy our physical bodies we do not. However, as we learn to experience the present moment through physical Awareness in the body, it is an experience that occurs when we learn how to anchor our awareness in our physical body and this is how we transcend time through present moment awareness of our heart and physical body becoming the steward of the mind.

You see the mental realm is not confined to the location of our physical brain. If we are thinking about someone in another country or we are revisiting a memory of the last encounter we had with them, we may assume that we are in our physical body but we are not. We are where our point of attention is and so we are not physically in the present moment. For example something may be unfolding right in front of our eyes, yet we may find ourselves completely oblivious to it while lost in our own thoughts. To be physically present only happens when we bring awareness to where we are in the physical body.

You see the predicament we find ourselves in when we embark initially on the journey of awareness is that we don’t know what it is that we are missing because we cannot remember what it is that we have lost and we cannot find what we have lost, because we are seeking it in the realm of time through the mind by scanning our past and scanning our future when we can only find what we are seeking in the present moment. This creates an insatiable needing and wanting behaviour which creates a sense of emptiness, and because of the unfulfilling life that consumes each of us by our incessant need to participate in a life of doing that is designed and manufactured by our culture creators does not allow us to find peace when we are doing as peace cannot be mechanically installed into our physical material reality. Therefore this incessant doing creates a state of internal unrest which manifests as external physical, mental, and emotional symptoms of pain, suffering and disease. No matter how we distract ourselves, no matter where we run in our attempts to escape our pain or suffering, no matter how distracted we become from our endless doing, real relief eludes each of us yet exists in moment which is just out of reach, and this is how we remain addicted to life as the world turns.

If we take the human heart as an example, the heart only beats in the present moment therefore although our physical body reflects our past experiences and future projections it is 100 percent present in it’s functioning, and when we can experience our physical presence and we feel our heart beating we are truly in the present moment, and when we spend our life in the mental realm that we call “time” we are not even aware that we have a heart, nor are we able to feel or hear it.

Therefore the awareness process starts by assisting us to achieve physical presence in the heart, which supports our ability to begin anchoring our awareness in our physical body, than the next step is to achieve mental clarity and emotional balance. Achieving emotional balance through gaining physical presence in the body and the heart and then mental clarity is the pathway that initiates emotional growth and is a natural way to begin resolving our symptoms of physical and mental imbalance.

The awareness process is about remembering how to feel your essence in physical form, therefore feeling your essence may initially include experiencing suppressed emotional states such as anger, fear, and grief. The Awareness process specializes in assisting us to access our suppressed emotions we would not ordinarily want to acknowledge. Therefore during the process, we deliberately allow this to occur because these suppressed emotions are the unconscious causes of the behaviours and experiences that do not serve us right now. Therefore by accessing and releasing the negative charge from these suppressed emotions, we automatically begin to return to a quality of life experiences that affirms who we truly are and who we are becoming more authentically ourselves as nothing in physical form.

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