Deconstructing Consciousness, Awareness Process Part 4, Transcend 3rd Dimension Reality, through Light and Vibration to Super Human Powers

The universe will operate more efficiently through your essences as nothing without an intermediary, and it is through the vibrational content of where you are (feelings) that must match your desire in order to manifest what you want into your physical material reality.

Once you become aware of the power of your thoughts, you will learn to only allow in the thoughts that you truly desire and only then do you have creative control over your experience.

The only way the power control force can create a world based on their desires, is to gain control over creative process of the body of humanity and they do this by captivating the minds of man.

Whatever reality has presented itself to you is what you have created. Once a person can accept that, he or she begins to live within a personal energy level rather within a mental emotional projection based on the hidden agenda of the power control system.

By accentuating what one is as nothing in physical form, ones energy becomes more powerful and all those parts that one is not fall away since they are no longer being sustained with ones emotions.
By pulling your mind back from all those thoughts that take you into areas where you are not, you allow etheric energy that is your life force to consolidate. Therefore whatever you are concentrating becomes more powerful. Your power comes from internalizing reality. It is the process whereby one absolutely knows that one has created ones own reality and stands alone and accepts that reality.

Through incarnating into a physical body, we leave ourselves open to the ups and downs of life circumstances therefore it is important to create opportunities to train your feelings and thoughts to consolidate so that you feel powerful and don’t dispute what has happened in your life. learn to stay conscious and aware when you do not feel comfortable so that you become neutral to circumstances around you so that you can build your internal power.

The universe responds to your vibration and not to what you are living right now, therefore amazing things can flow into your experience even though they have never done so before. When you quiet your mind you stop thinking and when you stop thinking your vibration automatically rises.

Evil is part a part of nature, evil is a part of what the universal architects have created and it is the frequency of 741hz resonating in the A444Hz standard tuning of western worlds music that vibrates to the tone that vibrate dissonance and fear this is used in order to suppress the heart chakra which vibrates at the tone of love at 528hz, A444hz standard 741hz which vibrates dissonance and fear is suppressing 528hz.

Therefore everything from the throat chakra down is suppressed and everything from the throat chakra up is stimulated including the left brain egoic mind science plays on and why it is the new God of our time.

The Awareness process can be quite potent and effective at bringing suppressed issues and emotions stored as limiting cellular patterns to conscious awareness and to ultimately shift our resonance to a more refined and harmonious vibrational mode. This is common to experience while working with the awareness process, and it is where the value in engaging the process lies.

When we are shifting or refining our ourselves to a freer and more harmonious inner resonance, suppressed and crystallized cellular patterns limiting that refined resonance, often surface to our conscious awareness as they are being thrown off. This is most often experienced as emotional and physical symptomology.

Suppressed e-motion, or energy in motion is undigested experience. It is due to the resistance of experience, to allow the “motion of experience” in our lives. The willingness to unconditionally feel whatever suppressed emotions that surface (apathy, grief, guilt, fear, anger, even physical pain, which is an emotion), is the way to facilitate the release of the lower-order cellular crystallizations. As we do, we then shift into a new vibrational resonance and subsequently a healthier, freer, and more functional state of being. In turn, the limiting vibrational patterns, the inner tension we were once holding, no longer perpetuates experience reflecting the lower order cellular resonance we were naturally projecting. The inner “vibrational shift” in turn creates a new projected resonance, which is then reflected in the nature of our experience.

Therefore the desired change we seek in our lives thus occurs from the inside out. This is the nature of true transcendence into wholeness, in knowing and experiencing the truth of who we are. Our transcendence into nothing is the direct opposite of trying to suppress symptoms, to not feel, which merely results in more inner tension, in greater disharmony, degeneration, and dis-ease. To authentically experience self as nothing we must feel.

Thus, it is essential to have a serious desire and the willingness to acknowledge and unconditionally embrace that which surfaces as you move through the awareness process in order to release these limiting patterns and shift to a new vibrational mode of being.

“Vibrational Shift” is a term I prefer to describe what may also be called a Healing Crisis. This is a process where we create a nurturing vibrational condition within self that promotes a quantum shift in the resonance of our entire psycho-physiology. As we move toward the peak of this process, or the crisis point, we experience a sorting where only that which is phase-coherent (in harmony with life) may pass and that which is discordant, not able to resonate in coherence, is thrown off as suppressed memories and the emotional and physical symptomology surface to conscious awareness.

The actual vibrational shift, at the crisis point, is a point of stillness where a new phase coherence begins in the vibrational mode of our being. At this time, our heart and breath rates, and our meridians all come into coherence. This new resonance results in a new level of clarity and harmonious biological functioning. It is where we have new realizations, our epiphanies. Learning to allow this process to naturally occur is key to truly experiencing self as nothing in physical form.

Instead of using concepts such as soul, spirit lets go with the concept of light and that your essence is encapsulated in the concept of light. When you experience a higher vibrational shit into the higher frequencies of light, you will begin to resonate with gamma rays ultra violet rays, or what I like to call real energy – the ether force.

You see when you transcend your 3rd dimensional reality you perceive and experience life from a different vantage point. Your value will take on a new form, your beliefs will be altered, or become non existent, you will move into the formless taking on form based on your higher level perception. You will will begin to mold and shape reality based on your higher elevated frequency, that will be perceived by some as miracles.

Your sense of dignity and respect for self, will elevate your self esteem to new height, you will feel a sense of power that is rooted and grounded within you that is unmoveable. You will notice authentically move into super human power through personal experiences that will test you in ways so that your essence knows whether or not you are ready for the next upgrade of power which will support your to create, mold and shape your reality in new ways.

Now as your essence begins to take on this form as light, it is this higher quotient light of which your essence takes up residence in physical form, the higher octave rays while vibrating in connection with your essence will continue to transmute your personality and biological vehicle into higher energetic vibratory frequency beyond your comprehension of what it means to be human. This will cause the personality that is you to evolve to a higher level of what it knows of itself, which will cause you to experience higher level quality life experience that is resonate with your new frequency which will ultimately create new life experiences that are coherent with your new frequency.

Personal experiences will be presented to you as tests to see if you are ready for the new power that is available to you, therefore each test that you will undergo is designed to see how you will operate under the new frequency, it’s an organic process, it’s not something that you could ever anticipate from your human vantage point that is your current frequency or perception of reality when you shift your frequency beyond human perception your life will be altered and you will experience what many call miracles but really you are simply just operating at a different frequency and this is what the power control force are attempting to circumvent because when you begin to experience life at a different frequency you can no longer be controlled and you learn to become the creator of your reality and you will stop creating for the power control force.

It truly is a glorious time to reclaim your super human powers!

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