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Never before in human history have we been able to experience the physical world as a lucid dream. A lucid dream is a dream during which the dreamer is aware of the fact that he or she is dreaming, and that during the lucid dream, the dreamer is able to exert some degree of control over the dream characters, narrative, and environment.

As we raise our frequency during this particular time in history we are learning to identify who we are as the only reality and that what we are experiencing in the material world is a result of our creative potential expressing and experiencing life through the physical body and the five senses; and while most of humanity is prone to experience their objective world as reality; what many of you who share in the experience here may be tunning into is an inclination or feeling that as the physical world experience becomes more unbearable many may choose to cross a frequency threshold in which one is no longer defined by the physical material world dream state but towards an exploratory inner world experience not defined or to bypass the chaotic world; but as movement towards a greater equilibrium and balance towards wholeness through a natural integration of one’s inner reality with one’s outer worldly experience.

In Egyptian mythology, Nut was the goddess of the sky, and it was her body metaphorically that made a protective layer over the Earth.

It was the ancient Egyptians who believed that Nut swallowed the sun-god, Ra, every night and gave birth to him every morning.

However what is becoming clearer to modern man/woman and those on the path to know and experience the truth of who they are; are coming to the realization that they no longer need metaphor’s, symbols or archetypes to understand the fabric of the universe which is  a byproduct of who they are, and this becomes more apparent as we explore and experience the arc of the universe within each of us we come to realize the arc of the universe is the womb mother is vast and boundless, of which our physical eyes experience a limited worldview contained within a womb of intellectual systems that proliferate the world stage, and the scientific community pretend to calculate the curve and complete the arc of the universe by the experience of sight; little do they know that the universe can only be defined by through an inner experience as we are the only and ultimate reality at the core of who we are. And from what I experience this womb that permeates and vibrates within the inner core of our being, I am sure it bends towards justice.

And while the scales of justice may appear to way on the side of the power control system at this time of transition, the scales of justice are tipping toward the truth of reality.

However, in the interim we do need tools to help us navigate our physical world experience as we become disciplined in our practice as we experience the arc of the universe within each of us and come to realize the arc of the universe is the womb mother which is vast and limitless as we are at the core of our being, of which our physical eyes experience a limited worldview, and while the scientific community pretend to calculate the curve and complete the arc of the universe by the experience of sight; and yet the universe can only be defined by your inner experience as the content or context of reality and as one continues to experience their core of who they are I am sure it bends towards  the scales of moral justice.

If you look up to the night sky on September 20, 2017, you will see Venus conjunct Regulus in the heart of the lion in the constellation of Leo in the night sky this is based on sidereal astrology where the planets actually move through the sky which is different than tropical astrology which will veil this actual event.

Regulus is the star of leaders, kings, and presidents, regulus represents those that are not afraid to lead. These individuals are powerful and strong. There courageous and have the capacity to lead others. Archangel is Raphael relegated to the fixed star Regulus marked at 6% Leo in Sidereal will coincide with Donald Tumps Chart, but remember archangel Raphael is simply a metaphor or archetype designed to cause doubt and confusion designed to obscure truth like Donald Trump.

 This conjunction of Venus conjunct Regulus (one of the four royal stars) asks each of us to transcend the frequency of our physical material world defined in traditional astrology as a world leader, king or president with a fatal wound or fall from power. For each of us to become sovereign in our connection to the only reality which is the truth of who we are.

And while we may see this play out in some way on the physical world stage, what this conjunction asks of each of us is to align with our heart with love and compassion as these qualities are the very fabric of reality.Evocative astrology is the act of engaging in one’s transmutation transformation and transfiguration in order to transcend out of the consciousness time and space continuum while straddling the inner world of reality and outer world of experience. If we allow ourselves to engage the process of awareness, with focus and intention, then we will learn to navigate the cosmic weather patterns of our astrological birth chart as the planetary bodies not only move through time and space but also our biological vehicle helping each of us to create and navigate life experience.

And while I focus on the September 20th alignment of Venus and Regulus From the standpoint of astronomy, there’s nothing unique or unusual about the sun, moon and planets – or the constellation Virgo – on September 23, 2017, despite claims on the Internet of a unique and significant celestial event, supposedly “mirroring” the Bible’s Book of Revelation. In the past 1,000 years, this same event has happened at least four times already, in 1827, 1483, 1293, and in this picture below 1056.

And while astronomers are focusing on black holes around this event instead of it’s perceived significance which can only be experienced if one tunes in, don’t be fooled by this cellestial significance in your life.

In closings please feel free to reach out to me for an astrology reading where I teach you how to navigate your personal astrology chart. I will show you how your astrology chart is the best tool to help you to understand where you are your life cycle and the process of transformation that you are going through whether you realize it or not, because it is a process that is reopening you’re the inner brain centers so that you can reconnection to who you truly are. In addition, your astrological chart will help you to navigate your life as you learn to work with your personal energy field transmuting negative energies to positive energies which will allow you to reconnect with your Essence and design the world that is in alignment with who you truly are.

I will show you how to use your astrological chart as a map to help you navigate your life experience as you learn to work with your personal energy field; allowing you to transmute negative energies to positive energies which will support you to reconnect with your best self so that you can design and create your world which is in alignment with who you truly are.

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Deconstructing Consciousness, illuminating the Psychological Alchemy of Eros and the Erotic Love force of SEX to reuniting Essence in physical formations of life expression

During midlife the energy of life Eros is attempting to rise and flow upward in the physical body through all the subtle energy systems the chakras and meridians and opening the chakric centers of feeling so that essence can flow through the body more intensely. If we can learn not to resist the powerful flow of erotic energy of our essence throughout the whole body then the cells in our bodies will vibrate as if we are actually making love. Therefore an opportunity now exists to move beyond just genital sex as our bodies evolve through the shivering receptors of electromagnetic forces in order to reunite with our essence in physical form through the framework the physical body which is a vessel of breath, motion and vibration, played upon by active thought atmospheres, waves of sound and light, and positive and negative electromagnetic forces in limitless activity.

It is through the increased electromagnetic field in the body that allows you to rediscover and re-experience your essence through the elemental form of  full sexual knowing  defined by the five elements water, fire, Earth and Air through access of the ether force which causes a massive opening on physical feeling, which creates a subtle communion or mystical union with your essence allowing you to transmute and liquefy  your electro-magnetic field so that essence can experience itself in physical form and this happens through the portal of the heart chakra or the planet Venus as your astrology blueprint is the magnetic field imprint which is infused into your biological vehicle at birth which is ruled by Venus magnetic attraction (heart Chakra).

It is important to remember that the male force within you is by nature electric and the female force is magnetic and these forces create your electromagnetic field, and it is through the balance of these two dynamic forces within you that creates the mystical union or marriage or the urge to merge with another. It through the union of these polarities within yourself that will allow your essence to jump the womb matrix of time and space allowing you to feel the fullness of your essence in physical form allowing you to authentically align with your greater purpose and mission in this life time.

Because we primarily operate from the male electrical force in our physical dimension it creates an imbalance within the whole physical world system, while the power control force control the female magnetic force of the body of humanity and use and direct this force through all their consciousness programming in order to manifest their dystopian dream for the masses.  This is why it is important for each of us to reclaim our magnetic female force so that we can come into balance which will allow us to transmute the serpent kundalini energy through the purification of ether whereby eradicating the interference pattern which keeps our essence immersed in a program of death forever locked in the womb matrix on the wheel of time and space forever consumed by the dream of life and death, with a background frequency of death.

You see essence is synchronized on non – physical with no time, place or distance limitations where meaningful connections can be made in the non-physical faster with less blockages then in our normal third dimensional world therefore by not shutting off this knowledge of how essence can create and manifest in the non-physical  realm faster than the physical shows the importance of remove emotional blockages so you can experience your essence in physical form.

Therefore for both men and women is to balance inner sexual polarities, one cannot obtain full sexual maturity without accessing the inner female which allows one to feel, and to open the heart. Therefore the discovery of the individuality is to be found by exploring ones inner male and female therefore self growth is attained through becoming intimate with self first seek within then you shall never be without the unconditional love you so long for.

We all live in an imbalance between life and death and this process can be attributed to planetary forces. In popular culture it is understood that addictions are a slow death process which are Saturnian influences or the idea that our fixation on form can lead to deathliness. Therefore usually seven years before midlife we get a glimpse of mortality usually signaled by our Saturn return between age 30-36 years which manifests a crisis where we start questing our life based on our external reality however very few know that this is a part of the death program we have been born into Saturn return is the first time we experience our enslavement into this system of consciousness at a profound level this is when our essence shows up and holds a looking glass on this consciousness program, some chose the quest that is the search for who and what they are but most fall back into the death program until their Uranus opposition which presents the 2nd of three opportunities where essence shows up again usually as a mid life crisis and at this point we realize our old ways of being and all the roles we are playing in society are no longer working we feel we are drifting a ship without a rutter direction list, no sense of real purpose so when this crisis hits we begin the search again some decide to engage the mystical quest for the magical elixir of life;  however return to the t it most don’t and they go back into the death program.

You see astrology will make sense if we view human beings from a higher energetic perspective that takes into account the meridians the chakras and subtle bodies as energy systems that help us to coordinate and regulate the physical body therefore understanding life passages in relation to the planetary bodies in our solar system which in fact form our consciousness then we can bring greater awareness to the program we are immersed in and how to transcend it so we can live out the rest of our existence in physical form through our essence which is a confirmation of life EROS not death which the power control force would like us to knowing experience and believe that is that death is real.

When Saturn orbits back to it’s original position in the birth chart this is what signals a Saturn return, which is the transit that sets the stage for midlife crisis. This will cause many to die in spirit but stay in their body until the second key passage of Uranus opposition is positioned in the birth chart. These are people who continue to die in spirit but keep on living physically this is what is referred today as the Zombie apocalypse. If this is you it is time to begin opening and changing so as to be able to handle the energy of Uranus opposition which always hits like an earthquake between the ages of 42-46 years.

The last major life transit occurs at about age 50, when the relatively recently discovered planet Chiron has gone always around the sun and returns to it’s original position in the birth chart. Just as Saturn return creates a crisis about the completion of the physical structures.  Chiron return creates a crisis about the subtle structures. This transit triggers the total integration of the left and right hemispheres of the brain which triggers the onset of the potential to transcend this system of consciousness all together, but that only happens when one has prepared emotionally and physically to reconnect to essence through the portal of the heart, where we transmute the form that was transformed at midlife with a reconnection to the astral body which reconnects each of us to the earth system allowing full access to consciousness with essence as the observer  moulder and shaper of physical material reality.

The elusive essence or feminine quintessence needs to be found before transcendence out of this system of consciousness can begin. Psychologically speaking, the mysterious female magnetic force in men and women must be re-discovered, and is to be discovered in, the parts of the psyche that we deny, dis-own and marginalize, the aspects of ourselves that we feel ashamed of, revulsion for and turn away from in disgust. In Jung’s words, this “means that the thing which we think the least of, that part of ourselves which we repress the feminine magnetic force perhaps the most, or which we despise, is just the part which contains the mystery and this is the feminine aspect within each of us.” We typically want to get rid of “her” the shadow aspects of our personality, but the alchemists understood that our wounded, inferior and unconscious parts  associated with the feminine force of nature aren’t an accident or error, but rather, has a value and cosmic perfection to them that is stunning.  These are our wounds EROS, the base material of the great work, are indispensible for the accomplishment of the reclamation of our quintessence, for without these shadow parts there would be no way to return home and slumber in her grace oh divine mother of all our essence.

Therefore we are to become masters of this magical energy EROS which embodies our quintessence, the erotic magnetic feminine seductress force within each of us as this magical energy gives us the ability to be tune with the synchronicity principle or the larger order of reality. Magic only works if the magician reclaims the feminine magnetic force which lies dormant in each of us and as we allow this force to be completely uncontrolled as the power control force, have complete control over this energy in order to never allow the chaotic feminine energy to flood reality again. You see the power control force stole stole the feminine energy because it was to threatening to their establishment. This chaotic force was always identified as the female force of the planet Venus this force is plutonic when repressed but this same force at a higher octave is Uranus which is the serpent power kundalini force acting as astral interference which is designed to suppress your essence regardless all planetary forces are EROS oscillating, scintillating and titillating your five senses in limitless disguises as EROS intimate love.

The deconstruction of consciousness individually is the dissolution of your personal story that keeps you locked in your own personal interference pattern of low frequency vibration, it is through the dissolution of the individual story of who you think you are that will reveal the energy dynamics that keep you in your personal vibrational holding pattern that keeps you addicted to pain and suffering, therefore as you unravel and dissolve this negative energy holding pattern that pervades your electromagnetic field what will be revealed to you is your destiny blueprint that is the highest level at which you are to create and manifest your reality in this lifetime. It is this destiny blueprint that you are to align with in order to correct the imposed interference pattern which makes up your artificial scaffolding that keeps you immersed, consumed and addicted to your 3 dimensional dream.

The dissolution of the current story of who you think you are that story that you hold onto so dearly is what needs to be surrendered in order to re-energize your essence- let me ask you is your need to be right about your story more important than knowing who you are? because if being righteous about everyone who has inflicted harm on you is more important than transcending your consciousness programming then in all honesty on some level you are choosing to stay in your victim victimizer role and so my next quest is can you continue to afford to stay the victim of all those who have hurt you! Let them go they did the best they could your parents really did not have the tools needed to take care of you the way they should have but then this system of consciousness is set up this way for our parents to fail each of us. Ok so they hurt you but really how old are you now!  30, 40, 50 years? And your still holding on to that shit? That’s insanity sto[p allowing this system of consciousness to keep you complacent and infantile you better then that! Your essence is far grander and greater then your infantile need to be right and then inflict all your bullshit on everyone around you! Because if your doing that than your no better than the power control force, it’s time to re-energize your essence from it’s deathly sleep.

The quest that your on is a double edge sword, you see the journey is an inner transmutation to illuminate and eradicate the imposition of the consciousness program off your physicality and that includes all those memories of those who have harmed you, they are not yours they are an imposition on your essence designed to keep you trapped in time and space forever addicted to the womb matrix so that you never reclaim your power and divinity as essence –your true source of power and creativity so that through the excavation of your consciousness programming what flowers within your as essence starts flowing through physical form transforms what  you become inside  and therefore  changes your outer reality.

As you enter this magical journey you surrender into it by choosing total trust in the path because your essence truly seeks to alter your hologram that is the holographic reorganization which creates a new subtle structure dynamic that changes reality at the cores so that you evolve out of the death program of time and space.

Therefore the alteration of the hologram is the only response to changes on the external reflective that is once you change the quality of your consciousness this is what is called the great work by the alchemists that is surrendering to the alignment of your true destiny blueprint which is revealed in your astrology chart which will allow you to bring your full creativity into reality without a go between fully connected to your essence which is true empowerment.

Deconstructing Consciousness, Awareness Process Part 4, Transcend 3rd Dimension Reality, through Light and Vibration to Super Human Powers

The universe will operate more efficiently through your essences as nothing without an intermediary, and it is through the vibrational content of where you are (feelings) that must match your desire in order to manifest what you want into your physical material reality.

Once you become aware of the power of your thoughts, you will learn to only allow in the thoughts that you truly desire and only then do you have creative control over your experience.

The only way the power control force can create a world based on their desires, is to gain control over creative process of the body of humanity and they do this by captivating the minds of man.

Whatever reality has presented itself to you is what you have created. Once a person can accept that, he or she begins to live within a personal energy level rather within a mental emotional projection based on the hidden agenda of the power control system.

By accentuating what one is as nothing in physical form, ones energy becomes more powerful and all those parts that one is not fall away since they are no longer being sustained with ones emotions.
By pulling your mind back from all those thoughts that take you into areas where you are not, you allow etheric energy that is your life force to consolidate. Therefore whatever you are concentrating becomes more powerful. Your power comes from internalizing reality. It is the process whereby one absolutely knows that one has created ones own reality and stands alone and accepts that reality.

Through incarnating into a physical body, we leave ourselves open to the ups and downs of life circumstances therefore it is important to create opportunities to train your feelings and thoughts to consolidate so that you feel powerful and don’t dispute what has happened in your life. learn to stay conscious and aware when you do not feel comfortable so that you become neutral to circumstances around you so that you can build your internal power.

The universe responds to your vibration and not to what you are living right now, therefore amazing things can flow into your experience even though they have never done so before. When you quiet your mind you stop thinking and when you stop thinking your vibration automatically rises.

Evil is part a part of nature, evil is a part of what the universal architects have created and it is the frequency of 741hz resonating in the A444Hz standard tuning of western worlds music that vibrates to the tone that vibrate dissonance and fear this is used in order to suppress the heart chakra which vibrates at the tone of love at 528hz, A444hz standard 741hz which vibrates dissonance and fear is suppressing 528hz.

Therefore everything from the throat chakra down is suppressed and everything from the throat chakra up is stimulated including the left brain egoic mind science plays on and why it is the new God of our time.

The Awareness process can be quite potent and effective at bringing suppressed issues and emotions stored as limiting cellular patterns to conscious awareness and to ultimately shift our resonance to a more refined and harmonious vibrational mode. This is common to experience while working with the awareness process, and it is where the value in engaging the process lies.

When we are shifting or refining our ourselves to a freer and more harmonious inner resonance, suppressed and crystallized cellular patterns limiting that refined resonance, often surface to our conscious awareness as they are being thrown off. This is most often experienced as emotional and physical symptomology.

Suppressed e-motion, or energy in motion is undigested experience. It is due to the resistance of experience, to allow the “motion of experience” in our lives. The willingness to unconditionally feel whatever suppressed emotions that surface (apathy, grief, guilt, fear, anger, even physical pain, which is an emotion), is the way to facilitate the release of the lower-order cellular crystallizations. As we do, we then shift into a new vibrational resonance and subsequently a healthier, freer, and more functional state of being. In turn, the limiting vibrational patterns, the inner tension we were once holding, no longer perpetuates experience reflecting the lower order cellular resonance we were naturally projecting. The inner “vibrational shift” in turn creates a new projected resonance, which is then reflected in the nature of our experience.

Therefore the desired change we seek in our lives thus occurs from the inside out. This is the nature of true transcendence into wholeness, in knowing and experiencing the truth of who we are. Our transcendence into nothing is the direct opposite of trying to suppress symptoms, to not feel, which merely results in more inner tension, in greater disharmony, degeneration, and dis-ease. To authentically experience self as nothing we must feel.

Thus, it is essential to have a serious desire and the willingness to acknowledge and unconditionally embrace that which surfaces as you move through the awareness process in order to release these limiting patterns and shift to a new vibrational mode of being.

“Vibrational Shift” is a term I prefer to describe what may also be called a Healing Crisis. This is a process where we create a nurturing vibrational condition within self that promotes a quantum shift in the resonance of our entire psycho-physiology. As we move toward the peak of this process, or the crisis point, we experience a sorting where only that which is phase-coherent (in harmony with life) may pass and that which is discordant, not able to resonate in coherence, is thrown off as suppressed memories and the emotional and physical symptomology surface to conscious awareness.

The actual vibrational shift, at the crisis point, is a point of stillness where a new phase coherence begins in the vibrational mode of our being. At this time, our heart and breath rates, and our meridians all come into coherence. This new resonance results in a new level of clarity and harmonious biological functioning. It is where we have new realizations, our epiphanies. Learning to allow this process to naturally occur is key to truly experiencing self as nothing in physical form.

Instead of using concepts such as soul, spirit lets go with the concept of light and that your essence is encapsulated in the concept of light. When you experience a higher vibrational shit into the higher frequencies of light, you will begin to resonate with gamma rays ultra violet rays, or what I like to call real energy – the ether force.

You see when you transcend your 3rd dimensional reality you perceive and experience life from a different vantage point. Your value will take on a new form, your beliefs will be altered, or become non existent, you will move into the formless taking on form based on your higher level perception. You will will begin to mold and shape reality based on your higher elevated frequency, that will be perceived by some as miracles.

Your sense of dignity and respect for self, will elevate your self esteem to new height, you will feel a sense of power that is rooted and grounded within you that is unmoveable. You will notice authentically move into super human power through personal experiences that will test you in ways so that your essence knows whether or not you are ready for the next upgrade of power which will support your to create, mold and shape your reality in new ways.

Now as your essence begins to take on this form as light, it is this higher quotient light of which your essence takes up residence in physical form, the higher octave rays while vibrating in connection with your essence will continue to transmute your personality and biological vehicle into higher energetic vibratory frequency beyond your comprehension of what it means to be human. This will cause the personality that is you to evolve to a higher level of what it knows of itself, which will cause you to experience higher level quality life experience that is resonate with your new frequency which will ultimately create new life experiences that are coherent with your new frequency.

Personal experiences will be presented to you as tests to see if you are ready for the new power that is available to you, therefore each test that you will undergo is designed to see how you will operate under the new frequency, it’s an organic process, it’s not something that you could ever anticipate from your human vantage point that is your current frequency or perception of reality when you shift your frequency beyond human perception your life will be altered and you will experience what many call miracles but really you are simply just operating at a different frequency and this is what the power control force are attempting to circumvent because when you begin to experience life at a different frequency you can no longer be controlled and you learn to become the creator of your reality and you will stop creating for the power control force.

It truly is a glorious time to reclaim your super human powers!

Deconstructing Consciousness, Awareness Process Part 3 – How to Prepare for the Journey to know self as “Nothing”?

Due to our unconscious addiction to living in the mental body in this time and space womb matrix which forever supports our escape from the emotional body in the knowing and truth of who we are as nothing, and because we are all experiencing the same imbalances mentally, emotionally, and physically, the awareness process will work for everyone who embarks on the journey to know self as nothing.

The key point to remember is that we will all come with different intensities of emotional body discomfort and readiness the process is equipped with two levels of entry and each varies in intensity. Making a choice as to which level to enter the process is a vital step which must be taken using common sense and intuition. If we take on to much to soon, we lay the foundation for the possibility of experiencing a massive internal resistance that will be reflected back to us as external confusion and chaos. Therefore unnecessary resistance will set us up to run from the awareness journey experience. If you have explored other emotional cleansing techniques then you may be able to go deeper into your emotional body without triggering the sort of resistance that can cause someone new to the exploration of emotional clearing techniques. These individuals may therefore dive in slowly. So the option of entering the process at different levels is built into the Awareness process.

The first thing we must do before entering the awareness process, is we must bring full awareness into the knowing and truth that an uncomfortable emotional cycle that has been repeating unconsciously in our life experience since our childhood, is not going to be de-activated over night, and that the Awareness process is an organic process that integrates the physical, mental and emotions by restoring balance to the condition of the emotional body.

The first level is the initiatory level this approach is fairly easy as you are already engaged at this level as you continue to read these blog posts as if they where chapters in a book, and listen to the audio’s for confirmation and reinforcement of what you are learning, you will not be concerned with the breathing exercises or body awareness exercises and other tools you will acquire during this process. You will simply just read through the writings during each sharing as if they where chapters in a book. In other words we move through the awareness process mentally and abstain from any conscious physical and emotional participation.

There is significant insights and benefits we can receive purely from reading and listening to the audio’s as the vibration on this material will cause us to shift and change the way we interact with our life experience and it will gift us with the idea and nature of present moment awareness. The initiatory approach is perfect for those who are uncertain about whether the awareness process is safe or who are first seeking an understanding of what present moment awareness is about as opposed to what an experience of it is. Then if we should decide to enter the next level which is the experiential level we will enter with a firm mental foundation and an awareness of the territory ahead. By adding experience to the foundation already established through reading and understanding we will discover further insights throughout the materials that were not apparent to us during our initial initiatory journey through the awareness process.

The experiential Level is the second approach of entry into the awareness process this level works well for those who have done some emotional clearing or have used other techniques to clear emotional blockages and want to learn the truth of who they are as nothing through the awareness process by way of this method. The experiential process is designed so that we are able to gently enter the awareness process physically, mentally and emotionally. If we want to gain the most out of our journey through the experiential path it is recommended that you complete all the exercises and incorporate them into your daily life for physical, mental and emotional integration. By applying yourself to the instructions with sincere commitment, attention and active particpation we will achieve more than we ever have with our outer doing in the world. The beauty about the awareness process is that once we have completed both the initiatory and experiential level we can keep repeating the process as often as we chose. Each time we reenter it, we will have a different experience and each repeated experience will take us deeper into our emotional body. Many people have facilitated themselves through this experience numerous times, and in each case, all went to deeper levels of emotional clearing. This enables them to achieve progressively greater present moment awareness and balance in the quality of their life experience.

It may be good to think of the awareness process as an instruction manual that teaches us how to drive our life experience consciously and responsibly. The initiatory approach may be considered as a theoretical overview of the task at hand, and the experiential approach as the most basic of practical foundational instruction for a successful passage through the awareness process.

Once we have trained ourselves to consciously and responsibly drive the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of our life experience, then we are encouraged to take our new perceptions out onto the super highway of life, as it is the understanding and perfecting of the basics that is why we are encouraged to incorporate the experiential level into our life.

We must not be in a hurry to get somewhere, because by being in a hurry we miss the point of the journey as it is not a destination we are reaching it is our essence to know who and what we are as nothing and we can only know that in the present moment therefore there is no where we have to get to we must learn to be still in the present moment there is no where to go, nothing we need to have noting we have to get, we just have to be our self in the moment as nothing.

Deconstructing Consciousness and the Awareness Process Part 2 – An Authentic Journey to Wholeness as “Nothing” through Awareness

Our current predicament as a species is that we think we know ourselves and yet we do not know who we are really. In fact as we think we know ourselves we really know very little about who and what we are. Yet there is an aspect of ourselves that is aware and knows everything. In fact it knows everything without having to think, it just knows. This is our true self as nothing. In fact our essence as nothing is the silent witness of every experience we have ever had in our physical material reality, and it our essence as nothing that remembers everything in every moment of our experiences because in the present moment there is no time or space there is nothing.

Now the difference between our self as nothing and our ego is the ego has to think to attempt to understand, while our essence as nothing knows. Our essence as nothing knows because it is a witness to all our life experiences; whereas the ego’s focus is attached to and determined by our outer world and what others are doing in it.

For example when we approach a question through the process of thinking we can only answer through thinking and we must enlist the ego to accomplish this task. This is how we shut out our true self as nothing, and this is how our essence remains obscured from our ego self through the thinking process therefore, if we insist on attempting to gain information only through the process of thinking our essence will always elude us. Yet the moment we accept the fact that the ego is unreliable and that thinking has it’s limitations, and then we come to realize that the mind as a tool has limitations only then will we allow our essence as nothing which is all knowing and wisdom to give us answers to our deepest questions, it is only when we understand the limitations of our thinking mind, that we open ourselves to access the inner wisdom and knowledge beyond the mind thought and thought process which are not ours, but that we use as a tool to support us to navigate our physical material world.

Asking all life’s questions from our eternal state of nothing through awareness allows us to access insight, intuition, inspiration and revelations to spontaneously enter our everyday life experience. It allows us to enter the place of knowing without knowing why, because during the awareness journey we are going to be accessing experiences that we had before we learned formulate words, that is those experiences that occurred before we had a grasp of mental language. Therefore many of these feelings vibrational or sensations. They are” knowings”, they are energies in motion . These are vibrational experiences that happened in the womb and shortly after we were birthed into this world.

Therefore it is important to know that if we insist on having to know why to accept what we know as true and real for us, then we will not allow our essence as nothing to enter our experience through awareness in order to activate our early vibrational memories so that their negative impact on our present life experience can be neutralized.

By the time we enter adult life what occurs unbeknownst to most of humanity is a complete inihilation or separation between our natural state of being as nothing and this foreign entity we have become through our manufactured identity, whereby severing all ties to our essence as nothing by the onset of adulthood, we experience an unconscious emotional death, due to, an energetic barrier created between to our authentic self as nothing, and our manufactured self cultured by society and this causes an emotional death.

There is a emotional cycle that exists that we each go through from our vibrational state from inception through our early years, it is not important at this point to discern the evidence of a cycle in our own life experience. We all can remember the major traumatic imprinting that has shaped our earliest experiences of life . It is these imprints that we must begin detaching our attention from the surface events in our life and become increasingly conscious of the emotional undercurrent that runs through these memories that bind us to our past and create our future, in order to dissolve any hold on us that keep us bound to our individuated prison matrix of time and space and we do this through the awareness process.

You see our essence as nothing that is within each of us had to die to it’s spontaneous natural state of being, when we took on the manufactured identity imprinted by our culture creators. However now more than ever it up to each of us to break through our self created prison bars of our manufactured adult identities in order to be free to return to our true self as nothing, and unfortunately this will only happen by a conscious journey into the dynamics of our emotional content that we will come to a better understanding of why the same patterns that keep repeating themselves over and over again in our lives is why we never break free from our self imposed prisons of time and space in the material world.

It is the un-integrated emotional content of our life experiences that constantly repeats and causes us to manifest physical and mental imbalances. Once we realize that we are recreating the emotional resonances of our imprinting from childhood, that we will have taken the first step of awakening, ourselves from our self imposed nightmare.

The awareness process teaches us to see beneath the physical surface of our physical material reality in order to reveal to us the true nature of the physical world’s illusory sleight of hand. This will be accomplished by using the mind that exists within the centre of our heart that eludes most of humanity in order to see beyond the physical allowing each of us to see the emotional content of our lives.

The Awareness Process Part 1 – Being “Nothing” comes through Being in the Present Moment with Awareness

The Awareness process is about coming to know the truth of who we are and embodying that which we are in physical form, it is about releasing our attachments to our manufactured identity so that we may return to a level of awareness so that we may become the witness of our own authentic self. The awareness process is about consciously connecting with that which is constantly present yet eludes most of us because of the concept of time, therefore when we disengage the concept of time and become still in the present moment we feel into the experience of who we are while honouring that which we are through awareness of the present moment.

By entering the Awareness process we are making a commitment to our essence as nothing, whether we realize it or not until our journey is complete. It is a commitment that is made unconditionally because we will not know what the experience of the awareness process is really about until we reach a point of completion. The journey that we embark on throughout the awareness process is essentially a journey through achieving emotional growth while maintaining present moment awareness in the presence of our heart and physical body while maintaining higher mental clarity.

The best part of the awareness process is that it is designed to take us through places within ourselves that we may not be familiar with. Therefore it is inevitable that we will have experiences that feel as if we do not know where we are going or in we do not understand what is happening to us. This is a normal part of the awareness process and this is how it is supposed to happen. It is important to note that the most accelerated moments of personal experiential growth that we go through during the Awareness process will happen in those moments of not knowing, to the extent that it may be hard to explain to someone in our physical material reality what has occurred because of the unique circumstances of our experience will provide a sense of wonder and awe inspiring intimate moments that are beyond words.

This is because the journey is emotional rather than mental. And yet emotional growth may be one of the most challenging accomplishments in this world, because the necessity for it will seldom be supported let alone the concept of emotional growth is really not understood by those in our physical material world. Because we receive very little emotional growth as we move into and through our adult life we live in a world that is emotionally immature, therefore the awareness process is about becoming emotionally mature.
You see when we think about the past, and the future, we enter the mental realm of time and space, and while most of us believe that we occupy our physical bodies we do not. However, as we learn to experience the present moment through physical Awareness in the body, it is an experience that occurs when we learn how to anchor our awareness in our physical body and this is how we transcend time through present moment awareness of our heart and physical body becoming the steward of the mind.

You see the mental realm is not confined to the location of our physical brain. If we are thinking about someone in another country or we are revisiting a memory of the last encounter we had with them, we may assume that we are in our physical body but we are not. We are where our point of attention is and so we are not physically in the present moment. For example something may be unfolding right in front of our eyes, yet we may find ourselves completely oblivious to it while lost in our own thoughts. To be physically present only happens when we bring awareness to where we are in the physical body.

You see the predicament we find ourselves in when we embark initially on the journey of awareness is that we don’t know what it is that we are missing because we cannot remember what it is that we have lost and we cannot find what we have lost, because we are seeking it in the realm of time through the mind by scanning our past and scanning our future when we can only find what we are seeking in the present moment. This creates an insatiable needing and wanting behaviour which creates a sense of emptiness, and because of the unfulfilling life that consumes each of us by our incessant need to participate in a life of doing that is designed and manufactured by our culture creators does not allow us to find peace when we are doing as peace cannot be mechanically installed into our physical material reality. Therefore this incessant doing creates a state of internal unrest which manifests as external physical, mental, and emotional symptoms of pain, suffering and disease. No matter how we distract ourselves, no matter where we run in our attempts to escape our pain or suffering, no matter how distracted we become from our endless doing, real relief eludes each of us yet exists in moment which is just out of reach, and this is how we remain addicted to life as the world turns.

If we take the human heart as an example, the heart only beats in the present moment therefore although our physical body reflects our past experiences and future projections it is 100 percent present in it’s functioning, and when we can experience our physical presence and we feel our heart beating we are truly in the present moment, and when we spend our life in the mental realm that we call “time” we are not even aware that we have a heart, nor are we able to feel or hear it.

Therefore the awareness process starts by assisting us to achieve physical presence in the heart, which supports our ability to begin anchoring our awareness in our physical body, than the next step is to achieve mental clarity and emotional balance. Achieving emotional balance through gaining physical presence in the body and the heart and then mental clarity is the pathway that initiates emotional growth and is a natural way to begin resolving our symptoms of physical and mental imbalance.

The awareness process is about remembering how to feel your essence in physical form, therefore feeling your essence may initially include experiencing suppressed emotional states such as anger, fear, and grief. The Awareness process specializes in assisting us to access our suppressed emotions we would not ordinarily want to acknowledge. Therefore during the process, we deliberately allow this to occur because these suppressed emotions are the unconscious causes of the behaviours and experiences that do not serve us right now. Therefore by accessing and releasing the negative charge from these suppressed emotions, we automatically begin to return to a quality of life experiences that affirms who we truly are and who we are becoming more authentically ourselves as nothing in physical form.

Deconstructing Consciousness, The Human Domain Verses the Journey to Nothing-hood =Hero’s Journey Epic Story Line Plot=A Call To Transform into NO THING

The journey to know self as nothing has the same elements as those identified in the hero’s journey epic movie plots, the only difference on the path to nothing-hood is that you take a journey into the unknown of your unconscious inner world knowingly or unknowingly, it’s a place where you face the shadow aspects or story line of your defined personality that has been imposed upon your essence as nothing that is the stories that define who you think you are and keep you enamored in consciousness. While on the path to nothing-hood you may journey on your own or with the aid of others however that is for you to decide. That being said whence you emerge on the other side of nothing-hood you will have a more integrated sense of yourself as nothing, which may leave you with the desire to share your gifts with others or not, you have the right to choose whether to engage the programmed reality that you have been born into that you now know to be a dream of fakery and trickery once you come to know self as nothing.

It is important to remember on the path to nothing-hood it is not something you can “figure out.” It is experiential in that the process involves a series of lived experiences, you cannot reason your way into nothing-hood as there is no substitute to know the truth of who you are other than through experience, as it is not an intellectual feat, which is why the power control force keep you locked in the grip of their consciousness program.

Expressing your uniqueness and standing up to the mainstream culture in spite of it, and doing your own thing—gives rise to tremendous amount of guilt, as society expects us to adapt to others. However the path to nothing-hood will propel you to individuate and develop an “exclusive adaptation to your inner reality as you flower as nothing and align your life with what your true Self asks of you, rather than with what society might expect. Therefore the guilt that arises from doing this must be transmuted into nothing. How? By “bringing forth new values” that serve and express your uniqueness.

The path to nothing journey has an underlying pattern which creates an energetic pathway of “vocation,”a calling for the work of self analysis. The Latin root of “vocation”means “calling.” Your essence as nothing has been “called” to “emancipate itself from the herd and from its well-worn paths. Therefore the path to being nothing begin’s with a catalyst and usually starts with you questioning your life purpose, it may have been precipitated by a feeling of emptiness, or like so many who have felt or are feeling a sense of excruciating pain while suffering in quiet desperation; either way something is binding you emotionally, which gets you asking the deeper questions, like can I release everything I have to family, friends, my neighbourhood, money, my country my origins, or basically you start questioning everything you believe in as you begin to come to the realization, that you have a grave dissatisfaction with your physical material reality.

Now it is important to know that you will not experience being nothing if you do not grant yourself direct access to that which you are, that is the source of power that emanates through you, which is beyond any emotional content of your physical material experience and beyond the ether realm upon which your physical material reality is created from. For if you don’t allow the elixer of life itself to flow through your biological vehicle it becomes an affirmation that physical decay and death is at your door whether you realize it or not and you won’t feel strong enough to be that which you are, in your own right if you are operating soley through an your physical material reality through all your institutions, because they it is like having an agent that represents you to yourself, and this is not fully empowering nor is it designed to be so. When you are being no one there is no dogma’s, no guilt, and you will not accept any petty maneuvers of religions as you will disassociate from any institutions as they breed individuals who are insecure and and relish in self – importance.

So the question becomes What level of self sustaining individuality have you mastered? in other words do you still need others to come with you on the your quest to nothingness? or can you walk through life unassisted?

Therefore on the path of nothing – hood the question becomes… What level of loneliness can you sustain?

Can you exist in non physical material reality where there is no one to help you to save you if you fall, to advise you? in other words can you walk through physical material reality unassisted no matter what? can you stand in the full grace of your uniqueness knowing that what you are experiencing as reality is unique to you?

To what depth can you trust yourself? can you place your faith in knowing that you will come to know and experience the truth of who you are and who you are becoming despite what others are doing? Can you be comfortable with yourself as nothing were no one recognizes you? where there is no ego gratification, no awards, no accolades?

Is your belief in yourself and your individuality unassailable? Can you back yourself no matter what? Through thick and thin? regardless of your circumstances? or is your belief in yourself vulnerable? Could someone come up to you and rattle your insecurities forcing you to run and hide?

What do you feel about the physical material world and the situation you find yourself in? Can you leave humanity alone as it continues to create a world designed to enslave that is designed by the power control force. Can you allow humanity their destiny? and not have a need to change anything on their external reflective? is there anything that anyone could say that would upset you, influence you or challenge your decisions? Do you still do things to make others happy? do you still seek others approval? are you still trying to win people over?

If your answer is yes, then why? because if you are settled within yourself you don’t have to win people’s affections. They either like you or they don’t. Their opinion is irrelevant. What about the institution’s can you see them for what they are or do you still believe in them?

Do you absolutely control your needs or are you reliant on others? do you dominate your destiny or are you affirming your prison sentence because when you come to know the truth of who you are as no thing, you will be free of this consciousness program I guarantee it.

Is your philosophy on life yours? or is it something you acquired from your family, friends and institutions? are you blindly following along our do you question everything?

Can you let go of who you think your are and start all over again? realizing that the personality that is you, you know all the characters you play in your life and how they served you to a certain point, but that you no longer identify with?

Does coming to know the truth of who you are frighten you? or does the whole idea of transcending consciousness all together elude you?

At this point you may be either nauseated or disenchanted about coming to know self as no thing and this idea of transcending the con-scious-ness program altogether,regardless the trick is to not deceive yourself and become more aware of the fact that you live in world where everyone is sleeping for the most part. Learning to develop greater awareness as no thing means first understanding how you’ve been programmed to think, feel and behave in this world since birth and that this is not all that their is to life and that you have the capacity if you so choose to build a world of your own creation instead of the world that humanity is building for the power control force.

You see you have to back yourself otherwise who will? because in this world it’s hard for people to accept the truth. They can’t accept the possibility that they are no thing because it has never been suggested to them.

Therefore the reality that you are no thing is a reality that most of humanity won’t and can’t accept because it makes them uncomfortable and it threatens their self image. If you intend to know the truth of who you are as no thing as I am sure you do you will find that once you know who you are and live in that truth and knowing it will be the most power experience you will ever embrace in human form that is the opportunity for you now in this moment.

Once you can settle into what is real that is experiencing self as no thing, and accepting the circumstances of life, then you can enter into a refreshing simplicity and live life through your own energy as you affirm your alignment is not with the physical world with it’s ego-centric play acting, but to your essence within, and that while you experience life through your physical body, it is possible to accept this and live in your physical material world while you are centered in the truth and knowing of who you are and who you are becoming while focusing on creating a world of your own.

Once on the path to know self no thing through the felt aspect of the experiences of your life and thus as you engage the process of learning to be in the physical, with awareness of the mental body in order to reconnect with the emotional body  will allow you to gradually release the attachments you have to your manufactured identities, which  will allow you to gain vibrational awareness which takes on a  very specific pattern on the quest it is the  hero’s journey pattern. Maybe as you read through the pattern you can see where your at in the process of your own unfoldment to being no one.

Transcending consciousness through deconstruction, Engaging the process on the road less traveled

The Call to Return to Nothing-hood

When your essence as nothing hears a call to return to it’s natural state of paradise from which it was captured into consciousness it begins from a mundane situation in your physical material reality from which some consciousness, information or data is received into and through your biological vehicle and the personality that is who you think you are that acts on your individuated consciousness and acts as a call to head into the unknown nothingness from hence you came from beyond your physical material world and beyond your non physical material world.

Refusal of the Call to return to Your Paradise State

Often when the call to return to your natural state of nothing-hood, your essence will refuse to heed the call. This may be from a sense of power that your personality and biological vehicle and the familiar seductive world of materialism, and out of a sense of fear, obligation, insecurity or a sense of inadequacy experienced by the personality that is you or any other ranges of reasons and excuses the ego consciousness can come up with is what holds your essence in its current circumstances in the womb matrix of this time and space continuum.

Remembrance of your Natural State of Nothing-hood

Once your essence has committed to return to the quest to return to it’s natural state of paradise consciously or unconsciously, your essence as nothing manifests itself as a mirror reflective in physicality which acts as a facilitator, or magical helper, this supernatural mentor will present our essence information or data to support your essence to dismantle the consciousness program that will aid your essence later in your quest to nothing – hood.

The crossing into your paradise state

This is the point where the personality that is you relinquishes it’s hold on your essence allowing you to see your essence it full glory it is this first encounter that thrust you on the quest never looking back, allowing you to leave the know limits of your physical material world allowing your essence to explore and experience the unknown unfamiliar territory of nothingness hence which you have forgotten hence which you are just remembering for the first time of who you are and who you are becoming as nothing.

The adventure is always and every where a passage beyond the veil of the known into the unkown; the power control force are watchers of the womb matrix and to deal with them initially can be risky; yet for anyone with competence and courage the fear of danger fades as consciousness dissolves before your all seeing eyes.

The Deconstruction of Consciousness

The deconstruction of consciousness represents the final separation from your essence state of nothingness and the physical material world and the personality that is you. By entering this stage in your process to nothing-hood the personality that you think you are shows a willingness to undergo a metamorphosis.

Initiation on the Path to Nothing – hood

The road less traveled to noting presents a series of test, tasks or ordeals that the personality that is you must undergo to transcend consciousness. It is at this stage of the journey that the personality that is you fails one or more of these tests which often occurs in threes.

Your essence is covertly aided by consciousness, information or data, through your supernatural facilitator, guide or helper, which is simply a mirror reflective of your essence as nothing whom you met before your entrance into nothing-hood. You may discover at this point that your essence is a benign power everywhere that is supporting you to escape the womb matrix of time and space in your superhuman quest to know self as nothing.
The beginning of the long and really perilous path of initiatory conquests and moments of illumination are enough to entice your essence to continue on the quest into the unknown abyse of nothing-hood

Meeting with your ESSENCE as Nothing

This is the point when the personality that is you experiences a love that has the power and significance of the all powerful, all encompassing, unconditional love that a fortunate infant may experience with his or her mother. This is a very important step in the process and is often represented by coming into contact with your essence as nothing with no go between and melting into her divine exquisite nature.

Experiencing your Essence verses Physical Temptation of nature

In this step, your essence as nothing faces those temptations, often of a physical or pleasureable nature, that of the physical material reality that may cause your personality to forget it’s experience of nothingness in the present moment experience, that may cause your essence to abandon or stray from it’s quest because of the strong hold of nature or the earth mother, which is a metaphor for the physical material temptations of life, which can tempt your essence away from it’s paradise state by lust on ones quest to know self as nothing.

Atonement from Ego Consciousness to Nothing-hood

In this step your personality that is you must confront and be initiated by ego consciousness which holds the ultimate power in your life. It is your ego consciousness which has been shaped by the power control force from inception that has life and death power and has captured your essence into this consciousness program. This is the center point of your journey that is to have your essence embody physical form in order to over ride and supersede your ego consciousness in physically which will allow you to mold and shape your reality into what you want rather then what the power control force want that is to use your creative potential for the building of their one world. All previous steps have been moving into place, and all that follow will move out from it.
As the personality of who you think you are transcends life with its peculiar blind spots and rises to glimpse its state of paradise as nothing the personality that is you beholds the face of ego consciousness, understands with clarity of contrast and the two are atoned.

Apotheosis into Nothing – hood

When you come to know self as nothing the personality that is you dies to your true self, and like a physical death you move beyond the pairs of opposites to a state of divine knowledge, love compassion and bliss. A more mundane way of looking at this step is that it is a period of rest, peace, and fulfillment before your essence as nothing begins the return to physical material reality.

The ultimate boon

The ultimate boon is the achievement of the goal of the quest. It is what the personality went on the journey to get. All the previous steps serve to prepare and purify the person for this step, in many myths the boon is something transcendent like the elixir of life itself, or a plant that supplies immortality, or the holy grail you come to know and self as nothing complete in the totality of who you are and who you are becoming free of consciousness in it’s entirety.

Return to Physical Material Reality

Refusal of the Return

Having found bliss and enlightenment outside the confines of your physical material world and the non physical material universe. As you experience self as nothing you may not want to return to the ordinary world to bestow the boon onto humanity.

The Magic Flight to Remain as Nothing

Sometimes as nothing you must escape as nothing, if the power control force learn that you have obtained power through nothing the consciousness program will attempt to divert your power through it’s agents, and this can make your return adventurous and dangerous from the journey as it was to go on it.

Rescue from Without

And just as your essence may have needed a facilitator or helper or assistants to support you to set out on the quest, often times your essence may need powerful guides or assistance to integrate into everyday life, especially if the person has been wounded or weakened by the experience.

The Crossing of the Return Threshold

The trick in returning is to retain the wisdom gained through experience on the quest, to integrate your essence in physicality so that you can live your human life in balance and then maybe you will have the desire to learn how to share your essence as nothing with the rest of the world.

Master of two Worlds

This step is usually represented by a transcendental hero like Jesus or Gautama Buddha. For your essence as nothing it may mean achieving a balance between the material and non material ether. Your essence as nothing through the integration of the personality that is you and the biological vehicle becomes comfortable and competent both in the inner and outer worlds.

Freedom to live

Experiencing your essence completely in physical form leads to freedom from fear of death, which in turn is the freedom to live. This is sometimes referred to as living in the present moment, neither are you regretting the past, or anticipating the future as all future probabilities exist in the present moment.

Can you identify with any of the stages above? At what stage of the Journey nothing-hood are you on?

Liberation from Con-scious-ness Program, The Money Tyrant Archetype , True Power and Freedom exists by De-Activating the Vibration of Money?

The power control force know that debt and/or money issues will affect your emotional state of being and self esteem as the debtor credit system are commensurate with money problems because the power control force remember are the designers of the concept of money, which is simply a metaphor designed to mirror and manipulate your essence into the power control forces work debt/credit slave system, and this is why most of humanity has emotional issues around money, and why the power control force use money to create the fertile soil for your unconscious dysfunctional relationship with money in order to manipulate your essence and keep it in a subservient position while living out your life experience in their hierarchical matrix of time and space.

Now it is important to note that every repetitive thought or belief has a corresponding neural pathway that in turn affects your emotions which then affects your whole being’s energy and vibration. Everything that exists in your physical material reality has a vibration frequency that is measurable. For example the chair that you are sitting on and all things including your thoughts emit a vibration. We now have the ability to measure the different frequencies including the frequencies of different thoughts. Interestingly, negative thoughts like anger, worry, fear, scarcity and guilt measure very low on the scale, while positive thoughts like love, forgiveness, abundance thinking yield the highest measurements. Everything we touch or engage in is deeply affected by our vibration.

Our money thoughts/vibrations are influenced by what we have learned about money from parents, relatives, religious institutions, schools etc and will be with us forever if left unchecked. Therefore the vibration of money simply mirrors our essence as nothing, therefore the more we know who we are the better able we can directly impact our biological blueprint around money. If we really consider it the concept of money is the very foundation that guides all of our unconscious, subconscious and even conscious decisions. It cannot and will not change on its own our concept of money that is, every choice we make about money is based on our biological blueprint or patent that we carry into this life. If one is not aware of their vibration or blueprint regarding money they cannot change it. It is important to remember that we cannot change what we are not aware of.

Therefore if we look into the inner workings of the power control force we come to realize that they are masters of the tyrant archetype they use money to control people, events, and circumstances. The power control force as tyrant hoards money, using it to manipulate and control others. Now although the power control force tyrants may have everything they need or desire, they never feel complete, comfortable, or at peace with what they already have in their possession or control.

You see the power control force as tyrant greatest fear is loss of control. Tyrants are often overdeveloped Warriors who have become highly invested in their need for control and dominance. While Warriors are often heroic in their true concern for others’ welfare, Tyrants are purely self interested. This type is interested in power and control for its own sake and will forsake other people if necessary to gain more of it. Throughout history, the Tyrant has emerged as the ruler who dominates and destroys with no sign of remorse that’s the power control force in a nut shell.

Today the power control force Tyrants are the political leaders, business people, or family figureheads who use whatever means necessary to win at all costs. The power control force as tyrant is a master manipulator of both people and money. Perhaps it’s because the Tyrant type is often the most financially successful image we have in our society that so many of us believe that money is the root of all evil, but really at the deepest level money is the most pervasive tool that the power and control force use to maintain dominion and rule over your essence as nothing.

Therefore in order for you to sustain the knowing and truth of who you are within, you must dissolve all negative feelings from emotional attachments and needs. This involves giving up those beliefs that no longer serve you. You see each place where you are emotionally attached creates structured energy and like a grappling hook it binds you to consciousness and your physical material reality.

Therefore in order to traverse outside of your physical material reality you have to disengage and disintegrate all your emotional attachments to consciousness and your physical material world, otherwise the weight of emotional attachments will not allow you to rise above your comfort level in order for you to traverse the ether realm allowing you to mold and shape consciousness into a reality of your own choosing and making.

The power needed to accelerate you past your current state is greater than you can imagine in your current state, and the more stripped of emotions you are the less opinions or beliefs you hold, and the less rigidity you create, then the more your ability to break out of the gravitational grip of the “collective” consciousness is enhanced by the lightness of your emotional load. In other words you can’t truly know self as nothing, and hold the same feelings, and emotional vibration as the masses of people around you.

When you come to know your true self as nothing, you gradually learn to create an emotional barrier between your essence and your material world through the non physical realm the ether, which is a psychic demarcation zone, through which no emotion will pass, and as you come to know self as nothing your essence becomes the buffer between the personality of who you think your are and life circumstances, and when that happens, there is no need to react or retaliate, when you come up against life circumstances you will simply watch and wait in silence and learn to move with grace as the womb matrix dismantles before your very eyes, and all things human fade!

Deconstructing Consciousness, The Act of Creation is Being Your Self = Art of being No One = Living as Creator

When you are living as nothing you are living as creator, the more you learn to be no one, the better you are equipped to unseat the old personality of who you thought you were. In the act of creation, when you become aware that being a nobody or no thing in no time or no space we no longer create our customary chemical signature because we are not the same identity, we don’t think and feel in the same way as when we lived in ego consciousness only identifying with mind and body and our environment. Those neural networks our survival thinking hardwired are now turned off and the personality that was addicted to continually signalling the body to produce stress hormones is gone.

Thus the emotional self that lived in survival mode is no longer functioning, when that happens, our former identity, the state of being imprisoned by survival based thinking and feeling, is no more. Since we are no longer being the same being, emotional energy that had been bound to the body is now free to move.

So what happens is the emotions that fed the emotional self from the lower bodies now go to the heart area and up to the brain were we feel joy love peace expansive in touch with our divine essence as no thing. It is through this process that we fail learn to fall in love with our creations. We experience our natural state of being when we are in the act of creating, once we stop energizing the emotional through stress hormones, we move from being ego self to our true self as nothing.

With the old energy now transmuted into higher frequency emotions, the body is liberated from it’s emotional bondage. We are lifted above the physical material world to the non physical material ether no longer perceiving physical material reality through the limited 5 sensory perception of time and space, we experience a vast landscape of nothingness upon which we can create the utopia based on our uniqueness. We no longer experience life through the lenses of the survival programs and their associated emotions we now experience life through the lenses of creator with the associated emotions of love, peace, joy, reverence and respect in the knowing and truth that you have value as nothing. We are now quantum observers of a new destiny based on our exquisite uniqueness and this heals the body and frees the mind while eradicating fear.

We are progressing into a period in our collective history where matter must be infused with our essence as no thing, leading to what the Tibetan calls the “new materialism.” where we neither exalt nor abuse matter for selfish ends; rather we wield the energies and utilize them for the realization of the divine plan for ourselves and create out of our true expression as no thing that which mirrors our unique expression as no thing.

It is important to note that when you are living in survival, your trying to control or manipulate an outcome, that’s what the ego does. When you’re living in the elevated emotion of creation, you feel so lifted that you would never try to analyze how or when a chosen destiny will arrive. You know that it will happen because you have already it in mind and body, in thought and feeling. You know that it will, because you feel connected to something greater. You are in a state of gratitude because you feel like it has already happened as the future is here in the present moment inside you not outside on the periphery.

Therefore open up to the multitude of possibilities, and allow the future to come to you because your future resides within you, and as you learn to choose your destiny, remember it is you who is choosing your future in the present moment as it is already coming towards you, therefore what you choose to think about, is what you are desiring the most and is already coming towards you, the stronger the desire the faster your future will materialize, that’s how creation works itself through you.

Now desire is a great inciting power of the mind. Desire is that which incites us to action. We always act upon our strongest desires and they originate in our subconscious mind we can feel her there as desires are the emotive feminine force and the motive will power is the male force as the word motive means that which acts, wills, chooses, controls. And the word emotive means that which manifests feeling emotion, agitation, passion, sensations etc.

It is the emotive force of desire and motive pole of will power that play an important part in the art of manifesting your physical material reality. However most people allow their desires to be scattered and ill defined whereby defusing the attracting power of the will, needed to manifest more quickly and easily. It is through concentrating and focusing your desire force by the will, that you get the results you want above the average person. The will is the director and controller of the desire force which concentrates itself through the brain which acts as the transformer of the universal mind power of the heart that whereby transmuting your desires into physical material reality. The brain cannot create mind power as it’s office is merely to convert and transform energy into usable forces and phases.

So as you linger in the creative state of the desire force where you are no longer your identity, your simply resting a nothing as the creator potential that is you, the nerve cells that once fired together to form that old self are no longer wiring together. This is when the old personality is being biologically dismantled. Those feelings connected to that identity, which conditioned the body to the same mind, are no longer signaling the same genes in the same ways. Therefore the more you overcome your ego, the more the physical evidence of the old personality is changed. The old you is gone and the creator potential that is you is emerges allowing you to create a world a utopia of your own choosing and making that is based on your unique expression.

Deconstructing Consciousness, Transport into Nothingness=Instant Manifested Reality, Through Concentrated Magnetic Heart Reveals Your Destiny Blueprint

For most of humanity to know self as no thing is impossible because their alignment to the truth of who they are is regimented, structured and often laced with regulations covering every aspect of  their behaviour. This in turn forces most of humanity to follow along like good sheep or to infringe on those laws that cause them to experience their self imposed suffering with all the recriminations and guilt within their programmed physical material reality.

History shows us repeatedly how civilizations have collapsed once they become self indulgent, because this is a characteristic of the power control force, that is those that create your physical material reality.  You see when one indulges like the entity running this physical material reality  that is this entity uses it’s power and control to force the body of humanity into a perpetual thought form of a people who feel weak, dependent, and in constant survival, while feeling a sense of hopelessness and worthlessness, through a contrived system of scarcity and lack, which breeds a society in the through’s of it’s own demise.

It is important for you to know and become familiar with your essence as no thing as you truly exist outside the constraints of the universe and your physical material world. This is why the universal architects designed our biological vehicle, in order to enslave your essence so that you would create the experiences and circumstances you design, so that you think you are learning and growing through your physical experience, but this physical material reality is really designed to polarize your perception while  you create a reality for a few. However once you learn the game that is being played on your essence as no thing you will learnt to step outside the confines of your limited perceptional reality, allowing you access to the  unlimited potential and possibilities that exist within the etheric realm, which is home to what is can be described as instant manifestation, that is your ability to stand in the wholeness of “All That You Are” and create only joy and abundance for yourself out of your own unique expression without any intermediary or agent.

You see the power control force have set this system of consciousness up in such a way that humanity can never elevate itself enough to accept full responsibility for itself, individually or collectively, because self reliance devoid of survival and fear is not a natural experience of the body of humanity in it’s current state, simply because the body of humanity experiences life through it’s individual and collective ego consciousness, which is obsessed with itself and it’s survival again all by designed in order to circumvent any sense of true sovereignty and freedom which comes out of knowing the truth of who and what you are as no thing.

Do you as of yet have the capacity to bare witness to the situation that you find yourself in in this sea of lies fakery and trickery without attachment and that does not mean numbing out?  because  it is through your attachments your addiction to physical material reality that the power control force keep you addicted to their system of consciousness. You see within the subconscious mind of humanity the propensity to stay in balance is almost always compromised. Whereby  making society a by product of weakness and self indulgence with the obsessive compulsion inclination to turn to all mechanisms of stimulation to titillate itself, leaving you with the vague idea of the concept of knowing truth which only causes doubt and confusion, because in all honesty  when one is in truth in the knowing of who and what they are as no thing, ones natural state is to live in the natural excitement of not knowing therefore that sense of needing to know is what keeps you in the loop of time and space forever eluding you from the knowing and truth of who you are as no thing.

For once you accept physical material reality for what it is which is fakery and trickery designed to cause massive doubt and confusion, you will learn to move about your physical material reality without others ever really seeing you, for the impact that you make on physical material reality will become minimal as you begin to live beyond  physical material reality, non physical material reality and the etheric realm, and I am not speaking about between physical material reality and non physical material reality and the etheric as some would have you believe. What I am asking you to consider, is that you can and will in fact step beyond a world of perceptions that has been imposed on your essence as no thing by others to a world of your own as this is the ultimate reality available in your physical material world.

You see there is no past and there is no future,  these are constructs built within this system of consciousness designed to deceive your essence from knowing that there only is this present moment, as that is where you exist as no thing in your totality. As you come to the knowing and truth of this you will learn to use the biological vehicle to create that which you want in life by concentrating your essence as nothing into a magnetic  charge creating a vortex through your heart chakra, and this is where you will learn to draw your physical reality to you through your biological patent with your thought forms, while using the mind, thought process and thought to direct the content of the mind and pulling your future  toward you, that which you want and desire, and when this happens you will  no longer allow yourself to be at the whim of the power control force creating  a utopia for a distinct few.

You see it is by pulling your energy inward into neutrality that you have access to all that is, your essence  will become free of emotional content allowing your to traverse the ether uninhibited allowing you to create instantaneously through the concentrated power of thought and magnetism whereby poof your manifested reality materializes on your external reflective allowing you jump physical material reality that the power control force wield through the body of humanity by controlling it’s thought forms through augmented virtual reality constructs like the one we currently live in but is obscured from the masses, but the veil will be lifted and what will soon come into view are the latest augmented reality devices like Oculus Rift developed by your designer’s who are Working On Transporting You Fully Into VR, Down To The Last Fingernail, see article here:

Oculus is directing research and development resources towards making camera sensors  this is what will make photorealistic immersion possible, as a goal for future generations of its product. The idea is to truly transport VR users in ways that have broad applications beyond the world of gaming and even entertainment; in other words, they want to put the actual presence into the word ‘telepresence.’

Telepresence refers to a set of technologies which allow a person to feel as if they were present, to give the appearance of being present, or to have an effect, via telerobotics, at a place other than their true location.

Telepresence requires that the users’ senses be provided with such stimuli as to give the feeling of being in that other location’

All augmented reality translates into further enslavement of your essence as no thing. You see it is so  important for you to come to the recognition that you live in a sea of sickness, designed to keep you in a thick slippery glue of your time and space continuum forever lost in the neurosis of the ego cult system that enslaves you and augmented reality devices like Occulus Rift which are being designed to forever keep you from knowing the truth of the creator potential that you embody, that is reminiscent of your essence as no thing.

You must not forfeit the creative potential that is being bestowed upon you whether you realize it or not, this is the opportunity available to you, and you are being guided and directed toward this truth and knowing as all things human fade away, because it will be through your ability to create worlds that will set you free from this consciousness program, that is through the creation of the life which comes out of your unique expression.

The key to truly creating in truth is to remember that there is no past or future as they do not exist, there is only this moment, so what ever idea, concept, vision you want to manifest you must concentrate all your energy through secrecy and silence and this is key, as you don’t want to dissipate your energy, as in silence there is mystery. In that mystery grants you with an additional impact and power with regards to that which you are manifesting into your life. The physical material reality you take in becomes more real as you begin to experience others projecting into your reality, as they cannot destroy what it is that you are creating, as they are ignorant of it, and because of their stupidity, they will grant you a power they do not have yet. Therefore secrecy and silence helps you by keeping the physical material reality guessing, so that you are always one step ahead of the consciousness program, and just watch as people find it difficult to put their finger on who and what you are because you have transcended the womb matrix of time and space that is your physical material reality you use to call home. And this is how instantaneous manifestation occurs it comes as a result of knowing and being in alignment with the truth of who you are as no thing and keeping secret,  that which you are manifesting into your physical material reality.

Now everything in the physical world is composed of positively or negatively charged energy you already know this. This state of polarity, or duality, is the foundation upon which your physical material reality is based. Consequently, you are designed to create separation and view everything in terms of dual opposites such as good/bad; black/white; rich/poor; pain/pleasure; love/hate, etc. this is why you have such a challenge manifesting your reality and why you have become so incapacitated that you only create a physical material reality for a few without your knowledge and consent.

You see the universal architects who created this dualistic consciousness program did so in order to enslave your essence as nothing within a mechanism created to limit your essence as no thing true potential and capacity to experience life fully in your 3rd dimensional prison bodies so that you would never remember who you are, due to the contrast of experience in this physical material reality because of the myriad of emotions and choices your experience for without knowing sadness you would have no context from which to experience joy and it is through all the associated emotions that contradict who and what  you are and keeps you believing in your physical material reality.

As it is only by standing in the neutral space between the positive and negative poles as nothing, that we can begin to objectively observe a bigger picture and open our awareness to create new perceptions and experiences that are congruent with our uniqueness. In reality, all things simply “are”. It is only from our perceptions and beliefs that we create meaning from nonsense which is most of what we create in physical material reality anyway.

You see it is easy to immediately judge an experience or circumstance. I challenge you to resist the temptation to judge and simply observe what ever is happening in the moment. The past is over and the future is only the present moment from which you will create your next experience. Learn to surrender into the present moment and ask your essence as no thing to show you the gift within all things. By not judging the experience, you prevent the accumulation of polarized thoughts and open yourself to new awareness of that which you are as no thing.

Please know that being in the moment includes being with your feelings and allowing any emotions that arise from a situation to flow through you. Attempts to suppress or denying your emotions, and allowing yourself to become stuck in them is unproductive and self destructive. Your emotions simply “are” what they are in the moment which will pass and so too will the emotions. therefore be with your emotions, observe them and allow them to transmute into nothingness, and see what you can learn about yourself and others as a result of the transmutation.

I know you may feel that  many of life’s events are frustrating or painful to experience, but you have to know that this is the way your physical material reality game is designed this way to keep you from your creative potential that exists in your state of nothingness where you have the true potential and capacity to learn, grow  and flower into full expression of your true self as nothing. This is the opportunity before you, trust in the knowing and truth of this.

Now is the time more then ever to let go of all your expectations and allow yourself to flow with the essence of life. We create many of our stressful or painful experiences from a need to plan and control our environment from a mental viewpoint rather than from our hearts. You see it is when what we think we want is not in alignment with our life purpose, that we encounter difficulty and resistance. Therefore it is important to learn to recognize the signs of synchronistic life flow in order to work with life rather than against it because this is true authentic empowerment.

So my question to you is are you worth it? Is it worth your time and effort to walk the path less traveled on your quest to nothingness so that you can be free of this consciousness program? So that you can become the creator your designers obscure from you at all costs in order to usurp your creative potential to create worlds?

You exist beyond all the concepts ever designed within your physical material reality, are you just going sit around and watch as your world is created for you? or are you going to take back your power to create a utopia that is unique to your essence that mirrors and reflects your greatness?

What are you willing to do to reclaim your power to create a world that authentically mirrors your essence that mirrors your reflects uniqueness, and empowers your human to be here despite the madness around you!

Seize this ever eternal moment now and create like you have never created before your sovereignty and power await you.