Deconstructing Consciousness, Awareness Process Part 3 – How to Prepare for the Journey to know self as “Nothing”?

Due to our unconscious addiction to living in the mental body in this time and space womb matrix which forever supports our escape from the emotional body in the knowing and truth of who we are as nothing, and because we are all experiencing the same imbalances mentally, emotionally, and physically, the awareness process will work for everyone who embarks on the journey to know self as nothing.

The key point to remember is that we will all come with different intensities of emotional body discomfort and readiness the process is equipped with two levels of entry and each varies in intensity. Making a choice as to which level to enter the process is a vital step which must be taken using common sense and intuition. If we take on to much to soon, we lay the foundation for the possibility of experiencing a massive internal resistance that will be reflected back to us as external confusion and chaos. Therefore unnecessary resistance will set us up to run from the awareness journey experience. If you have explored other emotional cleansing techniques then you may be able to go deeper into your emotional body without triggering the sort of resistance that can cause someone new to the exploration of emotional clearing techniques. These individuals may therefore dive in slowly. So the option of entering the process at different levels is built into the Awareness process.

The first thing we must do before entering the awareness process, is we must bring full awareness into the knowing and truth that an uncomfortable emotional cycle that has been repeating unconsciously in our life experience since our childhood, is not going to be de-activated over night, and that the Awareness process is an organic process that integrates the physical, mental and emotions by restoring balance to the condition of the emotional body.

The first level is the initiatory level this approach is fairly easy as you are already engaged at this level as you continue to read these blog posts as if they where chapters in a book, and listen to the audio’s for confirmation and reinforcement of what you are learning, you will not be concerned with the breathing exercises or body awareness exercises and other tools you will acquire during this process. You will simply just read through the writings during each sharing as if they where chapters in a book. In other words we move through the awareness process mentally and abstain from any conscious physical and emotional participation.

There is significant insights and benefits we can receive purely from reading and listening to the audio’s as the vibration on this material will cause us to shift and change the way we interact with our life experience and it will gift us with the idea and nature of present moment awareness. The initiatory approach is perfect for those who are uncertain about whether the awareness process is safe or who are first seeking an understanding of what present moment awareness is about as opposed to what an experience of it is. Then if we should decide to enter the next level which is the experiential level we will enter with a firm mental foundation and an awareness of the territory ahead. By adding experience to the foundation already established through reading and understanding we will discover further insights throughout the materials that were not apparent to us during our initial initiatory journey through the awareness process.

The experiential Level is the second approach of entry into the awareness process this level works well for those who have done some emotional clearing or have used other techniques to clear emotional blockages and want to learn the truth of who they are as nothing through the awareness process by way of this method. The experiential process is designed so that we are able to gently enter the awareness process physically, mentally and emotionally. If we want to gain the most out of our journey through the experiential path it is recommended that you complete all the exercises and incorporate them into your daily life for physical, mental and emotional integration. By applying yourself to the instructions with sincere commitment, attention and active particpation we will achieve more than we ever have with our outer doing in the world. The beauty about the awareness process is that once we have completed both the initiatory and experiential level we can keep repeating the process as often as we chose. Each time we reenter it, we will have a different experience and each repeated experience will take us deeper into our emotional body. Many people have facilitated themselves through this experience numerous times, and in each case, all went to deeper levels of emotional clearing. This enables them to achieve progressively greater present moment awareness and balance in the quality of their life experience.

It may be good to think of the awareness process as an instruction manual that teaches us how to drive our life experience consciously and responsibly. The initiatory approach may be considered as a theoretical overview of the task at hand, and the experiential approach as the most basic of practical foundational instruction for a successful passage through the awareness process.

Once we have trained ourselves to consciously and responsibly drive the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of our life experience, then we are encouraged to take our new perceptions out onto the super highway of life, as it is the understanding and perfecting of the basics that is why we are encouraged to incorporate the experiential level into our life.

We must not be in a hurry to get somewhere, because by being in a hurry we miss the point of the journey as it is not a destination we are reaching it is our essence to know who and what we are as nothing and we can only know that in the present moment therefore there is no where we have to get to we must learn to be still in the present moment there is no where to go, nothing we need to have noting we have to get, we just have to be our self in the moment as nothing.


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