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Deconstructing Consciousness, illuminating the Psychological Alchemy of Eros and the Erotic Love force of SEX to reuniting Essence in physical formations of life expression

During midlife the energy of life Eros is attempting to rise and flow upward in the physical body through all the subtle energy systems the chakras and meridians and opening the chakric centers of feeling so that essence can flow through the body more intensely. If we can learn not to resist the powerful flow of erotic energy of our essence throughout the whole body then the cells in our bodies will vibrate as if we are actually making love. Therefore an opportunity now exists to move beyond just genital sex as our bodies evolve through the shivering receptors of electromagnetic forces in order to reunite with our essence in physical form through the framework the physical body which is a vessel of breath, motion and vibration, played upon by active thought atmospheres, waves of sound and light, and positive and negative electromagnetic forces in limitless activity.

It is through the increased electromagnetic field in the body that allows you to rediscover and re-experience your essence through the elemental form of  full sexual knowing  defined by the five elements water, fire, Earth and Air through access of the ether force which causes a massive opening on physical feeling, which creates a subtle communion or mystical union with your essence allowing you to transmute and liquefy  your electro-magnetic field so that essence can experience itself in physical form and this happens through the portal of the heart chakra or the planet Venus as your astrology blueprint is the magnetic field imprint which is infused into your biological vehicle at birth which is ruled by Venus magnetic attraction (heart Chakra).

It is important to remember that the male force within you is by nature electric and the female force is magnetic and these forces create your electromagnetic field, and it is through the balance of these two dynamic forces within you that creates the mystical union or marriage or the urge to merge with another. It through the union of these polarities within yourself that will allow your essence to jump the womb matrix of time and space allowing you to feel the fullness of your essence in physical form allowing you to authentically align with your greater purpose and mission in this life time.

Because we primarily operate from the male electrical force in our physical dimension it creates an imbalance within the whole physical world system, while the power control force control the female magnetic force of the body of humanity and use and direct this force through all their consciousness programming in order to manifest their dystopian dream for the masses.  This is why it is important for each of us to reclaim our magnetic female force so that we can come into balance which will allow us to transmute the serpent kundalini energy through the purification of ether whereby eradicating the interference pattern which keeps our essence immersed in a program of death forever locked in the womb matrix on the wheel of time and space forever consumed by the dream of life and death, with a background frequency of death.

You see essence is synchronized on non – physical with no time, place or distance limitations where meaningful connections can be made in the non-physical faster with less blockages then in our normal third dimensional world therefore by not shutting off this knowledge of how essence can create and manifest in the non-physical  realm faster than the physical shows the importance of remove emotional blockages so you can experience your essence in physical form.

Therefore for both men and women is to balance inner sexual polarities, one cannot obtain full sexual maturity without accessing the inner female which allows one to feel, and to open the heart. Therefore the discovery of the individuality is to be found by exploring ones inner male and female therefore self growth is attained through becoming intimate with self first seek within then you shall never be without the unconditional love you so long for.

We all live in an imbalance between life and death and this process can be attributed to planetary forces. In popular culture it is understood that addictions are a slow death process which are Saturnian influences or the idea that our fixation on form can lead to deathliness. Therefore usually seven years before midlife we get a glimpse of mortality usually signaled by our Saturn return between age 30-36 years which manifests a crisis where we start questing our life based on our external reality however very few know that this is a part of the death program we have been born into Saturn return is the first time we experience our enslavement into this system of consciousness at a profound level this is when our essence shows up and holds a looking glass on this consciousness program, some chose the quest that is the search for who and what they are but most fall back into the death program until their Uranus opposition which presents the 2nd of three opportunities where essence shows up again usually as a mid life crisis and at this point we realize our old ways of being and all the roles we are playing in society are no longer working we feel we are drifting a ship without a rutter direction list, no sense of real purpose so when this crisis hits we begin the search again some decide to engage the mystical quest for the magical elixir of life;  however return to the t it most don’t and they go back into the death program.

You see astrology will make sense if we view human beings from a higher energetic perspective that takes into account the meridians the chakras and subtle bodies as energy systems that help us to coordinate and regulate the physical body therefore understanding life passages in relation to the planetary bodies in our solar system which in fact form our consciousness then we can bring greater awareness to the program we are immersed in and how to transcend it so we can live out the rest of our existence in physical form through our essence which is a confirmation of life EROS not death which the power control force would like us to knowing experience and believe that is that death is real.

When Saturn orbits back to it’s original position in the birth chart this is what signals a Saturn return, which is the transit that sets the stage for midlife crisis. This will cause many to die in spirit but stay in their body until the second key passage of Uranus opposition is positioned in the birth chart. These are people who continue to die in spirit but keep on living physically this is what is referred today as the Zombie apocalypse. If this is you it is time to begin opening and changing so as to be able to handle the energy of Uranus opposition which always hits like an earthquake between the ages of 42-46 years.

The last major life transit occurs at about age 50, when the relatively recently discovered planet Chiron has gone always around the sun and returns to it’s original position in the birth chart. Just as Saturn return creates a crisis about the completion of the physical structures.  Chiron return creates a crisis about the subtle structures. This transit triggers the total integration of the left and right hemispheres of the brain which triggers the onset of the potential to transcend this system of consciousness all together, but that only happens when one has prepared emotionally and physically to reconnect to essence through the portal of the heart, where we transmute the form that was transformed at midlife with a reconnection to the astral body which reconnects each of us to the earth system allowing full access to consciousness with essence as the observer  moulder and shaper of physical material reality.

The elusive essence or feminine quintessence needs to be found before transcendence out of this system of consciousness can begin. Psychologically speaking, the mysterious female magnetic force in men and women must be re-discovered, and is to be discovered in, the parts of the psyche that we deny, dis-own and marginalize, the aspects of ourselves that we feel ashamed of, revulsion for and turn away from in disgust. In Jung’s words, this “means that the thing which we think the least of, that part of ourselves which we repress the feminine magnetic force perhaps the most, or which we despise, is just the part which contains the mystery and this is the feminine aspect within each of us.” We typically want to get rid of “her” the shadow aspects of our personality, but the alchemists understood that our wounded, inferior and unconscious parts  associated with the feminine force of nature aren’t an accident or error, but rather, has a value and cosmic perfection to them that is stunning.  These are our wounds EROS, the base material of the great work, are indispensible for the accomplishment of the reclamation of our quintessence, for without these shadow parts there would be no way to return home and slumber in her grace oh divine mother of all our essence.

Therefore we are to become masters of this magical energy EROS which embodies our quintessence, the erotic magnetic feminine seductress force within each of us as this magical energy gives us the ability to be tune with the synchronicity principle or the larger order of reality. Magic only works if the magician reclaims the feminine magnetic force which lies dormant in each of us and as we allow this force to be completely uncontrolled as the power control force, have complete control over this energy in order to never allow the chaotic feminine energy to flood reality again. You see the power control force stole stole the feminine energy because it was to threatening to their establishment. This chaotic force was always identified as the female force of the planet Venus this force is plutonic when repressed but this same force at a higher octave is Uranus which is the serpent power kundalini force acting as astral interference which is designed to suppress your essence regardless all planetary forces are EROS oscillating, scintillating and titillating your five senses in limitless disguises as EROS intimate love.

The deconstruction of consciousness individually is the dissolution of your personal story that keeps you locked in your own personal interference pattern of low frequency vibration, it is through the dissolution of the individual story of who you think you are that will reveal the energy dynamics that keep you in your personal vibrational holding pattern that keeps you addicted to pain and suffering, therefore as you unravel and dissolve this negative energy holding pattern that pervades your electromagnetic field what will be revealed to you is your destiny blueprint that is the highest level at which you are to create and manifest your reality in this lifetime. It is this destiny blueprint that you are to align with in order to correct the imposed interference pattern which makes up your artificial scaffolding that keeps you immersed, consumed and addicted to your 3 dimensional dream.

The dissolution of the current story of who you think you are that story that you hold onto so dearly is what needs to be surrendered in order to re-energize your essence- let me ask you is your need to be right about your story more important than knowing who you are? because if being righteous about everyone who has inflicted harm on you is more important than transcending your consciousness programming then in all honesty on some level you are choosing to stay in your victim victimizer role and so my next quest is can you continue to afford to stay the victim of all those who have hurt you! Let them go they did the best they could your parents really did not have the tools needed to take care of you the way they should have but then this system of consciousness is set up this way for our parents to fail each of us. Ok so they hurt you but really how old are you now!  30, 40, 50 years? And your still holding on to that shit? That’s insanity sto[p allowing this system of consciousness to keep you complacent and infantile you better then that! Your essence is far grander and greater then your infantile need to be right and then inflict all your bullshit on everyone around you! Because if your doing that than your no better than the power control force, it’s time to re-energize your essence from it’s deathly sleep.

The quest that your on is a double edge sword, you see the journey is an inner transmutation to illuminate and eradicate the imposition of the consciousness program off your physicality and that includes all those memories of those who have harmed you, they are not yours they are an imposition on your essence designed to keep you trapped in time and space forever addicted to the womb matrix so that you never reclaim your power and divinity as essence –your true source of power and creativity so that through the excavation of your consciousness programming what flowers within your as essence starts flowing through physical form transforms what  you become inside  and therefore  changes your outer reality.

As you enter this magical journey you surrender into it by choosing total trust in the path because your essence truly seeks to alter your hologram that is the holographic reorganization which creates a new subtle structure dynamic that changes reality at the cores so that you evolve out of the death program of time and space.

Therefore the alteration of the hologram is the only response to changes on the external reflective that is once you change the quality of your consciousness this is what is called the great work by the alchemists that is surrendering to the alignment of your true destiny blueprint which is revealed in your astrology chart which will allow you to bring your full creativity into reality without a go between fully connected to your essence which is true empowerment.